Elusive Target #13: The ASCENSIONIST (Year 3 : 8 - 18 September 2023)

A thread to discuss Envy’s new Elusive target, Allison Moretta (A.K.A The Ascensionist) in Dubai.


Description from the Roadmap Trailer:
“Some would even call her the perfect con artist. She will do anything to climb the social ladder. She has swindled and killed her way to the Burj in Dubai, where she’s attending the prominent art exhibition. And this is where you come in. Don’t let her fool you, it can be very dangerous.”


she looks super unique! im glad about that



Too bad it wasn’t the final ET because that would have been the perfect way to end the 7DS.


Now this one looks interesting. Wonder how I can go about arranging an accident for this blonde babe.

Anyone else think she looks like a somewhat younger Glenn Close?

Very happy! Dubai map deserves an ET mission. Hope this mission turns to be a very good one with interesting things.


She looks like a proper girlboss, cant wait to literally shaft her


Please please please give me a unique 47 line where he says “The Ascensionist… is going DOWN.”

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I already dig her bad ass girl boss look. Hope she lives up to the appearance!

Oh, she’s no girl boss; she’s a covetous pretender. And I’m eagerly waiting trot the chance to see her tumble back to the bottom.

Good thing I have been fooling around in Dubai this week

This guy knows what’s up. :point_up_2:

Very excited to have another regal, public event ET. I missed out on the Heartbreaker.
And I freaking love Dubai.


i think allison moretta has a lot of girl power

Happy to see an Elusive Target in Dubai. The Ascensionist is a good name for this one. The social con artist that does absolutely everything to climb high into the social ladder. Got one question I’m meaning to ask which you don’t need to answer. Is Allison Moretta afraid of heights, especially the vertical kind? I know the answer is most likely no for Moretta (yes if you replaced her name with me).

I can’t wait for this ET to become available to test it, by potentially pushing her down so many floors. If I’m going to predict how many floors there are? I’m guessing 180. She has to fall somewhere and her death will make her part of the social ladder plummet, just as much as her ego.


she looks menacing. nice


So hard trying to decide a method ahead of time. Do I want to kill her in an accident, by shoving her off the Saber to plummet below? Or perhaps shoot down some coconuts on her if she stands close enough to those indoor trees? Maybe drop a chandelier? Or, do I continue my trend of killing H3 7DS ETs with murder methods (except the Liability, who had to be an accident for irony’s sake), and in what way do I do it? Do I knock out the Vulture and use his folding knife to cut her throat? Or perhaps I still send her flying off the building, but wait until she’s near the edge and place a remote explosive behind her and blow her up, but hide the body by sending it to the world below? Decisions, decisions…


can’t wait to go on my date with mommy allison in dubai :flushed:


Love the new H3 Elusive Targets!!! :heart_eyes:


Is it just me or is the target just ugly? I don’t like how chiseled and artificial it looks, makes it look as if the target has just got plastic surgery. That might be what IO was going for with the ET this time, and it works for me.

Then again this is a Dubai ET, and I appreciate more Dubai content.

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Don’t think she looks ugly, but she’s definitely not as young as that hair color and style is intended to make her look. I think she looks like Glenn Close, or Anne Dudek, perhaps Christina Applegate or Joey Lauren Adams.

Either way, I’m definitely looking primarily forward to knocking her back down that social ladder and taking away her false sense of security like the pretender she is. If there’s one type of woman I can’t stand, it’s one pretending to be tougher than she really is, and this is definitely one of them. Most of the female WoA targets are, with Maya Parvati, Doris Lee, Alma Reynard and Joanne Bayswater being the only ones to actually be as tough as they act… and perhaps it’s no coincidence that they’re all assassins.


A new Season has started, which means a new H3 ET is arriving. With 15 hours to go until the Ascensionist is live, it’s that time again where I ask if you’ve planned on a specfic method?

It’s of course also that time to share cool fanart of the ET:
By @Khakiasp

Good luck! 764544121795903538