Official Community GLUTTONY Featured Contracts Submissions [CLOSED]

Ladies and gentlemen, The Season of Gluttony is well underway and it’s now time to get cookin’, and see if you can make the 3 course menu, for this months Community Featured Contracts.

We’re happy to kick off the Official Submission thread for the Gluttony inspired Featured Contracts. So find your Agent 47 apron. and get cooking. It’s time for a very alternative episode of Master Chef.

How to get your Contract Featured: Well just as last season, there are many ways to get Featured. It can be based on a super creative briefing, a cool idea or just a plain fun contract. But remember: They have to be inspired by the Gluttony Seven Deadly Sin and be on a HITMAN 3 location, to be taken into consideration.

Are you hungry for a challenge? :hamburger:

How to submit:
Contract ID:
Submitter name:
Contract Title:
Brief Description:
And Featured Contract Image suggestion (we’ll add an image ingame, to make it look more awesome)

Submissions Close Monday, September 20, 10:00 AM CEST.
Good luck creators, and Bon Appetit!



Contract Name
Contract ID
1. The Wine Heist xNotWinter 1-31-3213626-65
2. The Harvester Hamushi 1-31-9593686-29
3. Potassium Overload Fuzk 1-27-2575004-71
4. Une Pointe D’Amertume bgyorok 1-27-2825490-10
5. Burnt Ends bgyorok 1-31-3208378-10
6. I’m So Full (With Bulletholes) Khakiasp 1-33-0633609-30
7. Socrates Hypocrisy Fri3ndlyFir3 1-31-0145757-00
8. You’ll Peel Nothing scoobywizard 1-27-0643915-89
9. Newton’s Ringo Hamushi 1-27-3050929-29
10. The Marvelous Llosa Brothers Baffin_Island 1-31-2887036-81
11. Eat Your Heart Out die dez 1-29-0010595-84
12. The Lucy Diet Atomicgarbage 1-33-1090400-87
13. I AM A VEGAN! Atomicgarbage 1-31-5820142-87
14. Quatre, à la Carte Baffin_Island 1-27-0072253-81
15. The Legend Of Kitchengun Quartz_Tan 1-31-7126167-27
16. Extra Crispy PuiQuor 1-29-8195715-75
17. The Pill Pushers djsojus 1-29-1560043-62
18. The Inspector bgyorok 1-29-7889637-10
19. Into The Lion’s Den Bulcer 1-30-2904240-12
20. The Crown Prince of Blueberry Muffins Shrodax 1-27-0545402-04
21. To Feed The Crowd Bulcer 1-29-6921305-12


Contract Name
Contract ID
1. DADA OF FOOD zubin47 2-27-5403821-31
2. FOOD POISON PUZZLE Chiku138 2-28-2173699-50
3. Soup of Spite canonically47 2-27-8057894-24
4. Lead Stuck-In Teeth Notagamer972 2-31-3854798-01
5. Club Casualties Deimatic 2-29-5382088-37
6. ALL YOU CAN HIT WinstonPeroni & MontezumahCHP 2-33-2123834-56
7. Healthy Eating TheChicken 2-27-6489394-98
8. The Pig Robbers ambusher55 2-31-2625380-56
9. Cooked to Perfection Deimatic 2-31-2135073-37
10. Gourmand Galore Damo2007XD 2-33-5617954-95


Contract Name
Contract ID
1. Undercooked Dumplings Crewdy 3-30-1036240-20
2. Requiem for a biker LandirtHome 3-29-2783697-13
3. Second Serving LandirtHome 3-27-0694139-13
4. Something Stronger Pootis.exe 3-29-6004982-01
5. Steamed Hams SlashGashGaga 3-31-3536725-07
6. Next Floor DavidG185 3-27-6347262-09
7. Famous Axecidents & Assaults DavidG185 3-27-3098442-09
8. Eat Your Heart Out linux_penguin 3-27-5936972-02
9. Cup Runneth Over linux_penguin 3-31-2179011-02
10. Food Fight How To Hitman 3-27-2038844-19
11. Dog Eat Dog Viv 3-31-5785384-02
12. All You Can Bleed Viv 3-30-8125536-02
13. Let Them Eat Cake Viv 3-27-6267510-02
14. Idleness of Dionysus HiredPlayer1500 3-31-7900637-48
15. The Ghazali Squally Kesington019 3-27-6391983-19
16. Agent Porky Seven How To Hitman 3-33-9608411-19


Contract ID: 3-30-1036240-20 (also on PC: 1-30-7517601-28)
Platform: Xbox
Submitter name: Crewdy

Contract Title: Undercooked Dumplings
Location: Chongqing


Undercooked dumplings… UNDERCOOKED DUMPLINGS?! Those gluttonous pigs think they can just throw around accusations without repercussion? I would never undercook my dumplings. I’ll show them. Let’s see them complain about my cooking when they have a cleaver for a hat.

Brief Description:
A simple but fun contract that makes use of the many NPC routes in Chongqing. You will ned to work around the roaming NPC’s in order to complete the contract efficiently.


Suggested Image:


My first submissions !

But before them, if like me you struggled to find thematic ideas for gluttony outside of the obvious food side of it, I wish to say that gluttony is more than that. Courtesy of TV Tropes

Contract ID: 3-29-2783697-13
Platform: XBox
Submitter name: LandirtHome
Location: Berlin

Contract Title: Requiem for a biker

Briefing: Good evening, 47. Our clients are grieving parents who just lost their son to addiction. They gave us the name of his dealer, Marius Schmitt, and the location of his gang hideout. Although Marius is your main target, the clients ask us to look for any gang members found near drugs and to do to them what they did to their son. To poison them all. Good luck, 47.

Brief Description: I wanted to explore the addiction side of the sin of gluttony. The contract uses the first two levels of the Biker hideout and the drug side of their activities for a cozy but meaningful experience. I also wanted to challenge people into finding poison in the level/on the ICA agents as the contract demands more that one can bring and smuggle (unless one decides to drag them all in the Grow House for an alternative solution). Unfortunately sprinkle unit poison kills don’t properly register, making the contract much easier, but the requirement is still in the briefing.

Featured Contract Image suggestion: a poison jar and a cocaine brick side by side in the grow house.

Contract ID: 3-27-0694139-13
Platform: XBox
Location: Dubai
Submitter name: LandirtHome

Contract Title: Second Serving

Briefing: Good morning, 47. Your targets are Lucy Phillips, Cornelia Steyvesant and Sebastian Sato. As artist, heiress, and fashion designer, their lives are simply regal and decadent. So used to opulence, they recently decided to become judges for diverse luxury events. Multiple contracts have been made on them. From this deadly buffet, one asks you to strike during the inauguration of the Burj Al-Ghazali, and to serve and refine their falls.

Brief Description: What is gluttony if not asking for more of what you already had ? The contract is obviously a reference to The Dartmoor Garden Show but was still made to be an interesting puzzle in isolating the targets near a fall accident opportunity. I almost added a pun about feeding the void in the briefing, but thought it would be too much. (hint : Gluttony is friendly towards emetic poison, an elevator is behind the bar near the bathroom and Sebastian Sato can find himself outside the eyes of guards and friendly NPCs even on the balcony)
But I must add that @GlogolZ still has me beat on puzzle contract after his Romeo & Juliet contract, which was a masterpiece of a hair pulling contract.

Featured Contract Image suggestion : Sebastian Sato looking at the distance from the balcony


Contract ID: 1-31-3213626-65

Platform: PC

Submitter name: xNotWinter

Contract Title: The Wine Heist


Kenneth Flower has always had an interest in wines. His interest however became an obsession. He now goes from place to place to “work” and steals the most expensive wines selling them illegally afterwards. An auction will be happening soon for the 1945 Grand Paladin and our client, a buyer and ex-employer of Kenneth wants him eliminated as he is afraid he will be going for his greatest heist yet. Stealing the famous 1945 Grand Paladin.

Good Luck, 47

Brief Description: Eliminate the sommelier in the security room cause he wants to steal the 1945 grand paladin
Location: Mendoza


My image submissions:

Contract ID: 2-27-5403821-31

Platform: PS4

Submitter name: zubin47

Contract Title: DADA OF FOOD


47, we have a TRICKY ASSASSINATION here – the Target must be eliminated by CONSUMED POISON only. Our Client wants AHMED DADA (also known as DADA OF FOOD) eliminated as he runs trafficking of DRUGS STUFFED IN PACKAGED FOOD. In India DADA means BIG BROTHER, MAFIA BOSS or MASTER.

The Target OVER-CONSUMES FOOD, and he is also RESPONSIBLE FOR FAMINE in some parts of the world. Good Luck 47, the mission is tricky with multiple complications on it.

Brief Description:

The contract may look easy by poisoning just one guard in the penthouse, but it is not that guard who drinks from a bottle talking to Master Chef. The target is the one who talks about the lockdown drill with another guard near the two parachutes on wall and then goes and stands near the dining table. He does not move, drinks or eat anything there. So, the challenge is to make him eat or drink. The consumed poisoning is inspired by the Season of Gluttony.
Note: Bring a lethal poison jar/pill as the only poison is with the assassin as an optional objective is no pacification.

I believe this is an interesting challenge and if we figure out the trick, it is very easy. I have played it and achieved Silent Assassin rating. Hope you enjoy it and this gets selected in featured contract.

Location: Dubai, UAE (On Top of The World)



I highly recommend playing this contract and find the solution and share me the feedbacks such that it will motivate me to create more tricky contracts for you.


Spoiler Ahead - Don't Open
Don't Give Up, Try by yourself
  1. Make sure to do this very fast before Carl Ingram with his guards reaches penthouse or you can irritate and send him to play golf or let him escape by parachute.
  2. The intention is to have the only 4 penthouse guard on top floor - one in his office, 2 patrolling and 1 standing in the balcony.
  3. Bring along a consumed poison, a gun (preferably a Sieker) , two illegal throwable device like Audio Distractor, Bomb, Taser Device etc. The second illegal devices can be brought in the penthouse agency pickup.
  4. Start with Penthouse Staff and poison the Glass, yes that is the place where we poison him and we have to get Ahmed Dada from downstrair till the bar without pacification (optional complication)
  5. Go near the Target to initiate the conversation trigger and eventually he goes to the position near the table shown in image suggestion.
  6. Meanwhile get the suitcase with illegal item inside it from the penthouse pickup.
  7. Take a breath and now you have to do these steps very fast -
    Keep the gun just below the penthouse bar under the poisoned glass such that the other staff does not see it
    Run and get the screwdriver nearby and keep with you
    Run and throw one illegal item to one of the farthest patrolling guard such that he gets it just after some time maybe 10 seconds
    Run and throw other illegal item to one of the nearest patrolling guard such that he gets it just after some time maybe 8 seconds
    Run and get the whiskey bottle from the standing guard in balcony and throw just before him to downstairs - such that he goes downstairs
    Run and drop the suitcase to the nearest guard such that he picks it up
    Now throw the screwdriver to the placed gun such that the penthouse staff notices and goes to find a guard nearby
    Just after he leaves take the placed gun and place it in the other staircase such that the balcony guard see it and takes
    Here all 4 guards will take the illegal items and go 2 level downstairs near the sleeping guard with a banana to place in the weapons crate.
    You may Sieker the guards to delay as well, I tried with both methods - Sieker and general gun
  8. The penthouse staff will call the nearest guard downstairs which is our target - and now everything is easy - poison him in the bar
  9. To hide his body which is very easy - the poor staff will see the body and call the next nearest guard which is downstairs and you have enough time to throw from balcony
  10. You may collect your belongings from the weapons crate and exit the mission.

Please try your ways and let me know in comments if you found any other way.


Contract ID: 2-28-2173699-50

Platform: PS4

Submitter name: Chiku138



Hello Agent 47, the client wants to kill the five demons who have committed the “SIN OF GLUTTONY” by food poisoning.

The client is THE RIDDLER who shared the following Riddle:

Arrive smartly and mend the kitchen to fill the shortage of venom in the house with the key to exit, but beware of a culprit who use the fixed to fail you. Only the demon sleeps today and change outfit from pouch. The order of the chain is the path and with glasses, you are the king.

Good Luck solving the Puzzle!

Brief Description:

This contract is for difficulty seekers and puzzle solvers, the most tricky part is to get the butler on the cup of tea and save a non-target. It is an addictive contract where if you solve one piece of puzzle, and you get Mission Failed due to non-target eliminated. I recommend just follow the Riddle and note down your steps in a paper and you will surely solve it. Ignore the time ticking which distracts you while playing – it is optional. I feel it is a 30 Minute Test to master Hitman and you must replay/replan until you get a solution, but once you get the solution, trust me your day will be awesome. You only need to bring one lethal poison and may get the rest from the map.

Please play it and let me know the feedbacks here in comments. This would motivate me to create more of this contracts and share with you. It took about a week for me to plan and design this contract. Please note that this is not a contract for speed runners, but yes if you found a solution, feel free to speed run.

About Me: I am a lady with a PS4, and I play 3 games on it - Hitman 1, Hitman 2 and Hitman 3. I have been playing all since Hitman Codename 47 back in 2000 and waiting eagerly for Hitman 4.

Location: DARTMOOR

Image Submissions:

Note: Many Thanks to @ LandirtHome for creating this Contract for X-Box
X-Box Contract ID: 3-28-4218366-13

Silent Assassin with 5 Start Rating proof:


Other Image Suggestions:


Contract Summary:


Contract ID: 3-29-6004982-01

Platform: Xbox One

Submitter Name: Pootis.exe

Contract Title: Something Stronger


Gluttony is a mindless overindulgence. An overindulgence that is constantly tightening its grip.

These clubbers are seeking their usual fix, but they always need more and more to satiate their ever-growing appetites. The duplicitous dealer, of course, is always happy to oblige.

They don’t care that each hit is stronger and deadlier than the last. Their gluttony betrays them to the dealer’s silver tongue, and so, no matter the danger, they will happily follow him to their doom.

Brief Description:

While gluttony is typically attributed to food, it is often used to describe overindulgence of something in a more general sense. It can therefore also be attributed to drug addiction, as drug addiction is, in a physical sense, an uncontrollable overconsumption of drugs. Thematically, my contract explores the ever-increasing demands of said drug addiction; symbolically depicted through assassinations using increasingly powerful weaponry.

The main challenge of this contract revolves around acquiring the necessary equipment to carry out the eliminations, and then getting the targets into a suitable position. All of the weapons required (excluding the Explosive Device) can be acquired within the map itself without needing to pacify or eliminate anyone, but running off to fetch them may cost the player valuable time. The player must therefore decide which weapons they want to bring with them and which to acquire within the level. The Explosive Device must be smuggled in as it cannot be obtained within the level without voiding Silent Assassin (although if you don’t have enough mastery to have unlocked any explosives, you probably aren’t ready for Featured Contracts anyway). It is possible to bring all four of the necessary weapons within the player’s loadout, but doing so requires the player to start from the radio tower, which will prevent most players from achieving the best times. The player is therefore likely to be forced to use non-silenced weapons to complete the contract, which adds a whole other layer of challenge.

Once the player has the weapons, they must eliminate the dealer, don his disguise, and engage the targets. None of them are in isolated environments however, so the player must find a way to lure them to a more secluded area; the briefing providing a clue on how to do so (the player can offer drugs to the targets when disguised as the dealer). Doing this the intended way is not compulsory of course and players have plenty of room to experiment.

I also added a ‘No Pacifications’ complication in order to prevent players from just knocking out their targets and just stuffing them all into one room to eliminate one-by-one (which would make the contract way too easy). The dealer is also Any/Any so that players are free to begin the contract in whatever way they wish. Silent Assassin is possible, but should pose a decent challenge.

Also did you notice the pun in the briefing? “Each hit is stronger than the last.” Get it? Because ‘a hit’ can mean taking drugs, but it can also mean… an assassination… ah, nevermind.

Location: Berlin

Image Suggestion:

It could be 47 engaging one of his targets while disguised as the dealer, or it could be him luring them away. I also quite like the image I used for the poster at the top. I’ve added said image, along with some others I took, in the drop-down menu below.



Contract ID:1-31-9593686-29

Platform: PC(Epic)
Submitter name: Hamushi

Contract Title:The Harvester

Briefing: Good morning 47.
This time the target is three employees working in Mendoza.
Emiliano,Emesto and Nesto are embezzling grapes grown in Viñedo Yates.
Their purpose is to eat the grapes themselves and they are considered to be guilty of the sin of gluttony.
Our client’s request is to give them the punishment they deserve for their sin and to eliminate them, so eliminate them with the grapes of Viñedo Yates.
Good hunting.

Brief Description: What is the proper elimination method for Gluttony? It is, of course, to eliminate the target with food. In the world of HITMAN, you can use food to kill people.
In this contract, you will have to procure the necessary grapes locally.
Also, you must not pacify people, so do not forget to deal with the sound that is created when you hit the target with the grapes.

Location: Mendoza
Image Submissions:


Contract ID: 3-31-3536725-07
Platform: Xbox
Submitter name: SlashGashGaga
Location: Mendoza
Contract Title: Steamed Hams

Briefing: Don Yates is throwing a big feast to celebrate his retirement from Morgan, Yates & Co. Yates was always hungry for power and our client wants his perfect win record scarred before her retires. Eliminate those who helped Yates with the cases and ruin his reputation. Show them your old family recipe for steamed hams, though you called them steamed hams despite the fact they’re obviously asado. Yates has bitten off more than he can chew, let’s give him an unforgettable luncheon. Bon Appetit 47.

Brief Description: This is my 1st time here so I hope I’ve done everything right. I always wanted to make a contract around The Simpsons meme steamed Hams and now I got the chance. It gives a slight challenge as how to kill the targets but quite simple if you know the map. Everything is possible without having to bring in tools.

Featured Contract Image suggestion:


Yay! Time to submit some very yummy contracts, this time I decided to double it up and serve… I meant submit two contracts. One is a simple appetiser, and the other is a heavy main. Will post these two separately just to make it easier for those to look up, and I added pizzazz by adding in a poster to both of them, because I had plenty of time. Now here’s the simple appetiser.

Contract ID: 3-27-6347262-09
Platform: Xbox
Submitter Name: DavidG185
Contract Title: Next Floor


Gluttony, what could this mean? Yes, it means that someone has been consuming something for their entire life. The Eleven is a hungry corporation that has been consuming Earth’s resources, so people below their standards will have to starve. While you’ll not be taking down the 11 members, you’ll need to deal with 4 of its main leaders which coincidentally, Ingram has invited the other 3 to his penthouse in Dubai. Kill the 4 that deals with religion, energy, fashion and money respectfully.

Brief Description: My inspiration behind this contract was from a 2008 short film titled Next Floor. The idea when making this contract is that there is like eleven membrers of a corporation that decided to cause carnage to the world in a gluttonous way. Kinda similar to how there’s eleven people eating a luxurious buffet in the short film.

However, I decided to limit this to 4 targets, just to make it easier for those playing. The method in taking out these targets is mainly adding a bit of a kick to either their food or drink. First target involves eliminating with Lethal Poison. Second target involves drowning them for an accident kill. Third target is any accident, though the quickest is pushing or tossing it off the rails, but you can still do the same method as target two. Fourth target is Any Method, so you can do whatever you like with Mr. Carl Ingram. But do note, you will need to wear the Event Staff disguise when eliminating all 4 targets, so lethal poison or drowning works very well.

There is a few complications to note about with this contract - Next Floor, but is not too much. If you get spotted, it will just break your score and SA. If you’re recorded in a camera grid, make sure you take out the recordings before you exit the mission. Speaking of exit, there is only one exit to take in this level, and that is the Atrium Exit. So you got a few options to consider. Shall you take the intended procedure and eliminate them in the intended order, or will you keep in mind about the Required Exit Complication and get Carl Ingram sorted out first since the first three are pretty close by? That is something for you to think about when tackling this contract. The Event Staff disguise is very easy since you can start with it. So this contract is good for those that wants to speedrun and find the optimal path, and is also good for those that have unlocked a couple of nice things in their early playthroughs of the game. I know this isn’t brief, but I think it is cool to explain my thoughts on how I created this contract.

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates (On Top Of The World)

Featured Contract Image Suggestions:
Option 1)

Option 2)

That’s the simple appetiser done. I’ll work on showing you guys the heavy main. Good luck to those that decided to play this contract.


excited to submit for the first time :] good luck to everyone !!

Contract ID: 2-27-8057894-24
Platform: PS
Submitter name: canonically47

Contract Title: Soup of Spite
Location: Dubai


  • Hanako Kato: Poison, Famous Chef
  • Ayako Jouda: Poison, Famous Chef
  • Lucy Phillips: Poison, Famous Chef
  • Tommy Marevick: Kitchen Knife (Melee), Famous Chef


  • Required Exit
  • No Recordings

Hired by Carl Ingram, famous chef Roberto Franculitta is determined to prepare the perfect meal. However, when he starts cooking, he realizes his ingredients are gone! He knows this is foul play, and suspects staff members Hanako Kato, Ayako Jouda and their leader, artist Lucy Phillips. He angrily storms off, swearing that their current meal shall be their last… And to make sure nobody can ruin his plan by escaping, pilot Tommy Marevick will be sacrificed out of spite for his next soup!

Brief Description:
my first thought was to bring in poison, and i had two reasons; one: food, gluttony, y’know … and two: it will make it harder for the player, because they need poison in their pockets at all times, therefore forcing them to not bring in anything else besides a pistol .
after i decided on the weapon, i got to work and killed some people .
the two workers weren’t hard to find and get rid of, so i decided to also get lucy, who was the cherry on top: i find her quite hard to get to, always around someone, so i ruined my SA for her kill . this will cause players to get creative (and probably rage a bit in the process if they’re anything like me) if they want to be a clean, silent assassin . i also decided to go with a little storyline and made the pilot work for them (which is a bit silly, i know, but i felt like the contract wasn’t hard enough) . thankfully though, he has to die with a knife, which can be easily found right next to the necessarry disguise .
obviously, a master assassin can’t be seen, so i erased recordings and made it necessarry for players to do so, too . the ‘only one exit’ part came to me as i was getting to the fourth and final target, and i stuck with it .
i themed it around food and the chef’s items, and towards the ending of the briefing even hinted the ‘chef’ to be a bit like the season’s elusive targets … we all know how they turned out, lol .
i think it’s pretty fitting ! i’m pretty proud of how it turned out, it’s a thinker :]

Featured Contract Image suggestion:


Time to show you my second contract. This is what I call the heavy main. Introducing… Famous Axecidents & Assaults. And yeah, I know… missed an opportunity to make the last word be “assalts” because of food puns. But oh well.

Contract ID: 3-27-3098442-09
Platform: Xbox
Submitter Name: DavidG185
Contract Title: Famous Axecidents & Assaults


Food fuels us up for the working day, especially at parties. Rumors say that the Famous Chef that Marcus Styvesant hired is actually a cannibal and is looking for some meat to add to his gourmet menu. And he really wants rich meat to fuel his gluttonous taste. It is convenient that this Famous Chef has arrived at Dubai and is looking to sell a murderous recipe book. It might sound totally silly on paper, but the ICA is interested. Kill these famous targets and dump them for safe keeping.

Brief Description: This contract is one that I struggled to get right, but with trial and error I’ve found and crafted what is practically a very challenging contract. One that revolves around the idea of a Famous Chef looking to murder some very rich people so that he can serve it on a platter for cannibals. We may all wished and visioned at what happens if the person that is making your food is a cannibal. But this time I’ve given you something that requires some crafty work that will require some preparation.

This 4 target contract involves taking them out using various different methods but all have to involve using a disguise that you’ll need to grab to get the whole shabang going, because this cannibal chef is also promoting his recipe book which is the name of this contract. Food of this kind goes stale when you’re doing it in the same kill method.

First target has to be eliminated using the ICA Combat Axe (Melee) and that is one of Carl Ingram’s bodyguards. Second target has to be eliminated using an Assault Rifle, and it is very convenient that this penthouse guard that patrols not far from target 1’s initial spawn to also have an assault rifle behind it. Getting killed by its own weapon is kama for that one. Third target is Omar, the guy at the speech. He has to be eliminated using an SMG which target 1 drops when unconcious or killed. And the fourth target is Cornelia Styvesant, and she has to be eliminated using the Ornate Scimitar (Melee) which Omar drops. Kind of a literal backstab to Marcus when he finds out that he’s been eating his own daughter. That’s very evil!

And I guess I have to tell you what the complications are in this one. Well, I’ve tried and tested it countless times and mistakes, but I can guarantee - this is possible! Three optional complications; Do Not Get Spotted, No Bodies Found, and Targets Only. These just break your score and SA. However the real dealbreaker is this which makes sense when you think about it as a chef… and that is you MUST hide any body that you’ve knocked unconcious or killed before you exit the mission. Yes, this is a deal breaker because there is one toilet that has a closet, and that is the one on the left wing. So you need to be crafty and make sure that the third and fourth target do go to that specific toilet. So you will need to poison emetically a person before you do the same to the target because they always go to the nearest toilet. And the toilet on the right door doesn’t have a closet, but the one on the left door does.

You can take these out in any order you see fit, but the quickest from what I’ve done countless times is to do first target first, third target second, second or fourth target third or fourth. Good thing you can take any exit which is your reward for your efforts. But have fun trying not to screw it up. Because one simple mistake will cause you to lose EVERYTHING! Marcus Styvesant could be walking nearby after he visited the security area. Or some enforcers will trick you, and even the game decides to bug out and count an action on the third target as an NPC kill for no reason (trust me, it has happened twice - ha ha ha!). At least you become the most articulated and god damn great chef assassin which I’m pretty sure 47 will make a very fine chef.

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates (On Top Of The World)

Featured Contract Image Suggestions:
Option 1)

Option 2)

If you decided to go with this option, please replicate this shot again without the prompts on the screen. Thank you.

And that is my two contracts submitted for Gluttony. I hope you enjoyed Next Floor, and Famous Axecidents & Assaults. It took quite a lot of effort in coming up with these two contracts. I am happy if either one of them gets featured. And for those that are looking to try out some contracts, good luck. You will need it. Can’t wait to see what you guys have been up to and to see some great contracts. I won’t be too surprise if these make me feel hungry. I actually like making these posters using paint dot net (entering it normally somehow turns it into a link). Might have to start making contract posters a little more often.


Contract ID: 1-27-2575004-71
Platform: PC
Submitter name: Fuzk
Contract Title: Potassium Overload
Brief Description: Eliminating someone with a banana just feels very fitting to the theme of Gluttony. The “recipe” is included in the briefing text.
Location: Dubai

A kill with a banana?
The recipe is simple.
Only two ingredients are needed:

- HWK21 Pale Homemade Silencer
- A banana

Then, you’ll need to do:
5 shots to the arm
1 shot to the torso
and throw the banana at the head.

Have fun!

Note: You acquire the gun by reaching Mastery Level 2 in Romania (Carpathian Mountains), and you can find a banana in the Meeting Room, or in two of the Security Rooms.

Featured Contract Image suggestion:


Looking good already!


Just a quick little note on how you can get the ICA Combat Axe for one of my contracts (ie. Famous Axecidents & Assaults) - Reach Mastery Level 7 in Mendoza. Make sure when you decide to smuggle this item in that it has to be an Agency Pickup and make sure you grab the briefcase so that you can store some very illegal items such as the Orante Scimitar. Thought I might point it out for those that are a little bit lost.

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Contract ID: 1-27-2825490-10
Platform: PC, Digital
Submitter Name: bgyorok
Contract Title: Une Pointe D’Amertume
Briefing: Good Morning, agent. Buffy Loesch, CEO of the Loesch Vin company, has been putting immense amount of Macadamia nuts in her products without disclosing it to the public. This then led to one of her customers dying from a severe allergic reaction. Knowing about the consequences, Ms. Loesch hired Antonio Marreghereti to put the blame onto the customer. Our client wants you to get rid of the two of them and also Rickie Shuffler, Marketing Assistant, and Alice Clark, Co-CEO. Good luck.
Brief Description: This is just a simple 4 target contract, although all of the targets can be killed in multiple accidents/poisonings. There’s also even a possibility for a double kill. I’m sure I butchered that title, but I’m putting my trust into Google Translate :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Location: Dubai
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Contract ID: 1-31-3208378-10
Platform: PC, Digital
Submitter Name: bgyorok
Contract Title: Burnt Ends
Briefing: Good Morning, 47. Your targets are 4 workers currently working at Vinedo Yates. They’ve been working with our client for the past 12 years, but in a sudden turn of events, they wanted a large sum of “donation” to feed their addictions, more than our client could give them. In response, they were successful in ruining his business for good. They were soon working here just so they could get free Malbec. Our client says that this is unacceptable, and that they must be terminated immediately.
Brief Description: Also 4 targets, but the catch is that you may not be spotted. This complication was pretty important just so rooms with 1 NPC and the target cannot be dealt with that easily (although it’s not mandatory). The food pun title just felt too good not to use :grinning:

Location: Mendoza
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