Official Community HOT SCOPE Featured Contracts Submissions Thread [CLOSED]

There is no rest for the wicked - and I hereby open the HOT SCOPE CFC submissions thread!!

It’s time to bring your best aim, Hot Scope is about accuracy, but not necessarily from a distance :dart:

How to get your Contract Featured: Well just as last time, there are many ways to get Featured. It can be based on a super creative briefing, a cool idea or just a plain fun contract. But remember: They have to be inspired by Hot Scope, to be taken into consideration.

Note: you’ll need to create them in HITMAN 3, but feel free to use any location from the World of Assassination.

How to submit:

Contract ID:


Submitter name:

Contract Title:


Brief Description:


And Featured Contract Image suggestion (we’ll add an image in-game, to make it look awesome)

Submissions Close Monday, June 27, 1 PM CEST.

A new deadline is in scope, time to get accurate and creative.
Good luck :dart:


Contract ID : 1-09-6962282-68
Platform : PC (Epic)
Submitter name: Dinozafr
Contract Title: Area 51
Brifing : In Colorado was spotted UFO . Five mans was kidnepped UFO . And UFO orded kidnappers . So , this is strange contract , 47. We’ve never seen anything like it . So , stay out of it . Good luck , 47.
Brief Description: Five targets . only sniper rifle , only headshots , no disguise change .
Location : Colorado
Image : HITMAN3_gDiaEPxYpT



Contract Name
Contract ID
1. Area 51 Dinozafr 1-09-6962282-68 Epic
2. Trial of the mansion guard Bgyorok 1-28-0947455-10 Epic
3. Duck’s Time Happy little whi 1-29-4377105-84 Epic
4. Sniper Assassin: Mumbai Mk II Kevin Rudd 1-13-2299513-04 Epic
5. The Firearm Elusivity Level 2 Kevin Rudd 1-07-9239706-04 Epic
6. Only Daffodils Mastertino 1-28-6417501-92 Steam
7. It’s Always Sunny in Marrakesh mkSolas 1-06-6687227-03 Epic
1-06-7022599-84 Steam
8. MAN IN THE GRANDFATHER CLOCK Casetros 1-24-1858286-82 Steam
9. Unhealthy (S)coping Mechanism Pootis.exe 1-18-0469862-93 Steam
10. Far Frag Urben 1-20-8456496-28 Epic
11. THE TRAGEDY AT THE CHURCH AYSyw 1-21-6739625-22 Epic
12. Hot Scope,Cold Snipe Quartz Tan 1-31-6251437-27 Epic
13. Raging Hot River Shots evan_online 1-33-4878996-07 Epic
14. The Hotness Rivalry pomegranate owl 1-02-4144770-87 Epic
15. Hocus Scopus djsojus 1-02-8810106-62 Epic
16. A Cold Gambler’s Den mkSolas 1-18-6503592-03 Epic
17. Sniper Tournament - Championship Hamushi 1-26-9155431-29 Epic
18. Maid Cafe : Moe? Kyun Hamushi 1-28-3450370-29 Epic
18. Furuhata Nin47ro Hamushi 1-28-2080407-29 Epic
19. Boiling the Hotheads evan_online 1-09-7120367-07 Epic
20. ASMR Squad theWizard 1-27-6740013-78 Epic
21. The Marrakesh Ambush DCxyz 1-06-0640795-17 Epic
22. The Hot Shots Zebulaus 1-03-1625512-95 Steam
23. Hot scope eagle eye Feng Cai 1-29-4667313-17 Epic
24. Sniper at sunset Feng Cai 1-31-7610799-17 Epic
25. Marrakesh Officer Hunt GenP 1-06-7011908-33 Epic
26. How to kill a Zombie Parsime 1-03-3300359-72 Epic
28. SCOPIUM TheObserver 1-05-1867862-79 Epic
29. Watching over you piko1311 1-29-3178926-62 Steam


Contract Name
Contract ID
1. Kiss me, Kill me Steynkie69 2-03-4468515-09
2. Through the Looking Glass teddyfilmore 2-29-2392773-84
3. Burn After Sniping tryagainlater 2-31-6283510-92
4. “Blood for the Bird god” TNGassassan 2-28-1759328-16
5. Hot Property teddyfilmore 2-22-0735004-84
6. Shooting Sun Lavapenguin19 2-03-0359207-67
7. It’s An Attic-tion Switcher 2-31-7012905-00
1-31-5754719-53 Epic
1-31-3919192-13 Stadia
8. Guarded Hits Switcher 2-21-2460993-10
9. SNIPER CAPRICCIO Switcher 2-29-4188185-00
10. CROSSFIRE zubin47 2-13-5385810-31
11. Hot-blooded massacre IlikeHitman 2-22-6271110-63
12. Hot Scoop teddyfilmore 2-11-9765216-84
13. Quick aim IlikeHitman 2-31-9231609-63


Contract Name
Contract ID
1. Treehouse Warrior Canucklehead X 3-22-4548603-69
2. The Perfect Problems DavidG185 3-30-5001865-09
3. Broaden Your Majestic Scope DavidG185 3-02-9732133-09
4. Freeze framed Wigglyweevil211 3-13-5116692-17
5. Cry Me A River linux_penguin 3-30-5475164-02
6. Interconnectedness linux_penguin 3-18-1538621-02
7. Switch-scope Wigglyweevil211 3-02-5532658-17
8. Bringing Down the House Crewdy 3-28-1855496-20
9. Sub-zero vanishing Wigglyweevil211 3-12-8249554-17
10. “Two Cents, Three Ways” Krkkit2012 3-07-5896190-59
11. Divine Intervention TRON3205 3-03-0552545-81
12. News worthy radiance! Wigglyweevil211 3-33-1026717-17
13. Engulfed in a fiery sorrow Wigglyweevil211 3-11-7356941-17
14. The other side- RED SUN RISING Wigglyweevil211 3-26-7196880-17
15. Lifeguards off DUTY Krkkit2012 3-26-4977938-59
16. High Time JRok261 3-03-2303460-34
17. Staff Infection JRok261 3-12-7288313-34

Contract ID: 3-22-4548603-69
Platform: Xbox
Submitter Name: Canucklehead X
Location: Whittleton Creek
Contract Title Treehouse Warrior

Relive your childhood from your treehouse. Terrorize the neighbourhood as you look down on them and rule without a care in the world. Decide who lives and who dies with your handy sniper rifle. Just try not to get caught.

Brief Description
I’m not the best person with the sniper, but here’s my attempt at a sniper contract. All targets can be shot from the treehouse. I debated about the headshots only, but I’m not that good with the sniper so I decided against it.

Image Suggestion


Contract ID: 1-28-0947455-10
Platform: PC, EGS
Submitter Name: Bgyorok
Contract Title: Trial of the mansion guard
Alexa Carlisle has given you a special opportunity to work with “The Big Boys”. She has picked out 4 of her (ex)-bodyguards and has given you the task of “scoping” them out and eliminating them. Of course, they aren’t aware of this ordeal, so being compromised is not an option. Alexa will also look over your targets for an extra challenge.
This is a big trial for a mansion guard like you, so don’t disappoint her!
Good luck.
Brief Description: A 4 target contract, all of them are guards, 2 with a pistol and 2 with a sniper, but all in the mansion guard disguise. All of them can be found in places where Alexa spends some time, so you can either pacify her or time the kills right. You can either go into the mansion and eliminate them in proximity or if you’re an experienced hitman mansion guard, you may not even need to enter the mansion…but watch out: you will need to be quick with this approach!
Location: Dartmoor
Featured Contract Image Suggestions:
47 holding up a pistol against a bodyguard’s head

47 looking down at a bodyguard’s body from the balcony with another one just beside him


Hot Scope? Oh Yeah! Sorry… still a bit pumped from playing Fall Guys which just became Free To Play today at the time of this post. :laughing: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
Here are two contracts I’m submitting, both fresh; The Perfect Problems and Broaden Your Majestic Scope… the latter, I’m leaving a bit of a note if it does get picked. One contract that wants you to do headshots and hide them (both optional), and the other… snipe some freakin’ ladies with a beautiful sniper rifle. You could say, both are very Hot! :fire: :fire: :fire:

Contract Title: The Perfect Problems
Contract ID: 3-30-5001865-09 (Xbox)
Location: Chongqing, China (End of An Era)


Hello 47. The client is a friend of a most popular player of the popular shooter game titled “Hot Metal”. This player has been known to strategize and able to shoot targets in the head successfully. Problem, his recent lack of videos concerns audiences. As it turns out, Hush, member of SAICA [Society Against the ICA] is working on improving his and Mogwai’s shooter strategies by draining the best player’s knowledge with mind control. Think like him & shoot their heads plus hide their problems.

Brief Description:
Eliminate 2 targets; Hush and his bodyguard - Mogwai. Both need to be eliminated with a pistol while disguised as the Perfect Test Subject. While a regular player would leave the bodies they shot on the ground and call it a day, a clean assasin would actually prefer cleaning it up and doing it properly. A+ if you can do that. That’s not a problem, right?

Featured Contract Image:
Mogwai either knocked out or killed on the bathroom floor in The Block with 2 or more pistols on the ground, pointing at his head. Make it look like he’s looking at it. Him dabbing on the ground was a bit unclear. :sweat_smile:

Contract Title: Broaden Your Majestic Scope
Contract ID: 3-02-9732133-09 (Xbox)
Location: Paris, France (The Showstopper)


Gloria Rosenberg, the most well known fashion critic has damaged ICA’s pride by eliminating our Clothes Designer with lead poision contained in a custom Silver Suit. The news reporters are planning on interviewing Rosenberg for their upcoming scoop. We believe the assassination was due to her view of our suits being not creative enough to enter the fashion industry. As an act of vengence, we need to make sure this interview never happens with a silver bullet, preferably from The Majestic.

Brief Description:
Eliminate 3 targets with any Sniper Rifle (preferably The Majestic) in your Suit, the Two News Reporters and a woman in the wide brimmed hat. Pretty simple with some preparation. But of course, you need to bring the best looking Sniper Rifle to eliminate a critic that poisoned our ICA Clothes Designer. Yeap, time to go over the top with the elimination.

Featured Contract Image:
The Majestic sniper rifle (highlighted) on a counter top next to a News Camera (either intact or broken). Filtered with the Late Sunset filter to get that prideful violet finish.

Note to Devs (Read if picked)

Hey. So if you guys end up picking this contract I’ve created - Broaden Your Majestic Scope, first… thank you. Second, I would like this contract to have one or two changes made on the Featured Contract release version compare to this submission version. They’re not that big but are pretty important and fitting to the contract.

  • Kill Methods - In Broaden Your Majestic Scope in the submission version, all 3 targets’ kill methods is Any Sniper Rifle. In the release version, I would like that to change to specifically The Majestic Sniper Rifle. It’s the sniper rifle from the 7 Deadly Sins Pride DLC. That is the sniper rifle pictured in the Featured Contract Image I’ve provided. Why I wanted it specifically? Well, if you read the briefing, it fits with the theme and the title. It was also what I’ve imagined when I was creating that contract. Of course that kill method is optional for anyone and will be a pain for new players, but the White Kitana used in one of the Space Conflict Featured Contracts is from the Deluxe Edition DLC, so no arguing on that part. This change is important. Gotta make it look stylish. This contract is possible with any other sniper rifle. It’s just to match both the title and the briefing.
  • Slight Error - When you read the briefing in-game the word ICA’s is full caps as ICA’S . Change that to how the briefing is read in the submission.

Title: Freeze framed
Contract ID:3-13-5116692-17
Username: Wigglyweevil211
Location: Mumbai
Brief description: After a attempted frame job on hit, the painter has got hold of us to eliminate these bollywood bodyguards and the famous kashmerian with a good (challenging) mix between thrown and melee with the cold ice pick, they were planning on using to FREEZE frame the painter. Good luck.

Featured contract image:


contract ID:1-29-4377105-84
contract platform:PC EGS
contract title:DUCK’S TIME
Submitter’s name:Happy little whi
place name:Berlin

Introduction:47. Get intelligence from the bounty man. There are four DJs who break the law in a Berlin basement, throwing huge parties. This time, they will be wiped out in one fell swoop.Good luck,47
Brief introduction:The four targets are all in the Berlin basement. Players need to make a plan and good luck.
Recommended screenshots


:fire: Hot Scope, AKA nobody is free of sin sniper rifles (“except” me :upside_down_face: ):wheel:

Contract ID/Title/Briefing:

Platform: Xbox
Submitter name: linux_penguin
Brief Description: well you see it’s hot scope because there’s a lot of guns :smiley:
but also going around the map gathering firearms can be just as fun as bringing them in, with some guns to be obtained from the targets.
Location: Chongqing

Image Suggestion, aka first pretty image I found :)

:fire: :wheel: :man_running: :fire: :wheel: :man_running: :fire: :wheel: :man_running:

Contract ID/Title:

Actions have consequences. A guard with an SMG dies, so does a morgue doctor. A guard with a pistol dies, so does a mechanic. There is no assault rifle In the GAMA facility, so how about you add a new gun to the show? Just watch out; people hear gunshots, and targets have protection.
Platform: Xbox
Submitter name: linux_penguin
Brief description: oh no I’ve just made the same contract twice!! not really though, you begin in a hostile disguise and must navigate around. A casual player could bring an SMG for a quick morgue doctor disguise, but someone looking for a challenge would only need an assault rifle. After that it can all come crashing down as the shotgun can be found in the resort security room, the SMG on the guard and a pistol on the bodyguard
Location: Hokkaido-Patient Zero

Image suggestion


My new unlocked white ruby rude will come in handy soon :smiley:


Title: Switch-scope
Contract ID: 3-02-5532658-17
Username: Wigglyweevil211
Location: Paris
Brief description: This contract can be played from any starting location. Its very replayable. I hope you enjoy. Btw the link to hot scope is the sniper. PS: The FC pic took me 25 minutes of running around. I was worth it.

Featured contract image:

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@Happylittlewhi for the future submissions please don’t forget to include the name of the contract

@Charlie_Farmer @linux_penguin for the future submissions please don’t forget to post the contract ID directly into the message body


fixed it. Sorry, im sometimes forgetful. :slight_smile: @linux_penguin did put his contract ID in, its on the image.

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Yours on the image as well, but for the convenience it’s better if it was in the message body itself.
With it being there one just can copy and paste it wherever needed.
It’s much more easier than drawing it from the image


Contract ID: 2-29-7813025-84
Platform: PS4
Submitter Name: teddyfilmore
Contract Title: Through the Looking Glass
Location: Berlin


Club Hölle was already sweaty before someone threw cocaine into the fan. Now you can barely remember why you came. You keep asking for water but can’t hear anyone over the clash of a thousand frenzied voices against electronic dance music.

You’re dizzy. You try to escape but get lost in the colors and the rhythm of the lights. There are porcelain people and mulberry men, a ghost from your past and a marshmallow kingpin.

You give in to the music and start headbanging.

Follow the White Ruby…

Brief Description:

The ICA hunt is over for 47 after an accidental cocaine shower leaves him way too blasted in this heady contract where the real struggle is keeping his clothes on.

Image Suggestions:

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Contract ID: 2-31-6283510-92
Platform: PS5
Submitter name: tryagainlater
Contract Title: Burn After Sniping
Briefing: Feel the heat, feel the scope. Burn up three of your targets from behind your scope. Shoot two more from there too. Bringing your own sniper rifle is not required.

Brief Description: Using the sniping nest in Mendoza, you have a number of fire barrels to shoot as well as decent opportunities to snipe people stealthily. It’s not too challenging although you need some timing.

Location: Mendoza
And Featured Contract Image suggestion:


Contract ID: 1-13-2299513-04
Platform: EGS
Submitter name: Kevin Rudd
Contract Title: Sniper Assassin: Mumbai Mk II

Brief Description: Use your rifle from the Chawls to get ballistic or accident kills on targets in your view (aka “Any Method”)
Location: Mumbai
Image suggestion: Pick your fave


Yeah. I agree with @Count.Rushmore. It is a lot easier to copy paste it when you have Contract ID listed in full on your post’s body. The body is the thing you write, paste images and stuff on your post.

Some people pretty it up by using Hide Details (Gear Icon) and there you are when making a post.

"Hide Details".

Hi. :wink:

You can even write in those grey boxes by placing the Greater Than key (>) at the start of the section that you want to put it in. It’s great for writing your briefing in full on the post as it kinda looks like a briefing in-game. Just remember to press enter key twice like a paragraph so that it knows it was a paragraph and won’t put the grey box on the next section.

I also use Thematical Breaks when I’m showing or in this case submitting two or more contracts in one post. In HTML coding, Thematical Breaks are the two letters “hr” with the Less Than sign left of the “h” and the Greater Than sign on the right of the “r”. This is great for breaking up your post into sections without making more posts. Much like with the grey boxes, make sure to press the enter key twice if you want to write something after Thematical Breaks.
Apparently makes what you wrote after that disappear if you forget. :open_mouth: And you don’t want that.

Also, always remember to Preview your post before posting to see how it looks! You can always edit your post after you reply it if you spot a mistake. Those are my tips on how I fancy up my posts when it comes to contracts.

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Contract ID: 1-07-9239706-04
Platform: EGS
Submitter name: Kevin Rudd
Contract Title: The Firearm Elusivity Level 2
Brief Description: Kill the target (Clemens Koch) with an assault rifle while wearing your suit, no complications. Only problem is there’s only one assault rifle on the map, and the contract is structured so you have to find it! To find it you’ll have to expand your scope of your search :wink:

Briefing: Look the current briefing doesn’t make as much sense because it’s Level 2 of an escalation-style contract. If your team is able to change the briefing to this it would be appreciated and beneficial:

For a town full of soldiers, it’s hard to come across an assault rifle here

Location: Marrakesh - AHBOS
Image: Pick your fave again

So a contract of two mini-puzzles. Finding the weapon, and then killing someone with it in your suit. Also, good to make sure we don’t have 5 sniper contracts in this batch :wink: