Cut content from the 2016 Alpha

originally created by @stickpeted

Welcome to the cut guns/gear of the Hitman Alpha.

Before we start I want to say right now that this is not meant to show how IO has ‘gimped’ or ‘downgraded’ the main game from the alpha. Although I hope that some of these items make a return to HITMAN in some way or another, I completely understand why they were cut and I hope nobody attempts to attack IO for not including them in the main game.

I also want to mention how many animations and gun models were ripped from Absolution, which is why some may seem familiar. I actually hope some of these Alpha animations (such as reloading pistols) can be added to the main game as they are far better than the current ones.

NOTE: Due to HITMAN probably having 2 more seasons left to go, we are likely to see these items return in some form or another.


Anyway, let’s get on with it!


Mark4 Semi Auto Silenced

SPS-12 Precision Sweeper
Actually just a SPS-12 with a suppressor.

HX MP-10
This ones a bit bugged…

Jaeger Sniper 12.5
This would become the infamous Lancer. The scope looks terrible for some reason.

Holdable Plates, Cups and Glasses(!)
These were buggy af and completely disappeared when placed.

1911 F A/P
Otherwise known as an the unsilenced silverballer.

Tungsten Silverballer
Otherwise known as the blackballer. First time i’ve seen it without a suppressor.

Electric Shotgun
Just a renamed SPS-12 with an electrifying effect.

Incendiary Shotgun
Just a renamed SPS-12 with a fiery effect.

Bean Bag Shotgun
Yet another renamed SPS-12 but non-lethal.

Taser Gun
This is the buggiest shit ever. From what I can tell when you shoot it attaches a taser to the person which can be activated by pressing the fire button again.

I think this ‘tendril’ coming out of 47 was meant to be the actual wires connecting to the person.

Electric Coin
I’m guessing this electrocutes people when they attempt to pick it up but none of the NPCs wanted to. Assholes.

Remote Electrocution Device
This just flat out doesn’t work. Even if I activate it while the guard is picking it up nothing happens. Pretty self explanatory for what it does.


Laser Tripwire Mine
These worked like the ones found in Escalations, but could be placed.

Siez Sniper
P.S. I’m shortening these names otherwise I’ll be here all day.
This sniper was used in promotional materials for the game and then scrapped on release.

Knockout Gas Mine
This item looks identical to the mines in the game now. It basically squirts a pathetic amount of gas out of it which knocks people unconscious.

Knockout Gas Grenade
I don’t know what universe this gas grenade belongs to but it’s not this one. Functions as a throwable knockout gas mine.

The Briefcase
In all its holiness.

Siez 17A
Another random silenced pistol. I chose the worst spot to take this screenshot but the silencer is there.

Modular Pistol
No clue what this was meant to be. Upgradable pistol perhaps?

–Interesting/random stuff–

Everyone probably knows this by now, but human shields were fully functioning in the alpha. IO please please bring this back for Season 2. It think it would allow for a better balance between stealth and assault gameplay.

Waiters carried boxes in the alpha, and items could be placed in them to carry your stuff around the level.

Guards carried flashlights when investigating stuff in the attic area of Paris. No idea why this was cut.

Pretty insignificant but people who were poisoned used to hold their hand in front of their face.

Apparently the emetic poison used to look like a potion of stamina.

Not sure if it’s obvious but 47 would start to get down on his knees when surrendering. This wasn’t in Absolution and was obviously cut out of the main game.

Old UI for poisoning drinks. Looks nifty but wouldn’t work well in the current version of the game.

Not sure if this is obvious but Point Shooting was in the alpha. It was also buggy as shit. You seemed to have to subdue or garrote a person before being able to activate it. Since some weapon perks were leaked we are likely to see this return for Season 2.
















bean bag shotgun sounds comfy


There are other features present in the alpha that were cut, removed or changed in the final release.
EDIT : Adding new pictures
EDIT2 : Adding info about tap sabotage

Old UI
opening a closed door:

Switch on a tap
We can notice that ability to turn off tap was already present in the alpha, but removed in the final H2016 release. This ability was introduced in H2 (not at the relase but in a following patch).
We can also tamper the tap with a wrench. If we turn on, we can turn off the tap. Instead, we can sabotage the tap by using a wrench. It serves as a distraction for NPC.

Combat animations brought back from Hitman Absolution:

Other animations brought back from Hitman Absolution:
Cutting throat with a knife

Instead of knocking out, crow bar or lead pipe are used to kill (like in Hitman Absolution):

Dumping a body takes the same time as in Hitman Absolution (it’s shortened in final release):

Knocking out a NPC
When knocked out, five stars are turning above his head. The number of stars decreases slowly and when no more stars are present, the NPC’s waking up. The NPC are not permanently knocked, but temporarily.
image image

Trigger alarm
When the fire alarm is triggering, the NPC are gathering at specific locations. When the alarm is terminated, the NPC comes back to their routine.
image image

Crane manipulation
The crane can be controlled with a remote. I don’t know the effect of it.

Concealing item in crate
Another kind of crate where you can conceal an item

Poisoning Dalia Margolis
Bottle of champagne can be poisoned with emetic, poison or sedative. A member staff will next serve Dalia.
image image

Going to the IAGO auction
A control point is located before entering the building.

The map shows the location where wearing regular suit isn’t allowed. The red locations show where Agent 47 is trespassing in his suit.

Agent 47 face
Very different from H2016

The alpha has only one objective: leave the area



it would have been rather cool if the waking up feature was still available on the master difficulty at least


Gonna leave my playthrough also

What I like the most about this pre-release build is 47’s animations, mostly when he’s turning / changing direction. You can see him turning his head and torso towards the new direction which is much more fluid / smooth.


Thx @EvilGeniusRo for the playthrough.

New post with features present in the Alpha and cut, removed or changed in the released game.
(Sorry, no pictures for everything here) EDIT: adding pictures

A big puzzle piece is shown on the minimap to reveal opportunity.
Only one current objective is shown.

There is a delivery truck (in the parking slot) that is locked. You must find a key (or use a lockpick/crowbar) to open it. Inside the truck, there is a crate where you can conceal something. This crate is ultimately brought to the rendezvous point between Novikov and Decker. A good way to bring an illegal item (or a bomb) at the meeting point.

Gun in inventory
Agent 47 can carry one gun in his inventory. When 47 is carryong a gun and find another pistol, 47 doesn’t bring the two but swap them. You automatically replace the gun 47 is possessing by the new gun 47 has just picked up.
Looks like Hitman Absolution gameplay where 47 can carry a limited number of weapon - in fact 4 in total with two pairs of different guns in total.

You can’t neck snapping in Alpha. You must use a gun or something else to kill them when they are subdued and KOed. You can however snap their neck during the subduing movement. Same gameplay as in Absolution.

Camera grid and recorders
A camera grid is visible (without using instinct) to show place screened by the camera.
This feature was implemented later in H2 and can be swithed on/off via the options settings.
Camera recorders in the security room can’t be deactivated manually. You must shoot it to destroy camera evidence.

The time taken to dress up is increased compared to the final release.
Like dumping bodies in wardrobe and box. It seems tat IOI concentrated on gameplay instead of realism.
Sheik disguise is allowed everywhere (even in the attic).

Hiding in crowd
You can hide in crowd. A specific icon located on the bottom left appears, representing the “level of hiding” from different direction (front, back, left, right).

Screwdriver and speakers
You can either break a loudspeaker with a crowbar (like in the released game), but you can also loosen the fixation with a screwdriver. You next push the speaker to make it fall. You get two ways to break the fixation of speakers in Alpha.
image image

Small icons are present by the in-game minimap. They show different informations like “visibly armed”, “trespassing”, “near a dead body”, “crime scene”…).
image Trespassing
image Hostile
image Near dead body
image Visibly armed

The minimap also shows dark red location showing the “crime scene” surface. Dark red point illustrates a dead body and “crime scene” surface illustrate location where 47 will be suspected by guard NPC.

In-game locations
The fuse box is located on the left next to the security room (where camera recorder is present). Located at the right on final release.

Propane flasks are different from the final release. Like the emetic poison. Moreover, propane flasks can be “holstered” (not possible in the final release).
Lead pipe can’t be unholstered (smaller in final release and “holsterable”).
Remote Gas Device will knocked out permanently NPC, compared to subduing them. No stars are present when this item is used. They are only waking up when retreived by guard NPC.
Sounds like it forces you to choose carefully your strategy. Using device leads to permanent KO, while subduing is a temporary strategy.


Other differences from Alpha and final H2016 release:
EDIT1 and 2: Additional info for suitcase and Decker

The Sheik is present outside and goes to the big room that connects the palace to the back gardens (with the helicopter).

Suitcase and scale
Agent 47 can climb up a ladder with a suitcase. The suitcase disappears during the climbing but reappears magically when 47 reaches the top of the ladder (not possible in Hitman 2, 47 leaves the suitcase at the bottom of the ladder).
Video showing this feature: HITMAN - The best Sniper Rifle of them all. - YouTube

Suitcase and frisk
Illegal item present inside the suitcase isn’t discovered by guards during a frisk. The suitcase acts as a crate to bring illegal items to secure zone (different from H2 where suitcase is also checked by guards).

Suitcase as melee
The suitcase can’t be used as a melee weapon. 47 can’t knock out NPC with the suitcase (whereas he can in H2).

47 can’t carry a suitcase and a gun simultaneously. He both carries them with the same hand (right). 47 must unhold the suitcase to carry a gun.

Before concealing a gun (or an object) in the suitcase, 47 must openly carry the said object (in H2, when putting an object in suitcase, the inventory opens and the player can choose the object he wants to conceal).

Opportunity: Novikov and Decker
Max Decker isn’t present in the Alpha at his usual location.

Well, actually, Max Decker is present in the Alpha (red arrow), but close to a delivery truck. Indeed, there is a kind of meeting that you can organize in the rear gardens (almost same location as Novikov-Decker meeting in the final release).
Inside a delivery truck (in the parking slot), there is a crate. By opening the delivery truck (in a way similar to the truck in the parking slot of H2 Miami map), a NPC carries it to the meeting point where Novikov is coming. After the meeting, the crate is finally brought to the office where the boat key is found in the final release.
The key for the truck is located just by the delivery truck
Decker hasn’t get the same appearance as in the final release.
Video of crate delivery and “Novikov meeting”: HITMAN Soundtrack - 2015 Closed Alpha Paris (Custom Mix) - YouTube (starting at 21’13).


That old Paris skybox is just perfect. :kissing_smiling_eyes: :ok_hand:


It felt real. Especially with the trees being like the Sapienza ones.



Other discoveries from the alpha:
EDIT : Adding new informations

Presence of a remote visual distraction (acts as a distraction like a audio distraction - illegal to place).
Presence of RFID gas bomb, RFID explosive and RFID tag (but don’t work - NPC takes RFID tag but the corresponding bomb doesn’t trigger).

Electric coins don’t work as coin, but like Hitman 2 taser. We first need to create a puddle before launching an electric coin to it, electrocuting poor NPC standing on puddle.
Video : HITMAN Soundtrack - 2015 Closed Alpha Paris (Custom Mix) - YouTube (timecode : 4’00).

Soda can, bust or brick knock out NPC when thrown or used to attack a NPC.
Cristal ball doesn’t break but kill NPC when launched.
Crowbar kills when used to attack but knocked out when launched.

Point shooting
A white line next to the ammo means if the carried weapon allows point shooting.
image --> this gun can perform point shooting
image --> this gun cannot perform point shooting

Disguises and Diana
Diana gives hint about disguise and where they are allowed when 47 wears a disguise.

Crate and hidden stash
To conceal an object in a crate or a trash, 47 must carry the item first before selecting the option to conceal. When an item is concealed in it, the crate or the trash will be highlighted in green when instinct is used.

47 can break open the diorama with a crowbar to recover coins.

Special dialogue
Two regular security guards are talking about security of the third floor where they aren’t allowed. They give hints about something weird occurs upstairs.

Like Hitman Absolution, only two hits are sufficient to KO a guard NPC. In the final release, after two hits, the guard is laid down but still conscious. we need to knock it once to definitly KO him.

When reaching underground through the stairs, 47 can take cover from both side (only left side in the final release).

Dumping bodies
When two bodies are dumped into the same box or cupboard, 47 can only select the disguise of the last body dumped. To recover the disguise of the first body, 47 needs to get the disguise of the 2nd body before having access to the first body.

Road to the auction
No verification at the entry door (checking invitation in release)

Frisk verification at stairs (only invite in final release)
Only invitation checking on 2nd floor (frisk in final release)

A break from the auction
Stopping auction doesn’t require a dongle. 47 can direclty stop the auction from the computer. However, this action is illegal and a CICADA guard (absent in the final release) is looking at the computer all the time. You need to get rid of him to avoid detection.


I find it so interesting seeing all the differences the developers made over the years.