May Roadmap (Year 2)

Don’t forget also that within 5 minutes of the challenge going live someone on this forum will have found it and posted the location so if anyone either can’t find it, or doesn’t want to try, the answer will be here quickly. I’m guessing there will be some sort of clue or way to locate it other than just canvasing the entire map.


I think that this looks like great fun. No doubt somebody will find a way to identify the location through cheats, but I bet it will be entertaining to do in the way it is intended: IO aren’t just going to place the gun in a bin with no clues whatsoever.


Since they’re willing to add new challenges to already released seasonal events, maybe, just maybe, we could get the pumpkin head outfit with The Mills Reverie this October. I wouldn’t even mind if it still didn’t have 47’s head in it


I wouldn’t rule it out.

It’s starting to feel like that “more surprises fans have been asking for” in the Year 2 teaser video last year is coming true. Mostly.

Elusive Target Arcade (replayable ET’s, but with a twist unfortunately)
Patient Zero Contracts Mode
Bunny Mask Suit
A New Location

It’s not that much in the grand scheme of things, but it’s something. And there’s plenty of time for more.


Still no idea what was holding them back from being released initially, seeing as the maps were put out with little tweaks to them (virus spread withstanding).

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It wasn’t in the cards till now I guess?

March was a pretty slow and small month, so maybe they realized “Hey, the design team has some free time in that month, let’s use that to implement PZ maps.”


It sound like a decent funny challenge actually. I was worried about collecting all the eggs on the level, but this sound better. And the reward is worthy the time.

Anythings requiring exploration it’s still ok on my book.

Edit: I have the feeling they will edit the mission and change the silverballer hidden in the first egg with the ducky gun. I hope I’m wrong.


Apologies for digging up an old thread, but I wanted to add some detail to this from the May Roadmap. I wasn’t around at the time it was released, but I played a big part in these ‘reactivated’ ET’s being included in the May Roadmap; so here’s the logic. (I’m not sure if it was covered elsewhere, but I’m keen on explaining why we do some of the things that might not seem to make sense. I can assure you that it’s about making the best of a situation with little room to manoeuvre.)

So, here’s how it played out: As the blog post said, we were planning a patch in April, but it was shifted to later in May. We also need a patch to introduce the #2 ET’s. So, that meant we basically had zero content available for May until the patch arrived on May 24. The only thing that we possibly had in the bank - and which could be done without disrupting all of our recently-shifted production timelines - was to add in the reactivated ET’s, sort of like a bonus on top of the Featured Contracts.

These ET’s were already ‘in the game’ so didn’t require a patch or any QA work, which meant it was just a case of turning on the clock for them to come back.

I pushed for it to be done and chose some that had not yet had an #2 version and were not planned to have one either (spoiler alert), so that would minimise some of the confusion.

Of course, we thought about how it would add some confusion that we threw these in - BUT we sided with making them available for new players that hadn’t played them and anyone that might have missed them. It was a case of making the month’s content as attractive as possible and giving some players a bit more content versus not having them at all and relying on back-to-back-to-back Featured Contracts.

Again, hope that helps give some insights into the process and the calls I was making on the back-end a few months back.


Can you shed some light on the situation with missed Elusive Targets for Steam players of HITMAN 3?
Do you have some plans of reactivating them some time?


any plans of you guys doing ioi insider cause i miss you guys on camera

The easy solution is once they’re done with running the “new” Elusive Targets (whenever they’ve done all the legacy/Year 2 ETs they want) is to rerun all the ETs ever released for Hitman 3, both the Year 1 and Year 2 ones.


So reading between the lines here, if the free location rotation continues each month in campaign order - Colorado will see The Chameleon and Hokkaido will see The Surgeons as the ETs at the end of the free-to-play periods. Since those will be the only alternatives if The Bookkeeper/Fugitive aren’t on the list to be Year 2’d. :wink:


Isn’t the bookkeeper already on the year 2 router

It was reactivated in May, it wasn’t Year 2’d (which is what Travis is talking about). So people who played it originally in 2021 were locked out.