Hitman 3 2021 Year 2 Future

I want to tell you from the name of the big fans of HITMAN 3 that we expect those things for sure in the future of Hitman 3 as you said that YEAR 2 OF HITMAN 3 !
We want the following:

  • New Snowy Map
  • One new Summer Map in HITMAN 3 - Like for example Dominican Republic
  • Finally make an Airport Level
  • Working Elevators
  • Double Silverballers
  • New Logo on the first main screen of Hitman 3 - saying that this is the World of Assassination Trilogy-Hitman 1(2016),2 (2018),3 (2021)
  • Fix all Problems in the 6 main missions of Hitman 3 2021
  • Make New Sniper Map for Hitman 3 2021
  • Return Hitman Multiplayer
  • All those things that you already mention in the YEAR 2 announcement video we will be waiting for sure to become playable like HITMAN 3 PC VR !

→ If you managed to make all those things and changes in the game all of the fans will be satisfied and HITMAN 3 (2021) will be the Best Hitman Game I the World …:see_no_evil::top:


But… You realize Codename 47 is already a thing?


But… You realize HITMAN (2016) and Hitman 2: Silent Assassin are already things?


it looks like you spelt hitman 2 wrong?


You are all saying that “insert hitman game” Is the best Hitman game, when you all forgot the fact that On top of the world is in H3 and that makes it 5x better than the rest at LEAST!


I don’t really want Working Elevators, Double Silverballers, a New Sniper Map or Hitman Multiplayer. New maps and fixing old ones on the other hand. Personally I would prefer new maps to any of the other options except fixing older maps.

Hitman 3 to me is already the best as it includes 1 and 2 in my head. It can only get better from here.
Sorry if I sound too negative but your statement of everyone wants these is a trifle hyperbolic.




Appreciate the effort man.
However this has been said again and again (and again) in lots of topics:

Have a good reading :wink:


@Peterchu preaching it.

I really feel the need of:

At least 2/3 New locations.

And 3/4 bonus missions like hitman (2016).

New 6 missions campaign, with a storyline which mix new locations and bonus missions.

New weapons like revolvers and dual wielding (guns and smg) and M60, not reskins, just something fresh.

It would be priceless to me, I’m really looking forward to this year two!


Yes that would be great but I do not think that we will have so much new and bonus missions as numbers !I think maximum 3-4 new missions we will have .

But… You realize Montezuma’s Revenge is already a thing?

This would probably better off in this thread or topic

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The fully upgraded dual ballers in blood money were a thing of beauty. The punch they had. Hilariously far flung ragdolls had me in tears. And i cant think of any good reason to not have an over the top physics system. I mean it. This was pure joy.

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You spelled Apex Predator wrong.

I don’t want to be nitpicky, but it sounds a little egoistic to say the things you want is what every Hitman Fan wants.


That means The Finish Line in your country?


No, the Finish Line means Chasing a Ghost.


I’m not so sure about the whole working elevators thing. I could see it possibly allowing for some new and interesting methods of eliminating targets, but my fear would be some funky loading issues that would slow down gameplay. I know there were working elevators in some of the earlier games, but I just don’t think they’d fit the dynamic of this trilogy quite so well.

Example: In Dubai as it is now, one can hide in the elevator shaft or dispose of bodies quickly without any delay. Would working elevators mean having to wait for the elevator to change floors or for the doors to open? If 47 dragged a body to the elevator shaft to dispose of it, could he possibly find himself waiting at a set of closed doors?

Would NPCs also use the elevators? If so, I could see that causing significant gameplay issues as well. Plus, we all know how there’s always that one little annoying a**hole kid who pushes the buttons for every floor. In a situation like that, would 47 be able to just break out the fiber wire or a lethal syringe and swiftly take the brat out?

Perhaps most importantly of all is the fact that staircases allow 47 to take in a bit of extra cardio during the workday to help him stay fit. His busy schedule allows for very little gym time. Elevators could potentially cause 47 to gain a few pounds, especially around the holidays when there always seems to be snacks somewhere

I’d much rather see Agent 47 running down a flight of stairs with weapon in hand and enemy in close pursuit versus the elevator doors slowly opening, followed by 47 stepping out holding a jumbo “I Hate Mondays” Garfield coffee mug while wearing a light sweater to “avoid the chill” of the office air conditioning. Perhaps also holding a heaping plate of brownies and cookies that Joyce from accounting left in the employee break room for her birthday.

Maybe escalators would be a good compromise? Or more chair lifts like the one in the Sapienza mansion? :grin:


I am 100% with you on

  • New Snowy Map
  • One new Summer Map in HITMAN 3 - Like for example Dominican Republic
  • Finally make an Airport Level
  • Working Elevators
  • Fix all Problems in the 6 main missions of Hitman 3 2021
  • Make New Sniper Map for Hitman 3 2021
  • Return Hitman Multiplayer

maybe add:

  • New Prison Map… with a death row option for execution of people by changing death warrants or forcing NPCs to swap uniforms with death row inmates… and perhaps an option to pardon a death row inmate before an execution is scheduled
  • Amazon warehouse map (or industrial warehouse)
  • Pentagon map
  • City map with subways, trains, buses, and cars for transportation… on public transportation, you can be spotted by employees… stolen vehicles will be reported to the police when owner realizes it is stolen.
  • Large sporting arena map
  • Amusement park map
  • Hospital complex map
  • Shopping mall map (Mall of America)
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my wife suggested a museum map… maybe like the Smithsonian where there are multiple types of museums in a

or a cruise ship (large yacht) map

a college or school

a ruins or pyramid