Seven Deadly Sins Act 3: Sloth

Sony has made the video private.
The desciption from the video will be spoiler tagged. The image of the content and unlocks from the Sloth DLC will also be spoiler tagged until IO announces the DLC.

Chill out, take it easy. The Season of Sloth in HITMAN 3 starts on June 15th with Act 3 of the Seven Deadly Sins. Save all your energy for the Sloth Depletion Escalation and go deep into the mind of Agent 47. Experience a new take on the Dartmoor location and unlock new sin-themed items and suit to show off your inner sloth.


Was this suppose to be released?


It should be shown in any moment in Summer Game Fest. I guess Sony just wanted to be the first ones to show it, like they’ve done with other videos today :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Nevermind, SGF just ended. Sony could’ve gotten the wrong date then, or IO planned to show it today but changed the date.


Rewards look the best yet IMO :raised_hands: looking forward to this.


Interesting to see a new silenced and small smg, perhaps it’ll have a unique pistol elimination like the other pocket-variants?
Also, is the mysterious voice for this one Edward Carlisle?


Ooh, the use of the Snail animal for the mine is a pretty cool touch. Makes me wish we had that consistency for the previous sins. (The Pride Sniper kinda looks like a peacock, but I don’t remember any Frog-themed items for Greed.)
edit: cool I was wrong

Also: “Your Energy is finite, 47. Spend it wisely.”
Ooh this might be a challenging escalation. You might only be able to walk around for a limited amount of time, if that new circular chair prop is actually used in the level.

I wonder if that mine still has any “special qualities” to it, or it was deemed OP and removed…
The leak thread is calling…


the cane has a frog on it


Well I’m just gonna back this video up as a incase sort of thing

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I hope that proximity mine is non-lethal and instead is sedative gas. After all, putting people to sleep is sloth-ish.


Is it just me or does Dartmoor look brighter here? Less like a grey, drab afternoon.

And maybe, possibly, an edited skybox? The clouds don’t look as thick. Looks a bit like the blue sky is peeking through.

also rip people expecting Bangkok/Haven Island sloth themes… Seems we might only be getting H3 maps for this content. I’m expecting Lust to be Mendoza at this point. (Makes sense, with tango and all)


day time dartmoor looks really bad in my opinion, but holy fuck those unlocks, and holy fuck does that escalation look fun. after pride im really confident in sloth and that it will be good

Yeah it doesn’t usually look that bright, there’s no blue sky in Dartmoor normally.

There also seems to be a new NPC we haven’t seen in this map before. There’s probably nothing special about her though.

but how



it feels like they only changed the skybox without considering other stuff (inside lights, character costumes) in the level. for my taste i wouldve preferred dartmoor at near night. to give it a go to bed kinda feel


i would’ve also preferred nighttime dartmoor, but that would definitely have taken wayyy more time (and effort) that i dont think ioi are willing to put down these days lol


Argh, now I’m kind of doubting there’s a skybox change.
This shot looks like the normal thick cloud layer we’ve seen since launch.


Will a location have 2 sins attached to it? There are 7 sins and 6 locations. Or will there be H1 or H2 locations aswell?


fair enough, im happy dartmoor looks different at all. cause holy fuck the cum-white filter on dartmoor really makes me hate the visuals of that map


At least it comes with a cum covered suit :man_shrugging:


Snail’s probably a sedative proximity gas mine. Suit looks okay. I said Dartmoor was gonna be sloth a month ago.

I think that’s everything I have to say atm.