Hitman 3 DLC in the Works

Those are defenitly great News, so I hope they focus on Hitman 2 and 3 Bonus Missions, since they’re truly deserving of some. In particulary I’m thinking about:

Hawkes Bay: While the highly suggested Surf Competition, defenitly sounds like a good idea, I think a Beach Party could also work, which I’d set during Sunset.

Miami: Repurposing the Race Track would problably be too much work, so I think they should focus on the Marina.

Mumbai: In another Thread I originally suggested a Rainy Afternoon, so I think I have an even better idea. Set it during a Rainy and Stormy Night, where the Slums are empty except for a few Real NPCs and Armed Guards. You could really utelize the Channels and Houses that way.

WC: While Snow WC sounds good for sure, I also wouldn’t mind a Rainy Afternoon, if Mumbai doesn’t get it. There would not be many People outside and maybe they could also use some NPC Models from the Serialkiller to tone down the Clone Rate.

Bank: Set during Sunset closing Hours or at Night.

Berlin: I’m open for whatever they do with it. It’s similair to Sapienza for me in this regard. Even the worst Variation (PZ Sapienza) is still not terrible, especially if it has Contracts Mode.

Chongqing: Maybe a Mission, which uses the City alot better. In my Opnion it came to short in the Main Mission. Also all ICA NPCs and Entraces need to be removed, due to avoid another PZ Debacle.

Romania: Theres not much to do here, so I’d also be for a Passenger Train WITH Contracts Mode please.


I always see people claiming Freedom Fighters is too soon after Club 27 to fit in Patient Zero, or that the references to The Class in Patient Zero’s The Source are just the result of developer laziness…

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That would be absolutely awesome.

Whittleton Creek is up there in my top 5 favourite Hitman levels of all time :wink:


I didn’t vote because I am indifferent to it, but to be honest, unless they add items called “No time to die ™ Omega watch with the signature James Bond MKX look”, which would be rather intrusive, I think we have a lot of spy movie gadgets already, and having a few more wouldn’t be too bad. So it depends on execution.

I understand the idea of WC covered in snow and christmas decoration or autumn Halloween vibes sounds atmospheric as hell, but I do not see anything that could be done in WC from a gameplay perspective that hasn’t been done already. The main mission already covered so much scenarios from a barbecue party to a high value target living undercover, and the map is quite flat with small separated houses. I hope they rework a map with more gameplay depth and possibilities, for the replay value of the possible bonus mission.

Bonus Episodes would be nice. Especially if they take a few from our old “Create A Bonus Mission” thread. :slight_smile:

Funny enough, I made a thread on that, but I deleted it due to lack of activity. It seems we left a lot of writing talent when we switched forums. But for anyone who wants to write concepts:

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I think part of the problem is that we have a lot of threads running in parallel, discussing the same topics.

I hope this slows down and one thread for each topic survives soon. There are at least 3 threads currently discussing DLC/Bonus missions right now for example.

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To be honest, I’d probably pick a new location over bonus missions, but since IOI has basically confirmed that they aren’t going to make new locations, proper bonus missions is what I want. Definetly with the quality and effort put into The Icon, Landslide, and A House Built on Sand. I suppose I’m not sure how they are going to go about releasing these, guess it depends on how many bonus missions they have in mind, but to me doing it like a Patient Zero DLC makes the most sense. I prefer the idea of a big expansion pack rather than bite size DLC.

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They took the time to record a few lines for a specific NPC to reference possible kill methods for Jordan/ Ken (atrium gassing). I wrote it all up on TV Tropes here:

They did put some effort into world building, and it certainly does not take place after Hitman 2.


Would you rather have?

  • Standalone Bonus Missions [The Icon, Landslide etc.]
  • Bonus Campaign

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Out of those two options, Standalone by a million miles. I’ve had my narrative fix from the WoA trilogy, and I think Standalones would offer more freedom to create unique missions than a short Bonus Campaign would. Random hits, please! :grin:


Why can’t we have both?


Hitman 2’s bonus content was a real step down from the first game. We went from 8 bonus missions and 26 elusive targets to 4 “special assignments” and 6 elusive targets. I guess if it helped IOI focus on Hitman 3, it’s alright.

On the subject of targets, excluding the ICA agents, they removed the “The ___” (e.g. The Moneyman, the Mastermind, the Genius, the Scientist, etc.) style for target challenges, haven’t they? That would make ETs a little bit odd-sounding if they continue with the “Eliminate _____” style.


I can’t think of a particular reason why one would be better than the other (bonus campaign or bonus mission).
The Icon is standalone and brilliant. Patient Zero is a campaign and I never stopped replaying the whole thing every now and then.
As long as it’s well crafted, I’m excited for any type of DLC.

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I would rather have more maps like Haven, set either before Sgail or between New York/Haven and Dubai. There was so much untapped potential in the gang working together and having an extra set of eyes of things. It’d probably be a nightmare to code but that’s why I’m the ideas woman.

It’s so good though. I would love a campaign that uses locations from all 3 games to tell new story.


That wouldn’t bode well with those who only bought Hitman 3.

Still, maybe I could write that thief gang plot that I never had the confidence and currently don’t have the time to publish as a fanfic. Dubai to ____ to ____ to Romania.

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[quote=“Dustwolf105, post:69, topic:5056”]
Hitman 2’s bonus content was a real step down from the first game. We went from 8 bonus missions and 26 elusive targets to 4 “special assignments” and 6 elusive targets.

You’re omitting two new maps and two sniper maps in there. The post-launch content was maybe less robust than 1, but the gap is smaller than you’ve made it out to be.

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yeah The Patient Zero is a very very good example

I hope they redo those. Like Berlin still has them.

I’ve come up with them if IO couldn’t:
The Kingmaker (Ingram)
The Baron (Stuyvesant)
The Maiden (Carlisle)
The Future (Hush)
The Sister (Royce)
The Attorney (Yates)
The Spook (Vidal)
The Constant (Edwards)


You do know that maiden means virgin right?

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