[Xbox] Dartmoor unavailable since last update

Since the last update I’ve been unable to access the Dartmoor map or the Dartmoor garden show. I can’t complete any contracts on that map either. I uninstalled and reinstalled still nothing. Everything was fine until the season of envy update. I opened a ticket and still haven’t heard anything

Since you’ve already sent the request to IOI for the issue, then really, there seems to be nothing you can do right now. Sorry. You can either wait for their response, or wait for the next update which may or may not solve it.

Which platform are you on, though? To me, the Dartmoor location works fine on PS4. I know that restoring licenses for owned games sometimes work. But I am not sure about the other platforms.

Also, in addition to opening a ticket, you can post your issue in the thread below. There doesn’t seem to be similar issues reported recently.

I have an Xbox series X

I have been having the same problem. I was actually beginning to think it was really just me. I had hoped it would be fixed when Wrath was released but instead it worsened with losing the HM2 expansion pass. Which version of HM3 do you have: disk or download?

Download. Nothing changed with the update for me. Still hoping it’s fixed soon

Same here. I’m really gonna be mad if I miss an elusive target over this. Buying disk version as a last resort is definitely out since why should I buy something twice? Plus no guarantee it would work particularly if this is a compatibility issue.

I have disk. It takes longer to load Dartmoor but I’m still able to access the missions + contracts mode!

So it’s just the digital version? Hopefully they fix it before another ET for that map. Rather avoid having to rebuy the whole game to avoid missing it.

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Wow now nothing is available with the latest update, at least not for some Xbox players due to the crash on startup glitch.