Will Hitman 3 be released on Steam 20 January 2022?

Despite having found “aged” posts about this topic, I still wanted to know if there are any updates regarding Hitman 3 launch on Steam. Nor does the Year 2 announcement seem to give any information regarding this.
I have anticipated Hitman 3 release on Steam for the past year, as I have my issues with Epic Games.
Will Hitman 3 launch on the 20th of January this year?

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I would recommend you to go to the most recent (3hours ago) topic.

But, in short : we have no confirmation or any official (or even informal) communication going in that direction. But it is seen as probable by the community, just not in the current communication pipeline (maybe due to the still running EPIC one year exclusivity deal).

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I’m afraid nothing will be said by the developers on this subject until EGS exclusivity deal expires on 20th of January.
I.e. wait the news about possible H3 arrival to Steam after (or on) 20th of January

iirc Steam has a policy where a game’s Steam page must be up 2 weeks before release (so no surprise releases). so, if H3 was to come to Steam on the 20th, it should be up soon

You remember right but, unless we are not understand this statement correctly, should the page be up like right now?

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hmm, maybe since it’s not technically a “new” product, theres a bit of leeway

To my understanding there’s also some weirdness in Steam’s TOS regarding games on other platforms- You can’t have a Steam page with preorders avaliable, but have the game already released on other PC platforms, IIRC.

As I understand it, this policy only means that you submit a store page two weeks before release for Valve to have time to approve it, but you’re not actually required to make the page available to the public.


Make sense. If I remember correctly (but I’m not sure), Borderland 3’s store page was made public day one and not before, after a 6-month exclusivity on EGS.