Create Your Own Fan-Made Elusive Target

Originally created by @DangerousPack49 in the old forum.

Done :wink:


They’re all nice, doc, but this is more writing and concepts.

Here is an example from @Aegis_Chrome:

Target: The Merchant

“Good afternoon, 47. Your target is Hector Salazhinka, a Serbian-born, American-bred arms dealer known for his ability to procure any number of weapons his clients so desire, at any cost. A few years ago, Salazhinka was the subject of a global manhunt, being placed on both Interpol’s and the CIA’s “Most Wanted” list. But, during a brutal firefight that left 26 dead and 13 injured, he managed to escape with 2 of his most trusted bodyguards, fleeing to never be seen again. Until now. Our clients, Interpol, have managed to locate Salazhinka to Marrakesh, Morroco, where it is understood he is attempting to negotiate a deal with General Reza Zaydan, who is himself staging a military coup as we speak. Aware of the political firestorm, we have been asked to find Salazhinka, eliminate him and his two protection detail, retrieving the memory stick on which he keeps a list of all of his associates and suppliers. The clock is ticking, 47, I shall leave you to prepare.”


Target: The Brothers

“Good Afternoon 47. Your Destination is the City of Mumbai in India. Your Targets are Akbar Lal Kulkrani and his younger Brother Dev Kulkrani, two famous online Scammers, who made Millions by scamming People on the internet with false Advertisments on so called Trainer-Programs which were supposed to prevent all kind of unpleasent things like unwilling redirects or Cookies. Now the Brothers were smart enough to step down when it was getting too hot for them, so they went back to live in the Slums for a while, with their unhonest Savings being safely deposited under false indenties in the Bank of India. Our client, the Son of a Father-Son Company who fell victim to the Brothers scam has now contracted the elimination of the Brothers to ensure, that they won’t return. Good Luck, 47”

Intel: Akbar Lal Kulkrani

Akbar Lal Kulkrani grew up with only a single Brother, a rarer occuration in India, in the City of Mumbai, where his Father worked in a IT Company, which gave Akbar access to getting to know the technology. After there Father lost his Job though, the Family was near the absolute bottom, until Akbar used his talents to scam a wealthier Friend of his, which brought the Family quiet alot of Money.

Intel: Dev Kulkrani

Dev Kulkrani was still pretty young when his older Brother Akbar saved the Family from total poverty, therefore he didn’t really understand that it was a Scam his Brother had pulled. Years later the Brothers, still pulling Scams from time to time, until Akbar had the idea with the false Advertisments for a program that never actually existed and was Nothing more than a Bootup Menu, programmed by Akbar and designed by Dev.

This will be my last Elusive Target before the Release of Hitman 3, meaning also my last Elusive Target Mod for quite some time.

Soon aviable over the Mod Explorer…


By @Silverballer:

Elusive target #?: The Emperor

Good morning 47.

Your target is Yakuza boss Kawamura Keishi, one of the leading crime bosses in Japan during the 1990s who remains a significant player in the Japanese underworld now.

Keishi, a diagnosed sociopath with no regard for human life, was head of the Yakuza and was certainly an effective ruler, causing a crime spree in the mid-90s. He hires only the best men as his personal protection, and has been known to be effiecent in gunfighting himself.

Our client, a rival within Yakuza, wants Keishi eliminated to prevent a civil war ensuing in the Yakuza of which Keishi would certainly be the main player against our client.

Keishi is currently visiting the GAMA private resort, where he is scheduled to meet ex-Yakuza lawyer Yuki Yamazaki in an attempt to convince her to release damning evidence about our client.

As a former client of ours, Keishi has full knowledge of who you are and what you do, and so he will be sure to become suspicious of you if he sees you in any form.

I will leave you to prepare.

In-game details:
Wears the White Yakuta robe, or something of similar design. Can wield a weapon, as with guards. Has two bodyguards who follow him at all times.

Route: Starts in the winter garden. Moves into the spa, where he will stand at the edge of the platform, providing a kill opportunity if you take out one of his bodyguards, the other will stand outside. Moves down into Yuki’s room, where his guards can be lured into the bathroom (the guard who you would need to take down for the spa kill). Then moves to the restaurant, where he will reside in a (contantly guarded) booth for a short time. One of his bodyguards will be able to be poisoned with sushi at this point( Again, the guard who you would need to take down for the spa kill). If both bodyguards are taken out he will move to the sauna, where he will stay even if the temperature is increased. Can be killed with the sauna. If you trigger a fire alarm, he will be rushed to the security office.

Good hunting, 47.

Elusive target #?: The Activist

Good evening 47. Your target is Tobias Downing, a radical eco activist who is currently part of Sean Rose’s militia in Colorado.
Downing was a high ranking member within the Australian collective called the Sons of Solidarity where Rose grew up, and after the Sons of Solidarity were disbanded he and Rose planned numerous terror attacks around the globe.
Rose has since become leader of the Colorado militia and Downing eventually followed, becoming a guerrilla fighter who works around the globe, carrying out assassinations and attacks.
His next assingnment is to blow up a Hamsun oil tanker in the Gulf of Mexico. Hamsun have hired us to take him down before he does so.
He is currently preparing for the attack in Colorado. Be warned 47: Downing is armed and highly dangerous.
I will leave you to prepare.

In-Game Details:
He wears a bandana around his neck which covers his mouth. He carries a HX10 SMG and will shoot 47 if he goes into combat.

He will walk around the shooting area in the barn then through the training zone. He will then walk over to the demolitions area where he will talk to some of the demolitions experts. He will then walk back to the barn.

Potential kills:
• He will walk beneath the hay bale
• He will walk within luring radius of the oil tank, so if you take out the technician he can be killed there
• You can use a gun to lure him to the drop box in the barn, which is fairly secluded
• He is within luring radius of a battering ram kill
• If you take out enough guards he can be killed and hay baled in the Demolitions area.

Elusive target #?: The Blue Soldiers

The Captain: Raul Kazaku
The Tactician: Ioan Alexandrescu
The Gun Nut: Eduard Vãduva
The Bodyguard: Valeriu Otvos

Good evening 47. Your targets are a Romanian group of spec ops mercanaries known as ‘The Blue Soldiers’ who have been involved in multiple coups over the years. Lead by Raul Kazaku the Blue Soldiers are widely regarded as the best special ops group up for hire.

The Blue Soldiers have four key members: Raul Kazaku, the leader of the Soldiers; Ioan Alexandrescu, an excellent battle tactician and Kazaku’s second in command: Eduard Vãduva, the quartermaster of the Soldiers and the man responsible for their weapons; and Valeriu Otvos, who serves as a bodyguard for high profiles during a coup.

The Blue Soldiers are currently working with Reza Zaydan, who is masterminding a coup in Morocco. Our client, the United Nations, has requested we take down the leaders of the Blue Soldiers to prevent them toppling any more governments. We do not know the specific locations of the Soldiers but on-site intelligence confirms they have set up headquarters on a rooftop near Zaydan’s field headquarters, an abandoned school. I will leave you to prepare.

In-game information:
All targets wear a blue version of the cap elite soldiers wear. The Captain and The Gun Nut have more militaristic uniforms (similar to Elite Soldiers and Officers) where as the Tactician and the Bodyguard wear an outfit more like the Chameleons (without the medals). All target wield pistols.

The Captain: He will be on the headmaster’s rooftop with one soldier. Two more soldiers will be downstairs, and one on the stairs. The Headmaster and his son will be gone. The Captain will start on the rooftop and walk around there for a while, making a phone call to the Tactician and the Gun Nut. He will also smoke in the Shisha pipe. The rooftop can be accessed with a soldier disguise (multiple enforcers) officer disguises (no enforcers) or a waiter disguise (one enforcer on the roof). He will then walk downstairs for a smoke, he can be easily lured to a puddle where there is an outlet and a potential motorcycle puddle.

The Tactician: He will be upstairs in the command centre in the school. He will walk between the centre and Zaydan’s office where he can be killed with a gas leak. Between the two places he can be pushed out a window, which he leans out (but there is a soldier patrolling nearby). If the power is turned off at the centre he will walk to the bathroom, alone. He will occasionally have a phone call with the Captain.

The Gun Nut:
He will be in the underground tunnel. He walks around the small centre in the tunnel. He can be killed with an oil fire or lured behind the lockers and killed. He will occasionally have a phone call with the Captain behind one of the sets of lockers.

The Bodyguard: The Bodyguard will follow Strandberg at all times. If Strandberg’s evacuation is triggered, he will stay in the shoe shop where he can be killed easily. If the interview is started he will wait in the observation room (where the moose winch is). He can be lured away in lots of places. If Strandberg is subdued or dies he will go to Olander’s office.

EDIT: The main point of this target(s) would be the idea of an ET with three or four (fairly easily killed) targets in completely different parts of the map. This would be cool as it would mean you have no restarts for multiple targets.

Elusive target #?: The Imitator

Good evening 47. Your target is Connor Webb, a top-class underworld actor who specialises in imitating high profile targets for organisations and criminals all over the world.

He has currently infiltrated the GAMA private hospital and is posing as a high profile somewhere in the resort. We do not know the exact target, but he will imitate their look flawlessly.

GAMA has asked us to eliminate Webb, however if we harm the wrong person they will withdraw the contract. You must look out for a person asking more questions than usual or acting strangely. Pick your target carefully 47, this is a delicate contract. I will leave you to prepare.

In-game details: The target will be imitating the Curator. He will look just like the Curator and will have the exact same voice. However, if you try to use the neurochip remote, it won’t work as it will always say ‘patient is too far out of range’.

Routine: The target will have a larger routine than the Curator. He will go to his office (where there will be bodyguards) and into the room with the heart. He will also visit the female surgeon next to Soders and the two morgue doctors operating on the body. He will also go to the medical quarters where he will make a phone call to his bosses. After eavesdropping on this phone call Diana will inform you that the Curator is the target.

Elusive Target #?: The Weapon and the Inventor

Briefing: Good morning 47. Your targets are HORUS, a US military robot intended for deployment in the Middle East, and Edward ‘Einstein’ Tyrell, a Cambridge graduate and the inventor who created HORUS. Tyrell is currently taking refuge at Sean Rose’s militia camp after he discovered the military planned to use HORUS for black ops against US citizens. The US military have contracted us to destroy HORUS and eliminate Tyrell before Sean Rose uses HORUS for even more unethical purposes. Be careful 47: HORUS is bulletproof, explosion-proof and resistant to melee weapons. He is also armed to the teeth and has the full militia stored on an internal database, so he will recognise you no mater what disguise you are wearing. Good hunting.

Update: When the player gets close to HORUS, Diana will tell the player that they have received word HORUS has a self-destruct mechanism which can be activated via a remote. She will also tell 47 the self-destruction has a low blast radius and won’t harm any bystanders.

Appearance: HORUS appears similar to Assaultrons from Fallout. He has a minigun on one arm which will kill 47 very quickly and his other arm is a claw. He is bulletproof, explosion-proof and immune to melee attacks but will die if shot or blown up enough. His body does not count as being found and guards won’t react to his corpse. He cannot be subdued or killed by lethal injection, and he never drinks (for obvious reasons). He uses guard AI but has unique dialogue. Tyrell wears a large coat and has fuzzy white hair. He looks similar to Einstein, hence his nickname.

HORUS: HORUS will stay in the garage area, near the technicians and the car lift. He will walk around, talking to the technician beneath the car lift (there is now a technician in the corner who smokes and will spot you dropping the car lift unless you get him out the way) and then he will talk to the technician working in the battering ram van. In a lockdown, he will run to the barn and wait in a corner near an oil drum, unguarded.
Tyrell: Tyrell will start in the area with the technicians and the satellite. He will then walk to the kitchen, where he will take a drink and make a phone call. If the signal tower is turned off (which would usually lure the interpol technician) he will investigate.

Kill opportunities:
HORUS: HORUS can be killed with the car lift if the technician nearby is removed, he can also be lured to the oil barrel near the technician working on the battering van. He can be lured to the upstairs part of the garage with a distraction, or to the slurry pit. In a lockdown he can be hay baled. The self-destruct remote can be found in a safe in the satellite area. The key to the safe can be found on Sean Rose. Activating the remote will activate HORUS’s self destruct sequence immediately.
Tyrell: Tyrell can be poisoned at the kitchen (requires chef disguise), lured to the water tower by deactivating the signal or killed in the technicians area to luring him with a generator. In a lockdown he will run to the greenhouse, where he can be syringed fairly easily.

Some more backstory: The technicians near HORUS can be heard discussing Rose’s plan to kill off Tyrell and keep HORUS for himself. On his phone calls, Tyrell can be heard talking to a man (most likely Owen ‘Protagonist’ Wagner, or the Black Hat) about contacting someone to help him escape.

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By @Aegis_Chrome:

Target: The Bachelor
Loaction: Hokkaido

Briefing: Good day, 47. Your target is Mark Henry Armitage, the renowned playboy-philanthropist behind the famous “The Peek!” gossip magazine, a man who’s love for money has led to some dangerous results.

Armitage has a reputation for being with women for the shortest times, mere flings at most, but last summer, his girlfriend (the porn star Valencia Mattini) was found dead, seemingly to have fallen down the stairs of his million-dollar Miami mansion. Initial reports came up as purely an accident, but later evidence appeared which exposed Armitage for what he had truly done. With the case mounting, he used his immense wealth and political standing to have the evidence go mysteriously missing and the detectives who discovered it framed for crimes they simply didn’t commit.

Our clients, the family of Ms. Mattini, deservedly want revenge on the manipulative mogul. ICA sources show that Armitage is staying at the private GAMA facility, a cutting-edge hospital in Hokkaido, for a minor surgery on his lower back. The clients have also specified a secondary wish; They want Mark to be eliminated in a way similar to their late daughter’s, so a little trip may be in order. Good luck, 47. Happy hunting.

Target: The Preacher
Loaction: Sapienza

Briefing: Good day, 47. Your target is the infamous preacher and American “faith healer” Anton Jaredson. Jaredson is one of America’s foremost “faith healers”, also known as the modern day snake oil salesman. He has made a fortune off of his practice, one of his most successful parlour tricks being his ability to make a paralysed man walk again. Of course he employs an actor, but some of his tricks aren’t so harmless.

During a tour of the States, Anton claimed to be able to cure cancer. A woman, 60-year-old Gretta Danforth, a firm believer in Anton’s powers, was told to throw away her medicine and to “let the power of God heal you”. Unfortunately for him, the woman did just that, and ,within a few weeks, died due to her illness. Jaredson was quick to cover it up, claiming all sorts of falsehoods, and his career managed to stay intact.

Our clients, Mrs. Danforth’s family, want the silver-tongued charlatan retired for good, and have paid a large amount to see him gone. We have traced Anton to Sapienza, Italy, where he intends to hold a sermon at the local church and espouse his “miracles”. Let’s see that this preacher never reaches the mass. I shall leave you to prepare.

Targets: The Creator & The Facilitator
Loaction: Paris

Briefing: Good evening, 47. Your targets are wealthy painter Walter Harrison and his fiancée, the genius, yet dangerous, Amelia Westacott. Harrison’s foray into the art world has proved quite successful so far, earning him a net worth of just under 2.5 billion, which Mrs. Westacott is more than happy to capitalise on, What these two don’t know is the very thing that’ll bring down their precious facade.

Westacott and Harrison are, in reality, both employees of rival mafia gangs: the Garamofis and the Martellis, two of the most dangerous gangs in all of America. One works to supply them with money through the sales of his forgeries, the other through her ability to retrieve any item, going to any lengths to do so. Both ruthless, both targets.

They are currently attending the Sanguine fashion show, believed to be meeting with Novikov to discuss securing potential deals for their respective families, but our client, an operative undercover in both syndicates, fears this could be the final straw the pushes both groups into full-blown war. He has asked us to eliminate the two, and retrieve a set of files being held by Novikov regarding their exchanges. The clock is ticking, 47. Good luck.

Target: “The Negotiator”
Loaction: Hokkaido

Briefing: Good day, 47. Your target is Benjamin Andrews, a first-class police negotiator whose unmatched charisma and manipulative dominance has extended much farther than his professional career. Andrews is renowned as the man to call in a crisis, able to convince even the most defiant to crumble; especially the rich and powerful.

In addition to his successful law enforcement career, Andrews is also a prominent member of Providence, working as a middle-man between negotiations and a solution for when brute force isn’t an option. Using his own unique mixture of blackmail, intimidation and psychological techniques, acquired from years of study and practice, we believe he has more than 40 important and influential personas in the palm of his hand. Our clients, the family of Frederik Hardtman, a major banking executive who killed himself due to the immense pressure Andrews was putting him under, want him eliminated as a justice to the deceased.

ICA sources have tracked him down to the GAMA private hospital in Japan, where he is to be meeting with the hospital director, for reasons unknown, during a minor check-up on the liver surgery he had 2 months ago. It is to be noted, 47, that Andrews takes a special medicine called “Litabentalene-7”, a specialised medicine developed by GAMA specifically for his liver, a new batch being made only yesterday, currently being held on-site for use some time during his stay. A unique opportunity. The clock is ticking, 47. Good hunting.”

Appearance: Andrews is 43, but appears much younger than he is; however, his professional experience shows in his physicality. As a big fan of personal fitness, so he is well-muscled, but is overall slim in stature and has a slight limp due to an injury he sustained as part of a police negotiation. He has dirty blonde hair combed into the typical businessman haircut and calm blue eyes, with a slight stubble on the lower part of his face. He has a slight cocky smirk, and his left ear is slightly deformed. He also wears contact lenses due to moderately poor eyesight. He wears a navy blue suit, with an eggshell white shirt and a grey tie with a spiral pattern to it.

Route: Andrews will start in Yamazaki’s room, lounging about on the sofa, watching TV, and then move over to the balcony. He will stay there for about 1 minute and have a short talk with one of his guards (Yamazaki’s default security). He will then make his way to the spa and check out the sauna, deciding to take off his contact lenses and relax in the sauna (due to his poorer vision, you will not be detected for 5 seconds while holding an illegal item by him).

After he has left, he will briefly go into the main hallway bathroom to put his lenses back in, for only for about 10 seconds. He will then make his way straight to the Director’s office, where the director will be sitting down, waiting for him to arrive. They will have a 3 minute talk about income and operations, finally getting up and shaking his hand before leaving to do some exercise in the gym. Leaving for the surgical ward, where Soders usually lies, he will sit on the bed and have a quick medical check-up, before being escorted to the stem cell room and taking a drink with his pills in.

Standard Kill Opportunities:
A) As he looks over the railing in his room, his bodyguard may be distracted long enough to push him over, but this is quite hard due to other guards in the room.
B) When he goes to the sauna, you can throw a coin to lure him in, crank up the heat and lock him in, just like Yamazaki.
C) After he has left the sauna area, you can lure him into a toilet stall and kill him while he checks on his contacts.
D) As he makes his way to the Director’s office, you can lure him into many other rooms and kill him how you please.
E) During his exercise, you can get rid of his guards however you wish, granting you an opportunity.
F) Before he has his drink with his pills, you can poison it for an accident kill.

Unique Kill Opportunities:
A) While he is sitting in the sauna, you have the opportunity to pull a Yamazaki on him and boil him alive in the sauna.
B) When he puts his contact lens in, as he is bending down, you are able to slam his head down on the contacts, the glass will shatter and kill him.
C) While he is exercising, if you can get the guards away from his room, you are able to smother him with the pillow that is placed beneath his head as he does press-ups.
D) Before he takes his medicine, you can poison his pills and, if you fill them with lethal poison, he will keel over, clutching his liver, and die on the spot.

Target: “The Black Widow”
Setting: Paris

Briefing: Good evening, 47. Your target is Harriet Marylebone, an oil heiress set to gain billions, but her current escapades are already proving quite rewarding. Miss Marylebone is known for her string of wealthy lovers, her most notorious being the famous actor Jimmy Cesko, who died, “accidentally”, when the brakes on his car failed and he went flying over the edge of the cliff just outside his Orlando mansion. She is well known for the many tragic “accidents” that befall her fiancees, from bathtub electrocutions to fatal “trips” down flights of stairs; earning her the unflattering title “The Black Widow”. She is believed to have a body count around 13, and people have always been suspect of the many, unfortunate deaths, but the police cannot convict as there is no substantial evidence that would stand up in court.

Our clients, the family of one of Marylebone’s victims, who are insistent that she had something to do with the deceased’s death, have requested that we eliminate the scheming mistress the night of the Sanguine fashion show, currently being held at the Palais de Walewska, in Paris, as she is set to be one of the star models.

A point of note, 47. Your target has payed Novikov an exorbitant amount to have her own segment, upon which she will be allowed free range of the catwalk; this should prove a nice boost to her already large ego.The clients have made the special, optional request that you find a way to kill her during her performance. However, you will have to make it quick; she has been allotted a small, 3-minute time frame alone. Once she has left the catwalk, she shan’t return for the rest of the event, so make it count. “Let the world see what happens to the wicked, make it a spectacle,” they said. Well, the ICA is anything but unadaptable, 47. Of course, how you eliminate the target is all down to you. I shall leave you to prepare, good hunting.

Appearance: Marylebone is just over 32, but still as stunning as she was 10 years ago. She has long, flowing, blonde hair, deep-set eyes as green as emerald, with small, thin lips lifted to form a minor smile. This air of mysteriousness and maturity that embraces her is what leads so many to their dooms. She wears be wearing a long, red dress with a black rose design made of lace decorating the front and back. Her hair rests on her shoulder and fall down her chest, a necklace of rare diamonds adorning her neck. A brilliant scarlet lipstick is being worn, with a piercing black eye shadow to really make her eyes stand out. A set of ruby encrusted bracelet are worn on her wrist, with a 24-carat gold engagement ring sitting on her finger, inlaid with yet another precious diamond. Her shoes are black heels, as high as can be and as sharp as a dagger. For an accessory, she holds a small purse, real, black crocodile skin leather, with a gold buckle and jewels encrusting the clasp.

Route: She will start off in the bar, in the middle of the crowd at one of the tables, sipping on a wine glass (she will return to this throughout the event, allowing for a poison kill). She will then move to the garden, where she will stand just a few metres away from the IAGO invitation-holding photographer, smoke a cigarette and make a phone call to her fiancee (if you can get rid of the photographer, this is a good place to eliminate her). After this, she will head back inside and strut around the dressing room for a while, finally stopping to talk to Novikov. After he has left, she will ask Sato how long it will be till she goes one, and, after hearing it will be at least another 8 minutes, she decides to have a wander around the museum areas (There will be one more security guard in each of the ground floor exhibitions, just to make sure elimination isn’t as much of an easy task).

She will wander through the museum until she receives a text from Sato calling her to the stage. She will make her way there, ready herself to the side of the catwalks and walk on, as stated before, completely alone (this is the time when you would invoke the client’s secondary request, but you can still get top score if you don’t use this opportunity). After this has happened, she will meet once more with Novikov before returning to the bar, repeating the “drink-garden-museum” sequence for the rest of the mission.

Note: She will be tailed by a personal CICADA bodyguard for the duration of the contract, unless you are able to remove him from the equation.

Target: “The Marketer”
Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Briefing: Good morning, 47. Your target is Robert R. Wade, renowned marketer to the stars and currently working with The Class, Jordan Cross’ indie-rock band. The target has a reputation for being able to shoot his clients straight to the top, having a contacts list that reaches even royalty. But, in fact, this contacts list is used for much more than marketing.

Wade is, in truth, a prominent member of the Delphi Collection, an elite organ trafficking group operating in over 20 countries. Our clients, the human rights organisation The H-Project, have hired us to eliminate Wade before he is able to seal a deal that would see a further 5 countries added to his repertoire. With The Class currently staying at the Himmapan hotel, recording their semaphore album, Wade is staying with them under the guise of a simple audit. Security will be heavier than usual, but I do know how you love a challenge. The clock is ticking, 47, happy hunting.

Appearance: Wade resembles every stereotypical hipster ever. He has blue eyes hidden behind aviator glasses, with a brown ponytail hanging down his back. He wears a fully buttoned up shirt adorned with gold flowers on a black background, with a dark brown suit over top. He has a gold wedding ring on his finger, and a gold wristwatch on his right arm. The sleeves of his jacket and shirt are also rolled up just over the elbow, revealing his arms. He wears loose-ish black trousers, with a gold seam and dark dress shoes, that reach a rounded tip. He is never seen without a cigarette in his mouth, and he stops to relight one every 10 minutes.

Route: He will start down in the basement, checking a box of (presumably) The Class merchandise. He will then make his way to the kitchen and take a gander at some of the food at the front desk. He will then take a seat at a “RESERVED” table, and a waiter will bring him some food (if you can note which food he desires, you’ll be able to poison it for a quick kill). He will then compliment the chef, take himself off to the bathroom and check himself out in the mirror. After this, he will go straight to the Queen’s Suite. He will have a talk with Heidi Santoro about sales, before going straight to his room and sitting down to type on his laptop (this is a good chance to remove his bodyguard and eliminate him). He will then repeat this cycle for the rest of the contract.


Title: The King-Pin
Target: Andrei Z. Bardachenko
Location: Berlin Morning
Briefing: Good Morning 47, your target is Andrei “Flatline” Z. Bardachenko, Born in Ukraine and Raised in Belarus, He live in depression for his whole life as his father, General Bardachenko was found dead in is military facility. Growing up taking drugs and went so far as to poison his patient during his career as a nurse by replacing their blood with Cocaine. Your target has taken up a large part of club Hölle to produce drugs. Goodluck 47.

Get your blood pumping: eliminate Bardachenko by Exploding him with an oil leak.
A normal day in berlin:Eliminate Bardachenko by making the light tree fall on to him
Say hello to my little friend: eliminate bardachenko by making his 2nd in command shoot him to death


The Prodigy
Location: Chonqing

  • Eliminate Zhang Qiaolian
  • Discover information regarding Zhang’s project (optional)
  • Rescue Agent Smith (optional)


Briefing: Good afternoon, 47. Your target is the Zhang Qiaolian, talented scientist and former top government researcher. She was dropped from their ranks, however, when her experiments began to become more sadistic, taking unnecessary measures to inflict harm on her test subjects. After her cruel testing resulted in countless deaths, Zhang retreated to Chongqing, where she is now works with human traffickers to continue her project. Our client, the Chinese Ministry of State Security, want you to find out just what this project of hers entails, so do a little digging, 47. Interpol has also taken an interest in Ms. Zhang, and it is reported that they have lost contact with an agent they sent to investigate. Perhaps you could find him, 47, and discover what he knows? I will leave you to prepare.

Route: Zhang walks around the 4th floor of The Block, observing the test subjects. Occasionally, she will go out onto the adjacent rooftop to smoke. She will discuss her experiment will Sister Lei, and routinely check her safe.

Additional Details: Zhang is very passionate and has devoted her life to this work, harassing her researchers for not meeting her objectives. Agent Smith can be found in one of the pods - upon release, he will thank 47 (once again), eventually revealing a method to kill Zhang and the combination to her safe, before escaping in his iconic stars-and-stripes boxer shorts. Once you open the safe and retrieve the contents, the investigation objective will be checked as complete. The files detail all the findings of Zhang’s experiments, and her efforts to try and find the most painful method of torture that the human brain can allow, even altering the brain to increase the amount of pain a subject is capable of feeling. Zhang’s conversation with Lei, talks over the phone, and gossip between the block guards all allude to the location and passcode to the safe, as well as Agent Smith’s location, who was caught ‘snooping around’.

Assassination methods:

  • Disguise as test subject and snap neck when she leans in (similar to Reza Zaydan prisoner kill)
  • Push her into an empty pod and turn up the dial
  • Electrocution while smoking on the rooftops
  • Snipe her while smoking on the rooftops
  • Zhang will start panicking after she realizes all of her files have been stolen. Devastated by the loss of her life’s work, she will eventually throw herself over the balcony
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  1. The Welshman/The Irishman
    Location: Landslide or Mendoza

Target(s): Oran Clancy, Ianto Alwyn
Reason for elimination: captured footage of them gunning down Lord Chancellor Seán Lughaidh’s car

  1. The Connoisseur
    Location: Mendoza

Target(s): Vinicio Leandro
Reason for elimination: Assassinating rivals

  1. The Culprit
    Location: Chongqing

Target(s): Barrie Thom
Reason for elimination: influential person in the black market running his business undercover in Chongqing

  1. The Escapee
    Location: Mumbai

Target(s): Rolf Reyes
Nima Mahal
Reason for elimination: Rolf Reyes for escaping from prison, Nima Mahal for helping him get away with it


With the sins ending, I’m starting a sort of creative-writing community event where we write briefings for hypothetical elusive targets.


  • A theme will be suggested, in the form of “The ______”.
  • Players will write an ET briefing in accordance with the theme. Physical Appearance, Routes, Potential Kills, Trivia and other details can also be added.
  • Every Sunday, a poll will be set up to determine the winner. The winner will get to pick the next theme, again, written in the form of “The ______”
  • Be civil to each other.

I’ll start the first:
The Secretary


Should there also be a given location or not?

Yeah, do mention the location.

And all main missions from the trilogy, including New York and Haven Island, can host the ET, as well as the Sapienza and Marrakech bonus missions and Dartmoor Garden Show.

Briefing: Good Morning, 47. Your target is Rozárie Nataša, a seemingly loyal secretary of Czech descent. She was formerly working for over 7 mayor banks and network providers, all of which have seemingly vanished off the face of the earth. Intel suggests she betrays and kills her employers shortly after getting the role as their assistant or secretary, after which she takes down the companies from the inside one by one. She currently works for Athena Savalas at the Milton-Fitzpatrick bank in New York, where she replaced ex-assistant Tim Butch. She may try to get rid of her recent employer, so try protecting Mrs. Savalas if possible. It’s time to liquidate the liquidator. Best of luck, 47.

Objectives: -Eliminate Rozárie Nataša
-Protect Athena Savalas (optional)

Physical Appearance: She wears a blue suit, and looks like this:

Routes/Opportunities: She will spend most of her time at the desk, and has 2 personal bodyguards. She will occasionally check up on Athena Savalas and will tell the bodyguards in her room excuses one by one as to why they need to leave the room (Mateo Pérez is looking for you at the bank vault, you’re fired, there’s a breach in the bank vault, etc.). She will also poison Jayson Leftos. Once all of the bodyguards have left, she will tell Athena Savalas that there are private things to be discussed and tell her personal bodyguards to guard the room. Once this happens, Athena Savalas will lean up against the window and then Rozárie Nataša will give her a push.
If you mess with the router, she will instead try fixing it herself. Once she is in the room with the router, it will turn into a hostile area.
If you go up to her as the fired employee, she will say: “Ohh, I’m so sorry, but Mrs. Savalas is currently busy, so try another time!”
If you cause the stocks to crash, she will also go to the room where Athena Savalas talks on the phone. She will try to get her to walk to the edge, but will fail at it, and after her employer walks out of the room, she will start complaining to herself about how she will succeed in killing her.

Tim Butch will stay in the employee break room on the first floor and complain to his other co-workers about how she stole his job and how could Athena Savalas betray her. He will occasionally drink from a water bottle. You can wear his disguise. If you take it and go up to Rozárie Nataša, she will call you down to the garage. There, she will order the other two bodyguards who are staying there to leave. She will then threaten you and tell you that if you revolt again, she may make you disappear. She will then go back up to her desk.

Intel: 1. “The Ex-Assistant” Hmm, an enraged ex-assistant? Maybe you could use him as a way to engage.
2. “Private matters” Rozárie Nataša doesn’t want anybody to enter Mrs. Savalas’ room. Sounds intriguing.
3. “I can do it!” Mrs. Nataša is trying to do everything by herself. Why wouldn’t she just call the IT department?
4. “Less to worry about” She wants the bodyguards to leave the room. Maybe she’s trying to get rid of witnesses?


Title: The Secretary
Targets & Objectives:
Norman Loomis
Location: Haven Island, Maldives

"Good afternoon, 47.

"Your target is Norman Loomis, secretary to the current Chief of MI6, and his most trusted confidant. With a history in espionage, most of Loomis’s personal background has been redacted. However, what we have gathered is information on a cabal of spy masters and conspiracies the world over, with Loomis at the center.

"Our client, Locksley, worries for the fate of international security and has come to us to put an end to whatever machinations Loomis has prepared. They have informed us that the target has arrived on Haven Island as part of a team of on-site support in an MI6 operation. Additionally, Locksley has requested we eliminate Loomis in an accidental manor to avoid a global incident.

“Be careful, 47. Good luck.”

Physical Appearance:
Norman Loomis is in his fifties, his short black hair graying at the temples, and wrinkles in his cheeks. He wears a white suit shirt with the collar unbuttoned and sleeves rolled up. Over that, he wears a cream green colored sweater. He wears tan khakis.

Norman Loomis takes up the empty cabin, blinds closed, and the front doors locked. The backrooms have been turned into a setup for a bit of equipment. There is a spy walking around the beach near Tyson Williams’ house.

Loomis himself has two bodyguards and plays his cards close to the chest within his interactions with Ljudmila Vetrova.

Loomis stays in and around his cabin, but walks around near the beach. The spy and him will meet at the pool, where they will sit near each other but never face each other while they talk. It is mentioned they do this in case someone is listening in on their more private technological conversations.

Loomis tells his bodyguard to fetch him a drink, and as the bodyguard does that, he steps away to make a shady call, involving one of the following: a coup d’etat in Egypt; funding the Crimean separatists; or the poisoning of Switzerland’s paper money, in which they will then hold their antidote hostage, something that the player will discover this mission revolves around.

The bodyguard will return with his drink, where it will be placed on the table next to the outdoor lounge chair he’d been using, providing a quick poisoning opportunity, in which Loomis will then drink.

Alternatively, the player can serve the bar and, when the bodyguard approaches the bar, serves a poisoned drink to him. Instead of drinking it, he will give it to Loomis.

Other ways along his route that can provide accidental kills are coconuts Loomis walks under, getting kicked into water, drowning, falling through the hatch in the bathroom of his cabin, or getting electrocuted.

One ‘story kill’ this mission has is by obtaining the more lethal version of the poison that is the whole real reason why Loomis is here in the first place. A poison exclusive to Haven Islands. The player can find them, in which there are two versions: one that kills slowly, and one that kills immediately. The player can then poison a file that Loomis looks through, which will kill him simply after he touches it.

  • Rozárie Nataša (bgyorok)
  • Norman Loomis (Zevoros)

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Title: The Censorer
Target: Mary Whitehouse
Location: Sapienza, The Icon
Good Evening 47.
Your target is Mary Whitehouse, a famous campaigner against “nastiness”, after managing to once get Professor X cut a scene because of her influence, she was emboldened to continue her crusade. She has turned her sights to the Icon. Bosco and the producers have for once agreed that she needs to be taken out. I shall leave you to prepare.

Route: Mary Whitehouse starts out in the publicity area, extorting people to come to the church to learn of the dangers of these films. She then goes to the church, hands out a few leaflets heads to the set to badmouth people (potentially being able to manipulate a guard to snap and shoot her down through a lot of unnerving), after she’s done her slandering, she heads back to the publicity area and repeat.

Appearance: Just in a more subdued outfit.


@bgyorok, you won. Please suggest the next theme in the format of “The ______”

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The Vagabond



Title: The Vagabond
Targets & Objectives:
Eliminate Frederick Wang
Location: Mumbai, India

Good afternoon, 47.

Your target is Frederick Wang. Nicknamed “Fagin”, the Singaporean-born career criminal fled his home country after being suspected of drug trafficking and has since wandered around Asia, setting up short-lived criminal operations. He would recruit orphans and delinquents into street gangs, running extortion rackets and loan sharking and drug trafficking operations. When they inevitably fell apart, he fled the country and left his subordinates for dead.

The parents of one of his unfortunate underlings have placed a contract on him for leaving their son to be arrested and sentenced to death for drug trafficking. Wang is in Mumbai to meet with the Maelstrom, who he served under in the past. It’s time that he faces a death sentence, 47. Good hunting.


Wang is in his 40s, with shoulder-length black hair, brown eyes and a long scar running across his left cheek. He wears a dirty plain white T-shirt, grey slacks and blue sneakers.


Wang, accompanied by one of the Elite Thugs, walks around the slums. He occasionally makes calls to his “kor kor” (older brother) and reassure him that he is very much alive, as well as to someone named “Blenkhorn” regarding the Delgado Cartel, who are after his head after he lost a large shipment of cocaine to Filipino authorities.

After 10 minutes, he will enter the trainyard and speak to Vanya Shah. Shah blames Wang for the breakdown of their crew, believing that he is weak and incompetent. Regardless, she lets him stay and walk around the trainyard.

After 20 more minutes, his guard will escort him into the Crows hideout, where the Maelstrom would speak to him. The Maelstrom orders him to go to Indonesia under an assumed name and set up a drug trafficking operation there, with the Maelstrom taking a 50% cut of the profits. Wang reluctantly accepts.

If Wang’s guard is incapacitated and 47, disguised as an Elite Thug, approaches Wang, he can escort him to the Crows’ hideout on his own. Wang will wait alone in the room for a minute before leaving.


  • Wang is on a first-name basis with Shah, he calling her “Vanya” and she calling him “Freddy”. However, he takes a more formal tone with the Maelstrom, addressing him as “Sir” while Wang himself is addressed as “Fagin”.

Title: The Vagabond
Targets & Objectives:
Alexander O’Reilly
Do not harm the client’s daughter
Location: Dartmoor, England

"Good afternoon, 47.

"Your target is Alexander O’Reilly, serial cultist, and the subject of a global arrest order. Born to an extremely religious Irish family, O’Reilly became dissatisfied with both his life and the religious community as a whole. Believing himself destined for greater things, O’Reilly started a ‘religion’ of his own. His charismatic personality only helped him to grow, but he was forced to flee his home island after his family home was burned down, leaving his parents deceased.

"This pattern has followed O’Reilly to every country he’s been to in the last fifteen years, where a cult would rise and gain popularity, and when things became a little too much for him, abandoned the cult to their own devices.

"Our client, a family worried for their daughter, who has recently joined O’Reilly’s most recent cult operation, has come to us to put an end to O’Reilly’s contrivances.

“Good luck.”

Physical Appearance:
Alexander O’Reilly is a man in his forties with blond hair, high cheekbones, and can only be described as handsome. He wears an inverted priest outfit, with a white clothing and a black collar rather than the usual other way around.

This map is the Dartmoor Garden Show version of Dartmoor. O’Reilly walks around with a single bodyguard, and has multiple members of his cult dotted around the map. The daughter of the clients is randomized between three cultists every time the mission is played.

O’Reilly starts off at the front of the mansion, where the player will be able to spot him almost right away. He is talking to one of his cultists (who may or may not also be the daughter) about his target, a person he is seeking to recruit.

O’Reilly heads away to the actual Garden Show, and talk to the bartender with a heavy amount of charisma, the first showing to the player on why people listen to him. This also provides a poison opportunity, should the player be fast enough.

O’Reilly goes up the stairs to the only indoor part of the map that he can visit. He stays in this area making phone calls, drinking wine, and talking to Sebastian Sato when he comes in. From here, he can be lured away and killed, or be poisoned.

After about four to five minutes, the cultist that O’Reilly was talking to at the beginning of the mission gets stopped by the guards outside, and calls for “Father O’Reilly”. When O’Reilly comes out, the cultist tells him about where they found the recruit he’d been looking for.

The recruit in question is the young widow to an extremely rich husband that O’Reilly had killed. The widow is walking around the cemetery, mostly talking to herself about the subject of death. O’Reilly approaches her and, slowly but surely, begins using the traditional tactics to rope someone into a cult. The key one here is that he smothers her with kindness, and made his approaching her look extremely natural.

O’Reilly eventually steps away before the point crosses where it seems like he’s there just for her. He prays at Alexa Carlisle’s grave, and then does a full loop around each exhibition, both to complement each one, and to communicate with his cult members.

Once he completes said cycle, he meets back up with the widow. This pattern continues until the thirty-minute mark, and the widow asks for a way to communicate with O’Reilly. He answers her question with his phone number, and then the mission begins a countdown as he heads for the exit.

The player can discover that all of the cultists, the only exception being the daughter, must kill their family to prove their loyalty to O’Reilly. The player can listen to the daughter’s vent to another cultist about how her parents have seemingly abandoned her, oblivious to the fact that O’Reilly has orchestrated for her to think that way.

If the player can find enough things by subduing cultists around the map that convince the daughter that O’Reilly isn’t who he says he is, she will confront him and then go to a public area and wait there so that O’Reilly can’t do anything to her.

A fuming O’Reilly will then go to the indoor room and have his bodyguard order for anyone in there to leave. O’Reilly will dismiss his bodyguard after everyone leaves the room in order to burn off steam, leaving him open for an easy kill.