Official Community ENVY Featured Contracts Submissions [ENDED]

Ladies and gentlemen, The Season of Envy is well underway and it’s now time to make other players envious of your creationary skills! It’s time for this months Community Featured Contracts.

I’m happy to kick off the Official Submission thread for the Envy inspired Featured Contracts. So find your best skill, and get creative. The 3 Envy Contracts will be handpicked by the 3 IOI Devs who are creating the first batch of Envy Contracts.

So, how to get your Contract Featured: Well just as last season, there are many ways to get Featured. It can be based on a super creative briefing, a cool idea or just a plain fun contract. But remember: They have to be inspired by the Envy Seven Deadly Sin and be on a HITMAN 3 location, to be taken into consideration.

If you’re the envious type, now is your time to shine!

How to submit:
Contract ID:
Submitter name:
Contract Title:
Brief Description:
And Featured Contract Image suggestion (we’ll add an image ingame, to make it look more awesome)

Submissions Close Monday, October 11, 10:00 AM CEST.
Good luck creators, and get ready to be Second to One :wink:



Contract Name
Contract ID
1. Pain, pain. Nothing but pain. Tetrafish_21 1-30-8909274-21
2. The Class 6 Feet Under bgyorok 1-29-0064109-10
3. Mr. Fahrenheit bgyorok 1-30-5045109-10
4. Conan = Shinichi Hamushi 1-28-9064489-29
5. Hirschmüller’s Envious Rampage Peterchu 1-29-3487326-86
6. Green With… Georgikens 1-33-7692462-89
7. Boom Stick Kevin Rudd 1-29-9612755-04
8. Look At All Those Nice Weapons djsojus 1-30-5537449-62
9. Chop Chop Peterchu 1-30-3715702-86
10. The Lone Ranger bgyorok 1-28-1662391-10
11 Crime of Envy Georgikens 1-29-2214137-89
12 Jealousy Kills Georgikens 1-30-5344982-89
13 Weapon Hunt : Chongqing Kevin Rudd 1-30-5604843-04
14 I AM A BETTER DJ THAN YOU! Merw17 1-29-6780561-91
15. The Cool Kids djsojus 1-29-4391661-62
16. Supervisor Menace Pagan 1-27-1895709-00
17. The Dartboard Championship scoobywizard 1-29-1296853-89
18. A REAL DICK MOVE Brick_Beast 1-31-6094653-76


Contract Name
Contract ID
1. You already have what you want Chiku138 and LandirtHome 2-31-6959596-50
2. What is yours is mine Chiku138 and LandirtHome 2-27-6020645-50
3. TALL POPPY SYNDROME zubin47 2-30-0380690-31
4. The Selfie Accident ambusher55 2-31-2169541-56
5. The Vulture’s Conspiracy WinstonPeroni & MontezumahCHP 2-27-1684150-56
6. The Imogen’s Envy WinstonPeroni & MontezumahCHP 2-30-3059035-56
7. Jealous German Jerks and Jockey Axwage 2-29-0081455-60
8. Mead-Hall of Heorot tryagainlater 2-29-3308719-92
9. Vulgar Display Of Skill Belial_Van_Doom 2-31-4583705-12
10. Limited Edition Sniff 2-30-9332361-22
11. Mirror Match: Berlin Deimatic 2-29-0171061-37
12. Mirror Match: Chongqing Deimatic 2-30-7265578-37


Contract Name
Contract ID
1. Rising through the ranks Chiku138 3-27-5544114-13
2. Active resignation LandirtHome 3-31-8623346-13
3. The Saber Of Sickness DavidG185 3-28-0274639-09
4. The Kukri Komposition DavidG185 3-29-3604247-09
5. A Grape Travesty DavidG185 3-31-2320183-09
6. Competitive Jealousy ColdDayInHell 3-29-1391487-50
7. How the Mighty Fall linux_penguin 3-30-2918482-02
8. Mountain to Climb linux_penguin 3-28-0300987-02
9. The Green-Thumbed Monster Pootis.exe 3-28-2960001-01
10. To Be or Not to Be Viv 3-28-3146247-02
11. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall Viv 3-31-7847776-02
12. Jealousy Kills How To Hitman 3-30-0494187-19

●   ●   ●

Recreated contracts:

Contract Name
Author ID
Contract ID
PC Competitive Jealousy ColdDayInHell 1-29-8134009-22
PC How the Mighty Fall linux_penguin 1-30-7394229-89
PC Mountain to Climb linux_penguin 1-28-4688664-89
PS4 Rising through the ranks Chiku138 2-27-6020645-50
PS4 Active resignation LandirtHome 2-31-0363661-50
Xbox You already have what you want Chiku138 and LandirtHome 3-31-8828862-13
Xbox What is yours is mine Chiku138 and LandirtHome 3-27-6374874-13
Xbox Green With… Georgikens 3-33-9393622-02
Xbox Mr. Fahrenheit bgyorok 3-30-3573091-20
Xbox Crime of Envy Georgikens 3-29-4322296-02
Xbox Jealousy Kills Georgikens 3-30-9633506-02
Xbox Pain, pain. Nothing but pain. Tetrafish_21 3-30-0262747-20

Hello everyone, for this season of Envy, @Chiku138 proposed me to collaborate and to create a few contracts together. We are now happy to submit them all to you !

She came up with the idea of killing each target in melee with their own disguise. An appropriate concept for the season of envy.

With the help of each other we made two joined contracts from her core concept:

  • The first one, first thought by Chiku138, is a puzzle. It will require you to bring your own equipment, limit your loadout, and to make cunning plans to sedate and steal the clothes of all of your targets.

  • The second one, first thought by me, is a bit simpler. But it will allow you to finally target the journalist in Dubai without any risk to your Silent Assassin rating.

In addition we each have one more contract to submit. For a grand total of four contracts to try and play on both PS4 and Xbox.

I also wish to indicate that the sleeker and better looking image suggestions come from Chiku138. She’s really good at them.


It has come to Chiku138 and my attention that unfortunately sedation does not works as we thought it would in our created contracts.

Namely sedating a target with a sedative syringe or with a placed grapes/banana voids the Silent Assassin rating when they are found by a npc. Sedation with a Tranquilizer gun still works as usual and will let you keep the Silent Assassin rating even after the target is found by a npc.

As a consequence :

  • The You already have what you want contract is impossible to complete with Silent Assassin rating as it was created to force at least two slipping sedation with grapes or bananas.
  • The What is yours is mine contract can only be completed with Silent Assassin rating if the player sedates The Vulture with a Tranquilizer gun, and not with a syringe as is mentionned in the contract description.

We worked a lot to refine those contracts, so we are a bit heartbroken by this unforeseen twist in the gameplay mechanics. But it is what it is.
Our other two submitted contracts do work as intended, and we encourage everyone to try them.

Thank you, and sorry for the inconvenience.

You already have what you want

Contract ID PS4: 2-31-6959596-50
Contract ID Xbox: 3-31-8828862-13
Platform: PS4 and Xbox
Location: Mendoza
Submitter name: Chiku 138 and LandirtHome

Contract Title: You already have what you want

Briefing: Good afternoon, 47. Your contract is a joint call by four clients against four successful colleagues of theirs. I believe the Germans would call what they want Schadenfreude. They all wish to see their rivals die by a representation of their ills and of their own persons. You will find all the conditions in your briefing package. You might have to procure on site. Good luck 47.

Brief Description: What could be a better expression of envy than a contract demanding more that you can bring ? You will have to be careful about what you bring and procure the rest in the level. In addition to needing the clothes of each target before striking them down, the melee requirement demands for the four of them to be sedated, found and woken up. You will have to find a way to do so with an already full inventory. Finally, the objective list might make you eye the mastery level unlocks with great envy.

Featured Contract Image suggestion : three briefcases stacked on each others with some fruits lying around them

YAHWYW image suggestion2

What is yours is mine

Contract ID PS4: 2-27-6020645-50
Contract ID Xbox: 3-27-6374874-13
Platform: PS4 and Xbox
Location: Dubaï
Submitter name: Chiku 138 and LandirtHome

Contract Title: What is yours is mine

Briefing: Good afternoon, 47. Your target is a colleague of yours, Zana Kazem, aka the Vulture. He recently went independent and wishes to corner some of your market for himself. A discreet man, M. Kazen is in the open only during a contract. Today his work finds him in Dubai, where he will be yours for the taking. I would advise you to confuse any potential investigation by taking his place, and his contract. Good luck 47.

Brief Description: Inspired by Chiku138’s concept, I created this more simple contract. It is relatively straightforward, but for the non speedrunners it will allow you to make a full story with meetings, conversations and deaths. The contract was also made to create a mission that could be done with the traditional loadout of 47 in the old games : a sedative syringe, a fiberwire and his wit. Sometimes the old ways are the best. I also know it ressembles the concept of the envy escalation, but I made it before the release and I continue to like it.

Featured Contract Image suggestion : 47 in the Vulture’s disguise standing ominously behind a sited and unaware Vulture, also in his suit.


And now for our more personal submissions. First Chiku138’s and then mine.

Rising through the ranks

Contract ID PS4: 2-27-1784185-50
Contract ID Xbox: 3-27-5544114-13
Platform: PS4 and Xbox
Location: Dubaï
Submitter name: Chiku 138

Contract Title: Rising through the ranks

Briefing: Our client is a personal guard of the Sheik al-Gazhali. He was recently denied his promotion. He now wants it all. He demands the elimination of both his superior and his usurper, a new hire from Mumbai. The client is particular on the method of execution as he told us, and I quote here 47, “he says his last VIP just flew away ? Well give him the same”. The client’s only grief is against the targets, he wishes to see no other harm, including avoidable pacifications. He hopes for none.

Brief Description: The targets are both interesting in their own way. One is a returning NPC from Mumbai Hitman 2, the other is following Marcus Stuyvesant, and has a complex route. Maybe you will find a way to break his routine and isolate him. Both possess character and personality, making them ideal targets. Even if the no pacification complication cannot reasonably be added to the contract, we can assure you that the mission can be completed with no other pacification outside of the targets. The all bodies hidden complication was added to encourage that possibility.

Featured Contract Image suggestion : 47 dragging a target being the back of an unsuspecting guard or both targets reunited by their routine in the same bathroom

Active resignation

Contract ID PS4: 2-31-0363661-50
Contract ID Xbox: 3-31-8623346-13
Platform: PS4 and Xbox
Location: Mendoza
Submitter name: LandirtHome

Contract Title: Active resignation

Briefing: Here he is at the top, serenading, relaxing, mocking you. Guadalupi Borroni, he does nothing while you work and sweat down here in the field and the heat. That is it, you quit. You will climb to him, you will find the object of his fall amongst the luxury he looks down on you from and you will strike. And maybe even take your employer’s car as a departing bonus. Yes, that is a good plan.

Brief Description: For the season of envy I wanted to create a Heist Contract. But I still needed a target, so I went for a story of professional jealousy. The contract is not really difficult, it is mostly made to be an interesting set piece, with a target unique in its dialogue and behavior and a funny briefing. The contract still offers multiple interesting routes as I suspect most players didn’t use the Winery Worker disguise outside of the lower level of Mendoza. The mission finally offers a good atmosphere with a relentless climb from the fields to the top of Mendoza.

Featured Contract Image suggestion : The sapper axe posed next to the guitar played by the target. Again a great screenshot and set piece created by Chiku138.

We both hope you will enjoy our submissions. And as always we will leave you to prepare.


Contract ID: 1-30-8909274-21
Platform: PC/Epic
Remade for XB: 3-30-0262747-20 Not sure who to thank, but thank you! :relieved:
Submitter name: Tetrafish_21
Contract Title: Pain, pain. Nothing but pain.

Homelessness is hard.
The guards have it so easy.
We will show them all!

One guard from each group,
we will make an example.
They will know true pain!

Nothing but pain!

Brief Description: The theme of this contract is a play on how a homeless person would be envious of the guards being inside, comfortable, and just having it better and easier.

Location: Chongqing

Suggested images, could probably be cropped a bit.


Here are my submissions so far:

Contract ID: 1-29-0875001-10
Platform: PC
Submitter Name: bgyorok
Contract Title: The Class 6 Feet Under
Briefing: Good morning, 47. Your targets are 4 former students of a high school in Brandenburg. These four successfully got rid of their classmates, whether it was by a false accusation, or even worse, murder. It seems as if they were targetting those who suddenly did better than them, this way, they were considered top of the class. After 10 whole years, the body of our client’s daughter was found recently and he wants vengeance. They’re currently holding a class reunion at Club Hölle. Good luck.
Brief Description: Here’s a pretty difficult puzzle contract: It might seem easy, but don’t be fooled! Neither one of the targets are close to ledges or the river. I don’t know why, but I really like the 4 target setup. I had to redo the whole contract because I called Brandenburg a county…aaanyways, it’s hard to figure out the puzzle itself, but every kill is very straightforward and doesn’t require any type of exploit or over-the-top preparation, and it also doesn’t require luck. Once you do figure out the puzzle to each target, it should be easier to do it every time. This contract does need time and focus.

I finally discovered the actual font that IOI uses in their trailers!
Location: Berlin
Feature Contract Image Suggestions:

Contract ID: PC: 1-30-5045109-10
Xbox (thanks @Crewdy): 3-30-3573091-20
Platform: PC
Submitter Name: bgyorok
Contract Title: Mr. Fahrenheit
Briefing: Good Morning, 47. Your three targets claim that they found a much quicker way to harvest dark matter on earth. In a recent interview with officials, they showed footage of a modified bicycle going past the speed of sound. Gaby Luff told the interviewer that “I wanna make a supersonic man out of you”.

Our client is feeling a little envious, and wants them terminated to stop this plan from taking place, and to also make them go out in a “bang”. Good luck, 47.
Brief Description: A bit of a lighter puzzle contract, your job is to blow up your targets (a.k.a make them burn). My original plan was to make one target who you should explode with an explosive, one in an accidental explosion, and one in fire, but I couldn’t find any oil drum to kill people with, so I went with two accidental explosions instead. I did have a lot more fun with the briefing than The Class 6 Feet Under. Also props to anyone who understands the reference.
Location: Chongqing
Featured Contract Image Suggestions:


It’s time once again to submit contracts. Was very salty on the previous one, Gluttony. This time, I’ll be submitting 3 contracts instead of 2 for Envy. Green is my favorite colour, so maybe Envy is going to be my season. Just like before, I’ll be posting these 3 contracts separately for easier access to look up (hopefully, I don’t know if that really matters to you but it does for me). Just to give you an idea what to expect. The first one is sick… quite literally, the second sounds decent, and the third wraps it up with a taste and touch of envy. It would be very ashame if none out of my 3 gets selected and gets beaten by people who interprets envy as someone with a freakin’ sniper rifle. If you want to take out the targets, you gotta put more effort into it. Anyway, cut the monologue… let’s get submitting.

The first one is sick... quite literally,...

Contract ID: 3-28-0274639-09
Platform: Xbox
Submitter Name: DavidG185
Contract Title: The Saber Of Sickness


Hello 47. Our client is a private museum director who recently has gotten into a pickle with the Carlisles in an attempt to preserve Thornbridge Manor and turn it into a special private museum. While two of the Carlisle members are in with the idea, being Patrick & Emma, the others including Mr. Fernsby rejects the idea. The reason is noticeable due to their envy between each other which is what stopping the future from happening. Your job is to eliminate those that sickly rejects their future.

Brief Description:
The idea behind this contract is that when you’re feeling jealous or envy, you tend to lose your appetite or go and throw up. With all the bickering from many of the Carlisle family members, it makes sense that they would feel jealous and envious between each other. The briefing reasonably shows it. The Saber Of Sickness requires you to utilize emetic items to get the targets to get their guts growling with distress that they need to remove all that stress by going to the toilet. Perfect weapon of elimination that will make you feel relieved from the stress is with a sharp weapon, the saber. It’s hard to wait around as a Mansion Staff that’s basically the epitome of the Grim Reaper. The Sieker and the Emetic Poisons will be your best friend for this contract. Since it would be too easy, make sure you get this done in about… 10 minutes. I won’t mind if you go over the time limit, but the score will not be the 5 stars that you want. And knowing you, you want those 5 stars. Make sure you start with the Mansion Staff disguise, no pacifying anyone please! 4 Carlisle members + Fernsby will need to die!

Location: Dartmoor, England (Death In The Family)

Featured Contract Image Suggestion:
Not much to say, but this image will fit perfectly. 47 in the Mansion Staff disguise (already), with a briefcase and a saber on his back, overlooking the conversation between Gregory and Emma Carlisle. The latter is not a target, the former is a target.


The first one is sick… quite literally, the second sounds decent…

Contract ID: 3-29-3604247-09
Platform: Xbox
Submitter Name: DavidG185
Contract Title: The Kukri Komposition


The club is living up to be the best ones ever at Club Holle due to our famous DJ Sam. That’s you 47. No-one cannot possibly take you down with the perfect composition mix. Well, turns out some nearby folks don’t really understands why you’re famous and believe that they’re better than you. Secretly they play a video game but never touch an instrument in their life. Why are you getting hated by these ameteur DJs when they should just enjoy the night? Deaths be part of The Kukri Komposition 47.

Brief Description:
DJs are really something with their music being their art form. So I imagined what would 47… I meant “DJ Sam” as what the locals call you in Berlin, would do in a contract. This contract will allow you to take out three targets that believes they’re better than you as the DJ. One guard will need to be eliminated with electrocution accident… and there’s two convenient options to do that in the same room. One is the water cooler + exposed wires, and the other is a toilet nearby. One fan sitting on the side of the crowd will need to be eliminated with the signature weapon, the Kukri Knife which requires you to reach a certain Mastery Level in a British country that you need to bring in to use. And the last one is a Club Staff that is looking over the dancefloor from above on the Ground Floor that needs to be pushed twiced to make it his… down-fall. Whoops! You’ll need to have reached a certain Mastery Level in Berlin to be able to start as a DJ. You cannot change disguises. Remember, once you’re done head to the Bicycle Exit just outside the building. Apparently our “DJ Sam” has rode his bicycle to work. No other exit is available. Deaths will be part of The Kukri Komposition! Yes, that is composition with a “K”!

Location: Berlin, Germany (Apex Predator)

Featured Contract Image Suggestion:
Simple idea. 47/“DJ Sam” looking at the party from the DJ Booth. I think the image I had provided for the banner was perfect as a thumbnail. Red is basically an opposite colour to green when you think about it.


The first one is sick… quite literally, the second sounds decent, and the third wraps it up with a taste and touch of envy.

Contract ID: 3-31-2320183-09
Platform: Xbox
Submitter Name: DavidG185
Contract Title: A Grape Travesty


Good evening 47. Tamara Vidal has set up a Valentine’s Day event for the most happiest couple in Argentina, Archie Riley & Owen Chambers. Chamber’s friend, Charlee Ball is also invited. You’re job is to end their happy relationship with items that are local to the vineyard of Mendoza. What they didn’t know is that Ball and Vidal go way back and they are rivals with very bad opinions about everything. Valentine’s Day is not going to end well for all 4 targets with the taste and touch of death.

Brief Description:
This contract was something that I loved making that I created it thrice. I was originally not intending to submit it, but now that I thought about the briefing and a conversation between two targets, I decided to submit it. The idea is that there’s a celebration (Valentine’s Day) that a story target, Tamara Vidal has created for a couple, and her old rival which is a friend of the couple which she also got invited is immediately close on the other side of the Tasting Room. With this contract, your aim is to eliminate the couple on the floor above the said room with Grape Knives. And the two rivals will also need to be eliminated by consumed poison, lethally. This contract is beginner friendly with many of the things you need being readily available on-site. It teaches players about accident kills/poison kills and how to convert emetic poison into lethal poison. The couple talks about some serious stuff about Tamara Vidal, so secretly they’re just as jealous and envious as Tamara is with the couple’s friend. Goes to show, love does kill in this contract just as much as envy does. This really does sound like a “grape” contract doesn’t it. A sweet and touch sense of death if you asked me.

Location: Mendoza, Argentina (The Farewell)

Featured Contract Image Suggestion:
Cute idea with this “grape” one. The couple that gets eliminated with Grape Knives with grapes in the shape of a love heart. Lovely idea don’t you think. I’m pretty sure the Wine Maker won’t mind borrowing half the grapefield of grapes to recapture this moment. Works apparently well when both killed. Much like the other two, the banner is perfect again!


Image Submissions:

Contract ID: 2-30-0380690-31

Platform: PS4

Submitter name: zubin47



47, Olivia here, targets are Alicia who is about to be fired, Donnie who was not promoted and Dai whose job application was rejected by ICA. My prediction algorithm shows that Alicia will steal the ICA files on a flash drive, Donnie will carry it from the facility to Train Station, Dai will collect it and flee on the train and will publish it to bring down ICA which can compromise your and Diana’s data. The Facility’s AI will also detect any bullets fired or any pacification in the city. Good Luck

Brief Description:

Well, this story happens just before the main game mission (End of an Era), there are three envious people, one who is going to be fired, the other who was not promoted, and a security guard whose job application got rejected at the ICA Facility. They plan to steal the confidential files in a heist due to jealousy and publish to the world which will destroy ICA.

It is good that our third objective (End of an Era) of publishing the data will be completed easily, but the problem is that the stolen data has information on Agent 47 and Diana, so the objective is to take control of the situation by tying up loose ends. This was found in a prediction algorithm developed by Olivia, the best hacker, and she had to hack into ICA facility for the information on the employees and applicants. With this, Olivia also found that the Facility crime detection AI will detect if any bullet is fired, or anyone is pacified in the city.

So, you must use Accident kills. Alicia’s is burning due to jealousy so use Fire Accident on her, Donnie wanted a promotion up high, present something from the top. Dai is waiting at the train station, and you must think something new – perhaps you could push him off the train, or electrify him in rails on your exit.

Note: The tall poppy syndrome is a cultural phenomenon in which people hold back, criticize, or sabotage those who have or are believed to have achieved notable success in one or more aspects of life, particularly intellectual or cultural wealth.
Tall poppy syndrome - Wikipedia

Location: Chongqing

Loading Screen:

Gameplay Analysis

This contract is inspired by @Urben 's amazing analysis -Contract Creation Guide (original by @urben)

As per the post:
• Between 2 and 4 targets
This has 3 Targets
• Mix target types (mobile/static ones, guard/civil ones)
The targets are Static, Mobile and Semi-Mobile
• As few restrictions/complications as possible
• No non-optional complications if possible
Only Accident Kills and 2 optional complications
• Make sure you can finish it with Silent Assassin without luck.
• The more ways people can achieve Silent Assassin the better
Tested multiple ways – accidents have good chances of Silent Assassin

Play Styles:
Speedrunners – the 3 targets are very near to 3 of the entry and exits, however bullet distraction may reduce points, in-fact there is a way to avoid any distraction on speedruns - discover yourself
Suit Only Players – tested the play with SASO
Specific Kill Players – This is for Accident Kills only (will plan for other kills in my next creation)
Roleplayers – The briefings is somewhat ok (two useful gears can be unlocked in Hitman 3 mastery levels –Dubai and Berlin)
Difficulty Seekers – Tested the contract without any inventory
So try without getting any inventory and starting on default location (Train Station)

“Because a true assassin knows that world is always your best weapon” – Sean Bean (from the Hitman 2 live action trailer)

Casual Players – Kill the 3 targets in any way and run to nearest exit
No-Mastery Players – Tested with no inventory and default starting location
Testers – Tested in multiple paths and kill, feel free to discover your way


Platform: Playstation

Submitter name: ambusher55

Contract Title: The Selfie Accident

Contract ID: 2-31-2169541-56

In Game Briefing:

“We won’t fall, we just need to get the peak …… Everyone is going to be beyond Jealous.” - Abbie Andrews

“…… How could she be a Herald?” – Hira Amala

Good Morning 47,

The client wants to eliminate a bitter women who goes extreme on her jealousy, sometime taking lives of others. The nearby GNN team can report this incident and minimize selfie accidents. Additionally, I need a favor - take out the envious Herald who will compromise my plan of getting close to Constant.


Brief Description:

  • 2 Targets
  • One with any disguise and any kill (I prefer accident kill)
  • Other with fall accident only and any disguise
  • No Pacification – Optional objective
  • I felt both are jealous based on their in-game dialogue and tried to relate it with the season of envy
  • Both has companion – all ladies.

In Game Dialogues:

“You ask me, the Constant must have lost his mind. Burnwood was in league with Grey. She’s responsible for killing how many of our people? How could she be a Herald?” - Hira Amala

“We won’t fall, we just need to get the peak and we are good and look at the gorgeous view. You know it will be worthen. Everyone is going to be beyond Jealous.” - Abbie Andrews

Location: Mendoza

My Suggested Image Submissions (or any image suggestions):


PS4 Snapshot:


Contract ID: 1-28-9064489-29
Platform: PC(EPIC)
Submitter name: Hamushi
Contract Title: Conan = Shinichi

Briefing: Zachary Carlisle was a good garden designer, and the gardens he designed were highly regarded in the community.
However, he was murdered by people who were jealous of his talent. The four murderers are Olly, Henry, Edith and Jake.
In addition, Phinas used a cover story during the investigation to give the perpetrators an advantage.
A Zachary friend has asked us to take revenge on them. This time, your mission is to eliminate the criminals and then blame their crimes on the Phinas.

Good luck.

Brief Description: Envy is a horrible thing and can sometimes bring death to a person. In Thornbridge Manor, a man was killed by the flames of Envy. Your mission is to take revenge on the murderers on behalf of the man’s friend. You will be given three restrictions.

-The four criminals must be punished.
-The assassination must been blamed on the killers’ collaborators, Phinas.
-Do not hit or choke non-targets.

This contract is very well designed; all agents, from rookies to veterans, can choose the strategy that best suits their abilities. This contract is appropriate for a Featured Contract that is played by many players.

Location: Dartmoor

Image suggestion


Title:The Vulture’s Conspiracy

Submitters: WinstonPeroni & MontezumahCHP

Platform: PS4

Location: Dubai

Contract ID: 2-27-1684150-56

Briefing: Good evening 47, welcome to Dubai.
According to our intel Zana Kazemi aka The Vulture, a former assassin from Crystal Dawn. Envious and scared in equal measure, Zana wants to get rid of you. He buyed your ICA files from an unknown hacker, who stole that from our database in Chongqing. He have a meeting with the investigative reporter Hans Lucht in the middle of Burj Al Ghazali inauguration ceremony. You have to stop them 47, we can’t risk to get exposed.

Brief Description: A puzzle contract with an interesting plot and a couple of complications.

Suggested Picture


Title: The Imogen’s Envy

Submitters: WinstonPeroni & MontezumahCHP

Platform: PS4

Location: Chongqing

Contract ID: 2-30-3059035-56

Good evening 47, Our client Imogen Royce wants to ruin Hush’s plans, she wants you to wreck his experiments. Watch out 47, this is an internal ICA affair. Don’t be spotted and remember, we don’t kill our employes.
I’ll leave you to prepare.

Brief Description:
A crazy challenging puzzle contract! Mandatory conditions are: only targets and don’t get spotted, optional conditions are: no cameras, suit only, no ko no body found. Our best time is 4 minutes and 53 seconds. Challenges are open, Good luck!

Suggested picture


It was great working with @LandirtHome on our contracts, he has good story-making skills along with logic and analytical skills. Our work started two weeks back with daily review, suggestions, wise decisions, analysis. The best part of LandirdtHome is you give him some in-game targets and he makes an amazing story out of them. All four briefings are prepared by him.

Enjoy these contracts, (we enjoyed our test plays)!!

BTW amazing contracts by other players in the previous season and in this page.


Introducing my first submitted contract, hope you enjoy it.

Xbox: 3-29-1391487-50
PC : 1-29-8134009-22 (Thanks @CybraxCyberspace !)

Platforms: Xbox / PC

Submitter name : @ColdDayInHell

Title : Competitive Jealousy


There appears to be a secret rivalry between Agents Banner and Montgomery. Banner prefers working alone while Montgomery occasionally teases him for being a lone wolf and weaker assassin. Hugo Großer acts like he’s afraid of the bikers when in fact he is jealous of how successful their cocaine operation is and wants a taste of the action. Show these 3 the consequences of their sins. Give everyone else a show to remember.

Brief Description

Agent Banner is a pretty cool target and has a minimal backstory (lone wolf etc.) I chose zero complications because it only makes it difficult for new or casual players. I thought a rivalry between the VIP (Montgomery) and the lone wolf (Banner) would be interesting. Hugo is just a common street dealer with high aspirations.

I had planned on doing a dagger-only kill contract based on a quote I loved in college by Nietzsche but this one is more “cinematic.”

“The gilded sheath of pity sometimes covers the dagger of envy”

Suggested Image (Thanks @CybraxCyberspace)

Thanks for the opportunity!


Notes on taking clear screenshot from PS4
Hello @WinstonPeroni , Your image is good but it would be better if you upload the image suggestion screenshot from PS4 using the share button and then copy it to a PC/Laptop. For this take a flashdrive (which fits in PS4 USB port) and format it to FAT32 with default allocation in PC/Laptop, take screenshot using share button on the game in PS4, then go to Capture gallery - Option > Select > copy to USB and then you can copy to PC/Laptop and upload.
Hope this information helps.



Also on PC under ID: 1-30-7394229-89 . Thanks to Georgikens/Heepo for both recreations.
Platform: Xbox
Submitter name: linux_penguin
Brief Description: HTMF is a puzzle contract which can be enjoyed by all players. Theroux is embedded into the staff room, how will you get him to the side? Leeland is near a bunch of people, when is the right time to strike? Petersen has civilians either side of her, how will you lure her outside? It gets the player thinking.
Location: Chongqing

Image Suggestion

Also on PC under ID: 1-28-4688664-89
Platform: Xbox
Submitter name: linux_penguin
Brief Description: MTC uses the contract style of disguise stealing. I think this works perfectly for envy as you’re becoming them, similar to the latest elusive target. The briefing, I think, is best kept short as covetousness is a blinding (seven deadly) sin, and the speaker in the briefing has been blinded by the prospects of economic stability.
Location: Dartmoor

Image Suggestion

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