Legacy Community Contracts

This is a topic to share recreations of contracts first made in the previous two games. This may include your own contracts, or even particularly good contracts you’ve played back then.
When recreating, it is suggested to add LFC: (Legacy Featured Contract) or LCC: (Legacy Community Contract) to the start of the title to indicate this. Thank you @Euler13 for the suggestion!

Maybe you’d want to remix it? I made some contracts at the start of H3 that remix a couple of my H2016 contracts, including the one of mine which was featured (CICADA Comeback)

  • Here are the IDs for them, if you’d like to play them.
  • Are we Viral Stars (Redux): 3-08-2864373-02 (With insta-fails)
  • CICADA Comeback (Remix): 3-10-8985561-02 (Also with a mandatory complication, true legacy experience there)
  • Unhygienic (Remix): 3-10-8041961-02

Useful Lists:

My H2016 Featured Contract List:

I encourage you to make your own lists if you’d like! :smiley:


I remade (the better) half of my H2016 featured contracts, with some touches to make them a bit better or more aligned to the changed SA rules:

Also I remade contracts from H2:


I’ve just started re-creating my featured contracts and it’s going to take some time! Trying to locate the targets and figure out how to do it is quite a challenge. I wrote quite involved briefings, but I’m going to skip that and I’m just putting “Legacy featured contract from Hitman 2016. Created by Euler13. Good hunting, 47.” For the title, I’m sticking to the original, but I’m putting “LFC:” at the start. So the title of the first one I did is “LFC: Murder Movie Mayhem”. I imagine a bunch of Liverpool football club fans are going to get very excited if they do a search. :laughing:

It’s up to you, but you might want to suggest a particular format, like this, to make them easier to search for. Also, if we’re going to allow legacy contracts that weren’t featured, then maybe we could use the prefix “LCC:” for legacy community contract?

I’m going to try to stick as close as possible to the original targets/conditions, but I suspect that a lot of the tricker contracts from the past are not going to be as interesting or challenging any more because of the new devices we have; for example, the briefcase and the vomit gun.

After I’ve done a few more I’ll put them all in one post with contract details and add more when I get around to them. I’m looking forward to revisiting some of these classic contracts.


Euler13’s Legacy Featured Contract Collection 1-29

Featured contracts 1-22 were created in Hitman 2016 and have now been recreated to play in Hitman 3. Full details: title, location, briefing, and targets, can be found below. Although contracts 23-29 were created in Hitman 2, these are still playable in the Featured Contract section of Hitman 3, so their titles/locations only appear here for completeness.

1) Murder Movie Mayhem / Sapienza by Night (The Icon)
Xbox: 3-05-3104462-54

The son of a wealthy client is currently working on set with the movie icon, Dino Bosco. Being a mere movie crew member he been made to feel unhappy in his job. Your job is to restore his happiness with a little poetic justice. Kill a cop with a pistol, a special FX member with explosives, a chef with poison, and the star of the show by a blade, all whilst disguised as a movie crew member. Happy hunting, 47.


2) Pistol Punisher - Colorado / Colorado
Xbox: 3-09-8806829-54

Our clients require you to penetrate the heart of operations of one of their rival organisations in Colorado and take out five elite military personnel. Paying top money they have requested the services of you. The Pistol Punisher. Good luck, agent.


3) Nursing a Grudge / Hokkaido
Xbox: 3-10-4397606-54

Chief surgeon, Dr. Laurent, suffers more than just substance abuse issues. Being an immensely proud man he does not handle rejection well and repeated attempts to charm two of his female colleagues has always ended in humiliation. Hanuro Nakamoto has never had any such problems and he constantly lets Nicolas know. Your contract is to put an end to this daily torment.


4) Silence Is Golden / Sapienza by Sunset (Landslide)
Xbox: 3-04-4421522-54

One of our clients has decided to take a short vacation in the peaceful town of Sapienza. Unfortunately her break has coincided with a local political campaign, which includes all manner of tacky and unwelcomed entertainment. In particular, the disturbing sounds of a musical trio can be heard all around the town. She would like us to put an end to this cacophony before sunset.


5) Cutting Edge Hackers / Colorado
Xbox: 3-09-4481854-54

A recent hack attempt on the daughter of one of our clients completely destroyed the small business she had worked tirelessly to build. She was so devastated by the experience that she tried to take her own life by cutting her wrists. Our clients want poetic justice to be served on the group of hackers responsible for this. Good hunting, 47.


6) Suits You, Sir! / Paris
Xbox: 3-02-4791709-54

A rival fashion house, “Suits You, Sir”, have issued a contract against Sebastian Sato, his right hand woman and ideas lady, Agatha, and his daughter and sole heir, Amedee. It is essential that all traces of his outdated fashion ideas are killed along with him and the only other two who might continue his legacy. Good hunting, 47.


7) Sabina’s Satisfaction (Suit Edition) / Colorado
Xbox: 3-09-1278214-54

Satisfy the senseless slaughter of Sabina once more. Only this time do it like a real professional. Have you got what it takes to ensure that those three nasty neo-Nazis finally meet their match? Good hunting, 47.


8) Matching Accidents / Marrakesh by Night (A House Build on Sand)
Xbox: 3-07-3322234-54

An unusual contract has been issued and you have been cleared to engage. Eliminate all targets as cleanly s possible in accidents, whilst wearing a matching disguise. Good hunting, 47.


9) Saturday 14th / Colorado
Xbox: 3-09-5462509-54

Greg Barnes, hacker and talented games developer, has been working for many years on a hack’n’slash horror game called Saturday 14th. He was devastated to learn that he was beaten to the market recently by a game called Friday 13th. His fellow hackers have done nothing but mock and taunt him over this. He has requested that we make their last moments a living incarnation of his game. Happy hacking, 47.


10) Class Dismissed / Bangkok
Xbox: 3-08-4200610-54

A client has recently purchased the latest album, Providence, by the pop sensation, The Class. Apart from the shining talent of lead singer, everything else was horribly disappointing. Not taking well to being disappointed, she has asked we eliminate everyone else associated with the band: guitarist, manager, and producer. She would like us to show them what real class looks like in completing this contract: suit only and, of course, signature fibre wire. Good hunting, 47.


11) Stick To Your Guns / Colorado
Xbox: 3-09-5961853-54

This is a rather unusual contract, 47. Our clients has requested that only the targets are hurt and that you remain in the same outfit from beginning to end. She would prefer you to complete it suit only, but understands that you may not be quite up to the task given the somewhat hostile environment. Good hunting, 47.


12) Forver Alone / Colorado
Xbox: 3-09-7648586-54

Assigned to greenhouse duty by himself at the centre of operations in Colorado, Everett Wagner cannot take the feeling of loneliness any longer. He has observed others in the base who spend all day, every day, with their buddies, chatting and sharing good times. To ease his pain, he asks that you put a permanent end to four such friendships. He would also like you to ensure that no one else is harmed in any way and the bodies of the targets are not discovered any time soon. Good hunting, 47.


13) Contract Cancelled 1 / Sapienza by Sunset (Landslide)
Xbox: 3-04-0161661-54

Customers taking full advantage of their mobile phone data usage is becoming an increasing problem for struggling telecom companies. In an attempt to “handle” customers who are having a negative impact on profits, your services are required to permanently cancel one particular contract. Good hunting, 47.



14) Magicis Caedem - Level 3 / Paris
Xbox: N/A

Sadly, due to significant changes to the audio distraction mechanics in Hitman 2 and Hitman 3, this contract is no longer playable as intended. The featured contact was the third level of a three level escalation I had created: Magicis Caedem (Magical Massacre). Here is a video showing how it was done when audio distractions worked differently; the video is timestamped to start at level 3:

15) Shotgun Funeral / Sapienza by Sunset (Landslide)
Xbox: 3-04-3619939-54

Our client is not happy. He’ll be the life of the party, they were told. He’ll provide all the laughs, drugs, and entertainment you’ll ever need. They didn’t mention that he’d get your daughter pregnant. The client would like you to show him how to have a real blast with style and put the fun in his funeral. Good hunting, 47.



16) Four Foyer Fatalities / Paris
Xbox: 3-02-3647983-54

An ageing client has begun to develop a small balding patch on the top of his otherwise tremendous head of hair. As he wishes to make the best possible entrance at the much-talked-about Sanguine fashion show in Paris he does not want those in elevated positions to notice his embarrassing hair loss. Consequently all four members of staff located on the first floor balcony area in the main foyer entrance much be removed. Good hunting, 47.


17) Babes In Blue / Sapienza by Night (The Icon)
Xbox: 3-05-2069091-54

One female fatale preying on vulnerable men is terrifying enough, but when the three “babes in blue” come hunting, no man is safe. The seductive sirens have been spotted in Sapienza and you have been called on a mission to save other hapless men from their deadly charms. Good hunting, 47.


18) Scary Accidents / Colorado
Xbox: 3-09-5776253-54

A local farmer is not best pleased. It seems that three drunken louts from the nearby militia encampment thought it would be funny to tie him to a scarecrow pole and carry out target practice with beer bottles placed on him. Incredibly he survived the ordeal, but the trauma caused him to have an “accident”. He was wearing his favourite pants at the time and no amount of cleaning is going to fix the problem! Revenge shall be as sweet as it is poetic. Good hunting, 47.


19) The Last Laugh / Sapienza
Xbox: 3-03-8003080-54

Eulalia Milani likes to enjoy a bottle of red wine after a tough day at Caruso mansion, cleaning the same spot over and over again. We all know that she is an easy target, but these three losers are pompous wine snobs. They showed disrespect to a lovely lady by mocking her choice of wine. All three targets need to be cut. Good hunting, 47.


20) Back-and-Forth / Sapienza
Xbox: 3-03-7720876-54

Smart planning will minimise your route. Once for gold, twice for silver, three times for bronze, and four times for failure.


21) Too Much Knowledge / Marrakesh
Xbox: 3-06-8929114-54

Although none of these targets are known to each other, they each possess key intel which, if exposed, could reveal links with our organisation and its involvement. They must be eliminated. Orlander has been conspiring with Zaydan to remove Stranberg himself, Westrup is known to be an IAGO spy, Maalout is writing a novel, but unbeknownst to him he has acquired accurate mission sensitive information, and Laham threatens to expose the truth behind the military coup. Good hunting, 47.


22) A Purist’s Paradise / Marrakesh
Xbox: 3-06-6924352-54

Expert Mode: Enabled. Good hunting, 47.


The following contracts (from Hitman 2) are still playable in the Hitman 3 Featured Contracts section.
23) Till Death Us Do Part / Whittleton Creek
24) Maldavian Machete Massacre / Haven Island
25) When the ChGrin Stole Christmas / Whittleton Creek
26) Drowning Doris / Haven Island
27) The Making of Murderous Mumbai / Mumbai
28) A Fools’ Errand / New York
29) Bookend Beauties (Remix) / Paris


If you have JSON, send and I will port them to Stadia and Playstation

Made these before the tool. So you have to make them up yourself again. :grimacing:

Kinda noob of you to not have made the tool before, ngl. Oh well, are the details on the posts? I might have a look at them.

Yes all of them have target locations in the link. Except the first two but I guess they are not hard to find.

Re-did my favorite contract I made for H2. It’s kind of a puzzle. Was also thinking about adding another target. But that would probably be too much. The targets are well known.
LCC: Bande A Part (Remix)
PC ID: 1-24-8386212-62


{"Author":"djsojus","MissionId":"aa8f57ec-792f-4ab4-8de9-0b65637bd177","MissionName":"LOCATION_GREEDY_RACCOON","TimeLimit":300,"ExitId":"Exit_raccoon_ExitName","CreateFromParamsJ":{"creationData":{"Title":"LCC: Bande A Part (Remix)","Description":"Original contract for H2. Made it slightly different for H3.\rEnjoy!","Targets":[{"Weapon":{"RepositoryId":"00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000","KillMethodBroad":"accident","KillMethodStrict":"accident_electric","RequiredKillMethodType":2,"RequiredKillMethod":"accident_electric"},"Outfit":{"RepositoryId":"69fac809-4130-4068-86c1-b3ff820a117e","Required":true,"IsHitmanSuit":true},"RepositoryId":"1b01d523-3c31-4fe9-8669-df524191ae70","Selected":true},{"Weapon":{"RepositoryId":"00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000","KillMethodBroad":"accident","KillMethodStrict":"accident_suspended_object","RequiredKillMethodType":2,"RequiredKillMethod":"accident_suspended_object"},"Outfit":{"RepositoryId":"69fac809-4130-4068-86c1-b3ff820a117e","Required":true,"IsHitmanSuit":true},"RepositoryId":"928fe230-791b-4f73-a617-ec05c35d6902","Selected":true},{"Weapon":{"RepositoryId":"a8a0c154-c36f-413e-8f29-b83a1b7a22f0","KillMethodBroad":"accident","KillMethodStrict":"accident_explosion","RequiredKillMethodType":2,"RequiredKillMethod":"accident_explosion"},"Outfit":{"RepositoryId":"69fac809-4130-4068-86c1-b3ff820a117e","Required":true,"IsHitmanSuit":true},"RepositoryId":"216804b1-e400-4349-b8c9-e7703bd4fdb8","Selected":true}],"ContractConditionIds":["008d2eb9-c1c8-44e0-a636-ccca63629f3c","f96e94b7-1c0e-49c9-9332-07346a955fd2","95690829-7da4-4225-a087-08918cccf120"]}}}

I’ve fully updated the previous post now with all of my featured contracts! It took two days and a lot of hard work to complete, but it brought back some really good memories.

In case others weren’t aware, during Hitman 2016 we did not submit contracts to be featured, they were picked up from a variety of places and many of us were surprised - and delighted - to see our contracts being featured. Recreating my contracts I have mixed feelings about them. Some still work great, others not so much. It’s clear how my play style preferences had evolved over time, but it’s good to see that I was willing to create such a varied mix of contracts. I look forward to seeing other contracts appearing here too and hopefully it brings back some more good memories for us all.


Whoah. That’s… strange. Seeing this reminded me of this also strange comment I made 3 years ago on your run of CICADA Comeback:

I wonder if someone saw it? :thinking:


Legacy Contract: The Spaghetti Bolognese Conspiracy.
ID on Playstation: 2-03-9348390-03
Created in 2016, I believe it is the one contract I’ve made that fully held up through the trilogy


It was a contender for my H2 curated batch! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I had a play of this one and really enjoyed it! Only used one sieker dart (spec ops’ friend) but I think I didn’t even need that.


anyone having trouble on finding the exit in A Fool’s Errand?

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It might be an Easter Egg exit.

:bank: :chart_with_downwards_trend: :parachute: