Elusive Target Arcade

Some people might want me to shoot me for that, but sometimes I wish ETA got multiple/escalating complications back now that they’re optional. Most of the new H2 and H3 tracks feel samey due to target reuse and the order of targets seem arbitrary pretty much all the time. A lot of complications don’t feel that substantial on their own, and after some time stages after the first one in a track often don’t bring much surprises since both the targets and the complication are already known in advance.
Players who simply want to play the ETs or just get the new unlocks/challenges checked off and be done with it could ignore extra complications, since ideally they’d be purely optional.

And while I’m here, I’ve been wondering whether a complication of an additional NPC being a target could be a good complication. So for example you’d have to kill both the Politician and her body double or the Revolutionary and his camera man. Though I could see a problem of communicating to the player who to kill without instinct/map markers when the NPC isn’t super distinct in their appearance, which could be a big limitation.

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Right. We need to be able to choose whichever ET we want. We could do a single target, each one at a time, or pick the number of ETs we’d like to get a streak on. 3, 5… or more(?).

Then comes the complications.

They could be toggled. See my post above for the variations we could choose.

The more complications or challenging aspects you turn on - the more points you could earn. But there are still passive things, like Don’t ______ and you retain your bonus. Like no KOs. KO anyone and you get a point deduction… Or maybe you lose a point multiplier. It would reset upon starting the next ET (assuming it’s not the last one in the ‘streak’).

I’m going to have to work out this system and see what it could mean to be feasible - if it even is. Then hopefully IO can rework the ET Arcade to be a little more fun.

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I really doubt the Arcade is ever going to evolve beyond what it is at this point. At some point people just have to accept that it is what it is and choose to either take it or leave it.


I’m sure you’re right about that. But I’d still like to explore what the potential is. Maybe one day with mods (yeah, right) or if we get a year 3 (again, yeah, right). But still… :crossed_fingers:

I wish I knew how to make a proper table - if that’s even possible in a forum post.

  • The Forger ______ x1_____ 100,000
  • The Broker_____._ x2_____ 200,000_____ 300,000
  • The Pharmacist___ x3_____ 300,000_____ 600,000
  • The Identity Thief__ x4_____ 400,000_____ 1,000,000
  • The Paparazzo____ x5_____ 500,000_____ 1,500,000

So, these would be cumulative points you’d get for playing 5 ETs. These do not consider the time bonus, or other added complications. Which of those would get a score modifier - I still haven’t worked out (or touched) yet. Like certain kill methods (commissionable bonus), or no KO’s…

There might need to be a multiplier cap if ET marathon was possible.

Instead of a game over or ‘Agent Down’ it could give you a results screen anyway showing the number of points you’ve earned.

Edit: We’d need to have doubles as an ETA unlock. 2 Targets in one location. :cold_sweat:

Edit: Let’s suppose you get a Body Found on ‘The Pharmacist’

  • The Forger ______ x1 :green_square:
  • The Broker_____._ x2 :green_square:
  • The Pharmacist___ x1 :red_square:
  • The Identity Thief__ x1 (or x2?)
  • The Paparazzo____ x2 (or x3?)

This would break your streak multiplier and reset it, and it’d restart on The Identity Thief. I’m not sure what would be fair in this case for the next ETs because you’d already lose the additional points you would’ve got had you earned SA.


That’s always my biggest worry when playing them haha :joy:

Just combine HM2 and HM3 into one set and have two HM1 sets for each release.

If there is an elusive target for Ambrose, it would be cool to finally release this lunatic.


Is that a rough draft of Jim Carry for his role in Kick-Ass 2? Swear that face looks like him. Hey, he could be the celebrity ET for H3!

I instantly thought more Johnny Knoxville myself :stuck_out_tongue:

Or him. Either one. Knoxville probably be cheaper to bring on than Carrey, but still…

Rougher on the edges than most of the ETs, it’d be cool to see him being skillfully stabbed by a fellow killer.

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Apparently he was supposed to attack 47 with his knife in the early days of development, before he was cut entirely (pun intended). Judging by his getup I imagine he would have featured in Colorado as an overzealous interrogator for the militia. He’d make a good ET for Ambrose given the seemingly ruthless nature of its inhabitants.


I see him doing a fine job in Berlin as well. The dark and technoid club atmosphere, and he’s in a room torturing his prey that 47 has to save. Or he goes on a stabbing spree. One could hear him gouging people ‘stab stab stab’. Only a bold man can slit the life out of him. So much puns intended tonight.

No more Arcades with the same H2 targets over and over? :smirk: good.


NOW they can start to mix and match between games… That will make the arcade mode a lot more flexible and provide a significant amount of variety. :slight_smile:


Yess!! Mixed targets, I’ve waited for this since the mode’s release. Maybe we could have some 5 target contracts in there?


Does anyone know how to fix this I have all the content possible in hitman

It’s a bug that several people have reported in the last day or so. They’re working on it.


lol the kane and lynch shirt. where did this come from? concept art?

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