Official Community Created Contracts - EASTER 🐰 (March 2023) [CLOSED]

Hello everyone :rabbit:

Year 3 of HITMAN 3 / WoA has started, and we want to add more sprinkles to the YEAR 3 cake with some creative contracts created by you all.

Moving Forward we will have many of the Contracts Curated by selected players of the Community. But this first batch will be curated be your one and only CM… me. The Theme will be EASTER!

That’s it. Find your inner easter bunny and make some eggcellent contracts. Now is the perfect opportunity to put all of your eggs in one basket.

Here is what I’ll need: How to submit:

Contract ID:


Submitter name:

Contract Title:


Brief Description:


And Featured Contract Image suggestion (we’ll add an image in game, to make it mega awesome)

Submissions Close Monday, March 27 - 1 PM CEST.

Happy egg collectin’ (And there are no location restrictions because we’re all in the World of Assassination now :wink: )


I’ll just resubmit one of my old contracts this time, since it fits the theme a lot (actually better than the first theme I submitted it for).

Contract ID: 1-24-2711138-63

Platform: PC (Steam)

Submitter name: Melusca

Contract Title: 47’s Adventures in Wonderland

Briefing: It looks like some people at the Milton-Fitzpatrick Bank got too far down the rabbit hole of financial schemes. Our client has provided us a few bottles with an enticing “Drink Me” label they want them to taste, and a strange-looking rabbit costume they want you to use to infiltrate the bank, to demonstrate that anyone could get through their security, no matter how ridiculous they seemed. I think they’re all mad here, 47, but the ICA’s reputation is at stake. Godspeed, and don’t be late.

Brief Description: Poison three targets as a bank robber, no pacifications, no disguise change, 10 minutes time limit (all complications optional). The time limit’s mostly here for the theme and it’s not particularly hard to finish the contract with plenty of time left.

Location: New York

Image Suggestion:


Contract ID:


Submitter name:

Contract Title:
The Weevil’s Easter eggtravaganza!



Brief Description:
I just want to say a massive thank you to IOI & Clemens for their brilliant taste in contract selections! :blue_heart:
I also want to thank everyone on the forum enjoying my featured contracts, everyone who helped me on my way making the contracts with the Ansel usage (Ta @Khakiasp!) :heart:
**This will be my final featured contract i will be submitting… For a while at least (mawhahahahaha!)
I hope you enjoy and farewell Featured contracts, i will miss my ego rise every month.

The actual contract can be taken from various starting locations such as the PI or the gardener. This contract is speedrunner and casual Friendly. The Targets all have either an accident kill (for retaining SA) or a long range isolation (using bullet distractions) to further retain it’s friendly nature to all.

Dartmoor, Death in the family

Featured contract image:

(Without text)



I’ll make another one as well, don’t worry

Contract ID: 2-29-5018578-10

Platform: Playstation

Submitter Name: Switcher

Contract Title: Rabbit’s Arsenal

Happy Easter 47, this is your Contracts Rabbit! As I show up every year to give you contracts, this year I’m asking you to help me.
These 4 bikers (And 1 fake biker) stole my guns from my arsenal! Kill them and get me back my guns!
Good luck and happy Easter! It’ll be a happy Easter when I get back my guns.

Brief Description: This contract is centered around the Biker Hangout in Berlin and guns the Bikers carry, weapon smuggling is limited since you are forced to start as a biker, so you must plan your moves carefully.

Location: Berlin

Image Suggestion:

Contract Details:


Name:plague control 3/3
PLATFORM:Epic games pc

image sugestion

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id:1 18 9687177 66
plataform:PC epic games



Contract ID: 4-02-2961829-48

Platform: Switch

Submitter name: The Elite Institute

Contract Title: Parisian Easter Egg Hunt

Briefing: It’s Easter time, so let’s hunt down the egg(head)s!

Brief Description: As is tradition, Easter calls for an egg hunt and this one has you hunting down five eggheaded targets across Paris. We have the classic eggheaded legend Helmut Kruger, as well as a bunch of others leading up to the top floor. Might you interrupt a bodyguard during his break, spoil an auction meeting, or simply take out a guy who likes a nice little chat? Targets vary in difficulty, but the lack of any requirements allows you to crack those eggs as you see fit!

Location: Paris!

And Featured Contract Image suggestion


Contract ID: 4-09-3449386-48

Platform: Switch

Submitter name: The Elite Institute

Contract Title: Wabbit Hunting Season

Briefing: It’s the rabbit doing the hunting! Maya Parvati, aka Alma Fudd, and her team are planning a mass rabbit cull this season. Time to teach them who the real hunter is!

Brief Description: Set around the confines of the barn area, you’re challenged with taking out a set of targets using the shotgun. There is one inside the barn you can use, or you can bring your own to the party! Maya herself wanders in and out, so you’ll need to find the best opportunity to take her down, whereas the other linger around somewhat on the different levels. Isolating these targets can be done with relative ease, with one in particular finding himself in a very vulnerable position at one point in his routine! It shouldn’t be a difficult contract for those familiar with Colorado, but it should be a lot of fun!

Location: Colorado

And Featured Contract Image suggestion


Final submission unless I think of something else that fits. Thinking of something Easterly isn’t as easy as I had expected! Anyway…

Contract ID: 4-24-5548721-48

Platform: Switch

Submitter name: The Elite Institute

Contract Title: Murder House 2: Lost in New York

Briefing: The Easter Ripper is back, and this time he’s banking on your death!

Brief Description: Inspired by the game Murder House, where the Easter Ripper hunts people down with his trusty hook, this contract goes the route of Home Alone and moves from the House to New York!

Inside the bank, getting into your ripper costume will be the first port of call, but then you’ll need to find a way to your targets without help. One of the targets sets herself up for trouble like all good horror movie victims, whereas the other two will need a little more thought to get to out of sight. Perhaps … alarming … the guards will help you get them with greater ease!

Location: New York

And Featured Contract Image suggestion


Contract ID: 1-11-2379055-29

Platform: Epic

Submitter name: Fenixsandr

Contract Title: Hunting for the sunshine bunny
A contract has been issued by Sunshine Bunny God, and you have been cleared to engage. Eliminate any targets as cleany as possible, avoiding damage far as possible.

Brief Description:

Location: Miami



Epic Games44x44     Steam44x44

Contract Name
Contract ID
1. 47’s Adventures in Wonderland Melusca 1-24-2711138-63  Steam
2. plague control 3/3 Version_Omega 1-13-0342445-66  Epic Games
3. arcchtieeemies Version_Omega 1-18-9687177-66  Epic Games
4. Hunting for the sunshine bunny Fenixsandr 1-11-2379055-29  Epic Games
5. Egg cooker:Colorado Quartz Tan 1-09-0279916-27  Epic Games
6. Knock Knock! Fenixsandr 1-22-3987107-29  Epic Games
7. The Tinamou Retribution Tetrafish_21 1-31-4188232-21  Epic Games
8. Water into Wine Merch_Andise 1-31-2282311-96  Epic Games
9. THE BEST COSMETICS A-CHAOS 1-02-3060394-58  Epic Games
10. RESURRECTION OF RIDER A-CHAOS 1-11-3806381-58  Epic Games
11. Waiter Josery_Ripper 1-18-6370845-04  Epic Games
12. Thinker Orange_725 1-24-2387890-84  Epic Games
13. Sone Ka Anda Druid Forest 1-13-0146087-96  Epic Games
14. Need Eggs Dinozafr 1-22-9709546-68  Epic Games
15. BUNNY EGG HUNTER Faiz51 1-29-6660227-05  Epic Games
16. DEATH HUNTER Version_Omega 1-30-3553193-66  Epic Games
17. mayhem in a buny suit Version_Omega 1-34-4426307-66  Epic Games
18. Easter Egg(limination) Hunt Phylocode 1-04-3641914-67  Epic Games
19. Trick or treat! bgyorok 1-22-2076649-10  Epic Games
20. The Hunt Version_Omega 1-30-7676085-66  Epic Games
21. Golden Bunny’s Boomstick Phylocode 1-24-4023189-67  Epic Games
22. THE HUNTER Version_Omega 1-03-9359654-66  Epic Games
23. The Cracked Egg Conondrum Georgikens 1-16-6258515-89  Epic Games
24. The Cougar’s Maw Georgikens 1-24-3190837-89  Epic Games
25. Egg Fried Rice plantspeaker 1-30-2694470-07  Epic Games
26. Easter rush Fenixsandr 1-24-8064510-29  Epic Games
27. Easter symbols Fenixsandr 1-29-8303265-29  Epic Games
28. Carbon Bloodprint bgyorok 1-18-3316855-10  Epic Games
29. Year of the Rabbit bgyorok 1-30-9542562-10  Epic Games
30. GOLDEN EASTER Version_Omega 1-24-7452322-66  Epic Games
31. Cooking with “Helena” West mkSolas 1-28-6541924-03  Epic Games
1-28-1936967-15  Steam
32. BAD EGGS Faiz51 1-11-8842943-05  Epic Games



Contract Name
Contract ID
1. Rabbit’s Arsenal Switcher 2-29-5018578-10
2. The Golden Moose Noshy345 2-06-4646441-16
3. EASTER SACRIFICE natnag 2-16-5405725-00
4. The Devil’s Temptation tryagainlater 2-12-5921351-92
5. The Last Rabbit NOREL_XL 2-29-6494567-81
6. Eggcellent Movie NOREL_XL 2-05-9363760-81
7. The Egg Scramblers Switcher 2-12-7808729-10
8. Give Me That Old Time Religion teddyfilmore 2-03-5068078-84
9. Revenge on the Anti Rabbits Iamblue17 2-09-8063803-45
10. Toxic Egg Hunt Iamblue17 2-34-7306390-45
11. Hide the Eggs Challenge ambusher55 2-34-5188659-56
12. Scopes Bunny Trial teddyfilmore 2-28-0377545-84



Contract Name
Contract ID
1. The Weevil’s Easter eggtravaganza Wigglyweevil211 3-28-1321687-17
2. Hook, Line and Sinker Yamitora87 3-31-3261239-93
3. Chocolate Teapots linux_egguin 3-11-4431686-02
1-11-4670901-43  Steam
4. The Romans, The Savior and The Pascual Lindolfo 3-31-2155373-53
5. Who Framed Rolf Rabbit DavidG185 3-29-4480880-09
6. The Kukri Komposition DavidG185 3-29-3604247-09
7. The Last Supper Lindolfo 3-22-7140849-53
8. 47’s SPRING BREAK OZZYGRL 3-03-4554233-69



Contract Name
Contract ID
1. Parisian Easter Egg Hunt The Elite Institute 4-02-2961829-48
2. Wabbit Hunting Season The Elite Institute 4-09-3449386-48
3. Murder House 2: Lost in New York The Elite Institute 4-24-5548721-48
4. The Eggs-tremists EpicGamerer 4-03-4624999-31

Contract ID:1-09-0279916-27


Submitter name:Quartz Tan

Contract Title:Egg cooker:Colorado

Briefing:An egg man killing eggs for a festival about egg…Amazing.

Brief Description:Just like the briefing said,u need to killing all 5 egg men in here.and you also need to make sure all the shot you take hit the egg.all those targets can be easily isolate or make an accident to let them become boiled egg.You can starting as many locations,not only the watertower.And also,here’s the Colorado,one of the most dangerous place in WOA,so be careful not to get killed!




Contract ID: 3-31-3261239-93

Platform: Xbox One

Submitter name: Yamitora87

Contract Title: Hook, Line and Sinker

Briefing: Lent is an important part of this time of year. However, some did not take it as seriously as they should. Fish Fry Fridays are very celebrated at Viñedo Yates. The Targets unfortunately chose to hire the The Llosa Brothers to prepare beef via Asado. The staff is understandably upset by this and want it known with a stern warning!

Brief Description: use a fishing line and the hook at the peer and then push and/or dump the guard in the basement before diving to your escape.

Location: The Farewell Mendoza Argentina.


Contract ID: 1-22-3987107-29

Platform: Epic

Submitter name: Fenixsandr

Contract Title: Knock Knock!

Knock knock!
Who’s there?
Amelia who?
Amelia aches from eating too many Easter jelly beans.

Brief Description:

Location: Whittleton creek


Easter :egg: :chocolate_bar: :egg: :chocolate_bar: :egg: :chocolate_bar: :egg: :chocolate_bar:

Contract ID and Title:

Platform: Xbox
Submitter name: linux_egguin


Brief Description: This was my preferred Easter 2022 contract, I thought I’d put this here in case anyone who wants to play it missed it the first time round. This contract is open to both mascot and default start, good for players who have little mastery in Miami after unlocking it with the WOA package. Fits the theme in both briefing and gameplay through the mascot as well, which I hope you think is pretty neat.

Location: Miami

I thought the image for this one was pretty cool too:

Why feature this contract?

This is a resubmission of my contract from last year, but REMADE so that it doesn’t require (a complicated technique) to kill the targets. I’ve changed it to ‘Any Method’ and it now has 5 targets instead of 4.

Here’s a ~5-minute vid on the Tinamou. Since they’re generally found in the South American region Mendoza is a perfect choice for the setting. As for their colorful eggs and given the unfortunate accident by the 5 targets - I feel this contract would fit perfectly for an Easter theme.

Thank You, Clemens and IOI.

Tinamou | Glossy Intense Eggs - YouTube

Contract ID: 1-31-4188232-21

Platform: PC, Epic

Submitter name: Tetrafish_21

Contract Title: The Tinamou Retribution (Updated)


Our client had been working on re-establishing the dwindling population of endangered Tinamou birds in the region. But, the targets ended up trampling the colorful Tinamou eggs in their wine-fueled ‘15th Annual Viñedo Yates Easter Egg Hunt’. Now, this species of bird is at risk of becoming extinct, and the client wants justice for the eggs they’ve destroyed!

Good Luck, 47.

Description: 5 Targets, Any Method in Suit, disguise changes permitted, hide bodies except for accident/poison.

Location: Mendoza

Image Suggestions:

Alternate Image

I know this ones from Berlin, but it’s the only level where you can get that many eggs. It’s like the eggs are in the ‘after life’ and are summoning (fellow bird) 47 to avenge them. :sweat_smile:


Contract ID: 1-31-2282311-96

Platform: Epic Games

Submitter name: Merch_Andise

Contract Title: Water into Wine


Brief Description:
This contract’s kill conditions somewhat mimics two miracles performed by a certain religious figure prominent in the founding of Easter; walking on water (electrocution) and turning water into wine (lethal injection). These kills must be done within the given time limit prior to returning to the “tomb” they first emerged from.

Location: Mendoza (The Farewell)

Image Suggestion:


Contract ID: 1-02-3060394-58

Platform: PC (EPIC)

Submitter name: A-CHAOS


Briefing: On the eve of Easter, everyone put on their makeup and prepared to welcome the holiday happily. But there is always an undercurrent under the calm, and there is a dark organization trying to sabotage the festival and organize everyone to have fun at Easter. They disguise themselves as costumers and other positions, and want to do things secretly. Then 47, please help get rid of them and save Easter!

Brief Description: kill these four target without any disguise or killing method limits.

Location: Paris

Image Suggestion:

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Contract ID: 1-11-3806394-58

Platform: PC (EPIC)

Submitter name: A-CHAOS



Brief Description: The driver died in an accident, which was caused by the race instructor, so we need to eliminate the original culprit in the disguise of the race instructor and eliminate his accomplice with the disguise of the driver.

Location: Miami

Image Suggestion: