PS5&PS4 Unable to clear the sniper mode

This problem appeared after the server was maintained on January 26.
Complete The Last Yardbird as Silent Assassin Will report errors afterwards,Can’t win the trophy.
Tried this mission 10 times with different kill conditions. Retry does not work on disconnect screen.
And other levels can see the leaderboard, but The Last Yardbird can’t, So obviously there is a problem with the network connection of this map.
I’m just short of this trophy,If you have a solution, can you tell me, thank you!

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Happens to me on all the Sniper missions on Hitman 3 (from yesterday). Challenges are unlocked, profile level increases but level mastery on each sniper mission does not reflect the replay of the mission. I am on PS5. Leaderboard does not download (the cloud icon appears with the “Fetching” text, but leaderboard does not show.

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The issue has been reported in the official bug thread, so IOI may have noticed. Stay tuned to future update announcement.

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Now there is a new problem. After completing the task, the settlement will not be performed. Instead, it is stuck in a shooting perspective that cannot be aimed, and the task cannot be completed. Even if you have killed all the targets, I tried it several times and it is still the case, maybe IOI was repaired, but it became such a new BUG. And it’s difficult to describe it to everyone. Unfortunately, I can’t upload a video. I hope someone can notice this problem.

You can see from the picture that the time is from before the end to after the end, and there is a cutscene at the end. After the end, there is no target but still stuck in the shooting interface. Time can prove this to be true.

I had to get SA three times in Sibera because of bugs preventing the mission from ending. If you persist, you might get the trophy eventually.

Hello, the last two of the three sniper maps can be completed and settled normally, but there is a bug: the sa evaluation will not jump out, but you can complete it a few more times. I have already won the trophy, and the problem is currently the first This map can’t be completed at all, which means that you can’t get trophies at all. It’s a pity that I didn’t play sniper mode before maintenance.

Just to clarify, you’re not stating that your final rating is wrong, are you? I only ask because SA works differently to the standard game in terms of what affects your SA rating.

IOI said on February 5 that it solved the problem of the PS platform, but after testing with my friends and I still did not solve it, and it is a unique problem of the US version. I have a friend who owns the Hong Kong version on the PS4 platform and does not have this problem. The only problem at present is that this task cannot be completed.

Are you sure you didn’t mistake the announcement as an update for the game? The roadmap indicates a game update will be released on Feb 23rd.
I’m talking about this paragraph in this bug fix notice:
PlayStation players are encountering a ‘failed to fetch online resources’ error.
Status: FIXED: We rolled out a fix to remedy this issue. We’re tracking other reports for future issues.

[HITMAN 3 - Bug Report Thread - #914 by c_aquilina](https://BUG post link A)
This is a BUG post for the newly added sniper mission after IOI announced on February 5 to fix the PS5 credential issue. The player reported the same error as me.
It is very strange that I can complete the map of Siberia normally, but his screenshot shows that he cannot complete the map of Siberia. Is this bug different for everyone?
[HITMAN 3 - Bug Report Thread - #940 by SWDEICIDE](https://BUG post link B)
This friend is the same as my friend who played the Hong Kong version. I can tell him that as long as he keeps trying again, he will jump out of the silent assassin trophy, but I am curious why he can play the map of The Last Yarbird normally and get the trophy?
I don’t stay on this forum every day, but I have tried reinstalling the game, deleting the local save, and playing The Last Yarbird on my friend’s PS4 and PS5, looking forward to a normal end of the game, but it didn’ t happen. Below is a screenshot of my trophy.

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Okay then. Maybe these are different issues that are not what IOI claimed to have already fixed. Perhaps the update on 23rd may fix it, but I don’t know. I do hope this will get fixed soon so you can earn the trophy successfully. :slightly_smiling_face:

Same issue for me. Yesterday I posted the below in the Hitman 3 Bug Thread:

Hi, I am still getting the same issue with the sniper missions (Travis IOI stated that there are some progression issues which are solved, however I am not sure if the sniper missions are also fixed or not, so I am reposting).

I completed the Prologue and the first 2 missions of Hitman (on Hitman 3) and am not encountering this issue.

I want to clarify that, mission mastery on the sniper missions, I mean that the sniper upgrades are not getting unlocked. I unlocked around 3/4 of the challenges in these missions, and sniper level is still 5 or 6.

Platform: PS5 (Physical Deluxe Edition)

Location: All 3 sniper missions (Himmelstein, Hantu Port & Siberia

Description : I get an error every time I complete a sniper mission. Profile level increases, unlocked challenges and feats appear as unlocked/completed from the menus, but their mastery level does not increase. Error is shown in the attached image.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start the game
  2. Complete/finish any sniper mission and the error pops up just after the cut scene. Rating screen does not come up.
  3. I return to the main menu, and you can see that the game is in offline mode (I have a stable internet connection and do not get any disconnection errors during the play-through).
    Note: Pressing the Retry button does not solve the issue, the same error message pops up again.

Frequency : Every time that I complete any of the 3 sniper missions.
I have the latest updates for the game & console installed.

Server Version : 8.1.0
Game Version : 3.10.0

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Same issue as all of you guys.
Sniper disconnection 1 - YouTube
Sniper disconnection 2 - YouTube
Here are two videos I have taken and submitted to the main support thread, I find Siberia to be completely unplayable at the moment, the other two maps have the same bug but can be completed for me. (I know this isn’t the case for everyone though) This is locking me out of getting the sniper rifle and two achievements which is why it’s so frustrating.
Original post on the Bug report thread: HITMAN 3 - Bug Report Thread - #1057 by Georhan

@Travis_IOI I really hate to bug you like this but this error is preventing people from even completing three maps, personally it happens every time I finish the Russia map but as you can see from the screenshots above it’s the mode in general. I just wanted to point it out as there is no mention of this anywhere but here and the bug thread and it’s three whole maps that are inaccessible to a few people.

Same issue here even after today’s update on PS5. Progress on these missions is still not reflected. Challenges and feats appear to be completed but mastery does not increase. I just completed Siberia map again but to no avail, I get the error and get returned to the main menu in offline mode. I rarely get server issues during gameplay.
I completed all the main missions of Hitman 1 & 2 from Hitman 3 (I own the Access Pass), without such issues (thank God, as not having mission mastery not unlocked after completing it as silent assassin is not a nice situation).
Hope IOI takes note of this issue or at least reply by posting on official media acknowledging this issue and that it’s on their radar.
It’s a spectacular game, and I truly appreciated the effort invested, especially remastering the previous missions and giving them for free to owners of previous games.
Note: I did not transfer any progress from Hitman 2 to Hitman 3.

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Today my friend suddenly contacted me and said that he can complete the task normally. I tried it myself, but it failed. I asked him to try my PSN account and still couldn’t finish it. So all this is a problem with our account, not the platform or the game version. I can’t think of a solution other than clearing all the account data. How is your progress? Has the problem been solved? As far as I know, IOI has completely given up on us people, and our BUG will not appear in known issues.

Hi Lucio, please bring this to Travis_IOI’s attention.
I have sent him multiple messages and posted regurarly on this forum page (which I believe is followed by IOI developers - HITMAN 3 Bug Report Thread

I advise you to send him a personal message on this website and a post on the Hitman 3 Bug Report

Unfortunately, I do not know someone else who is playing Hitman 3 to confirm this, and I only have 1 PSN account, so cannot confirm your suspicions.

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I had no problem with this trophy. (PS4)

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I’ve been having this problem on a PC for the Hantu Port map for about a month now too. Cannot clear the map. I get the “cannot load menu” error and the only exit is to go into offline mode and go back to the main menu. I submitted a report in the Bug Report thread but there’s been no reply or anything. It’s not only a Playstation issue.