HITMAN 3 - Technical Support

Posted this in bug thread and somebody told me to post here with tag to get noticed @Travis_IOI

Platform: All

Description : Arkian robes and other achievable outfits clip through 47 and it ruins the fact you have to earn the suit only to not use it.

Steps to reproduce: Start map with suit
Frequency : Always

What happened is that someone linked to your (specific) post instead of the (general) thread, because the person they were helping has a technical issue that is appropriate to this thread.

Your issue has now been posted twice (in a row) in the wrong thread. There is definitely no need to tag Travis for a minor clipping issue that has already been reported multiple times, but if you would like to post it in the Bug Report thread where it belongs, you may do so here:

If it’s so minor, why hasn’t it been fixed? There’s more than one outfit with noticeable problems including disguises. I don’t care if it’s been stated before or not, as it still is a problem. It’s not really minor either, as if you pay well for a game where you have to master things to achieve them and complete different contracts etc, only to be messed around by broken items and outfits, is definitely a major bug that needs to be fixed.

I’m just trying to direct you to the appropriate place to put your bug report.

Hi guys, just passing by to let you know that I managed to solve the problem of disconnection (“Unable to load requested menu error”) at the end of the missions. Unfortunately it involves deleting the IO profile (I lost all progress in the game). In the video I posted, there is a step by step instructions on how to solve the problem in the description. I hope you all have the same luck


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They actually fixed this problem for sniper maps in the last update and even I was unaware it was still happening to some people, deleting your own progress seems rather extreme but if you just want to play and don’t care about carried over unlocks etc, I do understand your decision but I’m pretty sure it’s something they are really trying to fix currently.

Platform: PC

Description: 47’s signature suit the buttons aren’t correctly aligned with the holes.

steps to produce: start map with suit

This thread is for issues accessing the game. Your issue belongs in the Bug Report thread, here:

Is anyone actually getting help from IOI on anything?? I sent sent 6 emails to [email protected] asking for help, giving updates on my issue and have not gotten a single response beyond the auto reply. Reading/posting to this forum I have yet to see a response from anyone at IOI on any thread. I don’t see any help or solutions at all. I haven’t been able to launch this game for nearly a month now. I had such faith and trust in IOI, huge fan… but they are seemingly turning into the new CDPR.


I’ve emailed and haven’t had a response either. There’s a game update May 10th from what I remember so and I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt until then. While I remember… is @Travis_IOI the real communications manager?:joy: if so, do us a favour and tell the team to pull their fingers out their a*ses and fix the game plz​:relaxed:


Fixed with today’s Nvidia drivers 466.11

Hopefully we will be able to play the game soon.


1 Digital on switch
2 Frequency always
3 i try to log in but after a few secs the messega failed to connect to claud server pops up

No idea if this works or not, as I’m not ready to try it yet, but this guy claims it does.

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Doing this deletes all your progress and unlocks. I’ve spent too much time on Hitman to lose it all😂

That’s why I haven’t tried it.

Platform: PC

Description :

  1. after I launch the game and press “enter” to play, the “connecting” message appears as shown in the following picture. If I keep waiting, the game screen will be freezing for a while and then crashed.
  2. if I press cancel, the game will go offline. But the same problem appears again when I try to “go online”.

Steps to reproduce: It appeared every time I launch the game.

Frequency : Always since then end of February.


@Travis_IOI @Dennis_IOI

Platform: PC

Description : I’m trying to play using a wired XBox 360 controller as a gamepad after adding the .exe to Steam, but I keep having double inputs.

Steps to reproduce: Trying to use an Xbox 360 controller as a gamepad. Not sure if linking the game to Steam is part of it

Frequency : Always

Platform: PC

Description : Unable to link/register with existing IOI account

Steps to reproduce:
Create original Hitman 1/2 account with Steam linked games and link to new IOI account
Launch Hitman 3 Starter Edition via Epic game store
Attempt to go online using the previous IOI account

Get the following error: “The following IOI Account service error has occurred: Already Registered”

Frequency : Always

Any attempt to go Online in Hitman 3 with my existing account fails. Attempting to transfer progress from my Steam version of 1/2 fails with " No eligible target accounts found, please make sure to start HITMAN 1, HITMAN 2 or HITMAN 3 with the desired target account at least once and try again."

Platform-Xbox One

Description-I can’t play a single level of this game without getting disconnected from the servers and having a 5 minute battle with the “Retry” option. I’ve had it with this!!! This game has been out for over 2 months now and still this shit keeps happening!!! Instead of working on new DLCs to get more of my money, how about you fix the game that I already paid for several months ago?!