HITMAN 3 - Bug Report Thread

Use this thread to report an issue, bug or problem with the actual game. If you’re having issues accessing content or with downloading/starting the game, use the Technical Support Thread.

Please check the Known Issues Thread before submitting a report.


Platform: [PS4, Xbox One, PC, etc]
Disc or digital?

Location: Dubai, Dartmoor, etc

Description: Tell us about the problem in a few lines
(e.g “I cannot equip the Silverballer in Dubai”)

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start the game
  2. Load the Dubai mission
  3. Open the in-game inventory
  4. Try to equip the Silverballer

Frequency: (Did it happen once, or lots of times, and does it ALWAYS happen?)

Attach or link to any videos or images that will help explain the issue.


Platform: PC / Digital
Location: Chongqing:

I opened this shortcut by the inner courtyard in Chongqing.

But this challenge for shortcut to the inner courtyard didn’t pop:


As I have yet to open this shortcut:

But this challenge somehow inexplicably popped:

After opening this unopened door the inner courtyard challenge finally popped. So these two challenges are mixed up. Not a big deal, but still wrong, and potentially confusing.


Platform: PS4

Location: Chongqing

Description: Washing machines invisible in the launderette apart from the drums.

Would love to know how something so noticeable was missed to be honest.


Platform: PC
Location: Game in general
Description: Whenever I open Hitman 3 it freezes and then crashes resulting in the game closing
Steps to reproduce: 1.Open the game 2.It will just happen
Frequency: Everytime



ICA Bartoli Woodsman covert doesn’t go through bodies despite the description saying it does
All the other snipers that can penetrate worked fine, it is only that one that doesn’t work

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Platform: PC
Location: Berlin
Description: Manhole marked as exit before mission is done
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Kill some targets(?)
  2. Open the manhole near the juice bar
  3. It is marked as an exit with an exit prompt, that will vanish if you try to use it

Platform: Ps5

Location: Bangkok

Description: Boats glitching across the water

Steps to reproduce: immediate on loading into level, worsens as boats move across water.

Frequency: every load in


Platform: PC
Maps: All of them.
Description: Disguises and suits from HITMAN 1 use a different, older version of 47s head and face. This doesn’t happen with HITMAN 2s and 3s disguises and suits including the Signature Suit.

Steps To Reproduce: Use a HITMAN 1 Suit or Disguise.


Platform: PC

Location: Everyone, from 1 - 3

Description : Can’t KO NPCs that are laying on the floor, knocked over with no-KO items or shots in the foot, that they fall on the floor. It was a, from me much loved, gameplay feature in Hitman 1 and 2 that is now not possible anymore. Not sure if removed intentionally or a bug.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Shoot someone in the foot so that they fall on the floor
  2. Run to their head
  3. No “Q to KO” option appears.

Frequency : All the time.


ISSUE 1: Stuttering/performance issues

Platform: PC, Digital

Location: all

Description: There seems to be a bug when the game will pin one of the CPU threads to 100% causing horrible stutter in the process on a high-ish end PC. Game normally runs around 100fps but while stuttering GPU usage goes as low as 3% and fps can go into single digits in extreme cases. If you wait for some time the game usually recovers while looking at the same scene so it does not seem to be a hardware performance issue.
Spec: R9 5900X, 64GB ram, RTX 3080 game installed on NVME SSD. All settings maxed out, Variable rate shading Off, 4k resolution, HDR on, VRR display.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start the game and observe CPU usage
  2. After some time game starts stuttering, sometimes drops one frame, sometimes many more, GPU usage goes down, one of the CPU cores gets pinned at 100%
  3. Stuttering goes away on it’s own even in the same location and view
  4. Stuttering is often followed by the ‘Connecting’ window but not always.

Frequency: random, sometimes after hour of game play, sometimes immediately. every 10-20min on average.

ISSUE 2: Game Lockups

Platform: PC, Digital

Location: all

Description: After the latest patch game locks up on loading screens. The game locked up on me during loading screen after finishing the Dartmoor map and during loading a save file on the Berlin map.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. occurs randomly on loading screens.

I’ve got the Xbox one Hitman 3 Deluxe edition on disc, successfully transferred my Hitman 1/2 progress, but every time I try to load the game I get a save game error and every time I retry it continues to fail.

I’m signed in to my Xbox profile and connected & it worked last night, but now it does not. There is approx 99Gb of free space.

The game plays fine but the autosave also fails and it is impossible to save or load anything.

I’m new to the forum and can’t see it anywhere else and it says the servers are online.

To replicate this issue, I guess you just need to load it on the Xbox and press A to play with the profile logged in.

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When reloading a savefile the black trinity gun (don’t know about the others) has a white thing hovering over the slide


Platform: PS5

Game version: Standard digital edition

Location: Dubai (at least)

Description: Upon completing a mission there’s a connection error followed by an error message saying that the requested menu can’t be loaded. It prevents from finishing the mission properly.

Steps to reproduce: See the video attached

Frequency : Happens all the time. Changing exit points doesn’t help. Neither does restarting the game/console

Clip: https://youtu.be/TVWfDy9eTwU



  • Manhole exit, prompt for escaping appeared. After pressing the prompt nothing happened at the option disappeared. I was still able to escape through the hole in the fence.


  • A “comic” style text box appeared next to Diana near the wine yard, with the message “Oh no”. It was gone after reloading from an earlier point.

  • Guard Body fund after loading a previous save, At that point I hadn’t knocked out any guards or left them in the open.


Platform: Xbox One.

Location: Mendoza

Description : If you arrive at the dance floor before Diana, she walks sideways.

Steps to reproduce:
Complete The Farewell, and arrive at the tango spot before Diana. I’m not sure if this happens on the first playthrough.

Platform: Xbox one

Location every map other than the first map Dubai

Description: I am unable to access any other level than the introductory level Dubai. All other levels say they are still downloading and are stuck at like 60%

Steps to reproduce: just losing into the game and going to hitman 3 campaign missions or levels

Frequency: all the time

PC Digital

  1. Unlock Worldwide and 2. Sapienza

Description of both problems:

  1. I know this problem is known, but just for the record - I have problem with accesing Requiem Pack DLC, that I brought on Steam (actually I pre ordered Hitman 2016 and got this pack if I remember correctly). I did had this pack in Hitman 2 as well.

  2. Also, another bug - in Sapienza there is door with card unlock. It’s located near kitchen area, you could enter from promenade, where black chef is. This door do not open from outside even if you have a card to unlock it.

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Platform: PS4, digital

Location: Dubai

Description : Mastery progression in Dubai and hitman profile level resets even after carryover finished, challenges remain completed and can’t reach mastery 20.
Undiscover dubai trophy doesn’t pop even if in the map there are no more undiscovered locations and challenge in game is completed.

Frequency : Always


Hi, this is my first post on this forum. I noticed several bugs on Hitman 3 on Stadia’s version (game 3.10.0/ server 8.1.0):

  • Textures not loading in Chongqing
  • Wrong buttons display (I am using an Xbox gamepad)
  • Mission stories not loading (I am wearing the proper disguise and not able to talk to Chen Ting)
  • Finding the Maelstrom in Dartmoor
    All images here on Imgur

Thanks for seeing and hopefully fixing @Travis_IOI @IOI

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