Official Community Flower Power Featured Contracts Submissions Thread [CLOSED]

People, I hereby open the Flower Power CFC submissions thread :bouquet:

It’s time to find your inner florist and get creative!
Terminator Flowers/Sotgun Scene on Make a GIF

How to get your Contract Featured: It can be based on a super creative b̶o̶u̶q̶u̶e̶t̶ briefing, a cool idea or just a plain fun contract. But bear in mind: They have to be inspired by the theme Flower Power to be taken into consideration.

Note: you’ll need to create them in HITMAN 3, but feel free to use any location from the World of Assassination.

How to submit:

Contract ID:


Submitter name:

Contract Title:


Brief Description:


And Featured Contract Image suggestion (we’ll add an image in game, to make it look awesome)

Submissions Close Monday, August 22 - 1 PM CEST.

Let the florsit inspire you.
Good luck :blossom::cherry_blossom:❀✿:tulip:


nice, might finally create a contract for this awesome theme. I didnt even know post could be hijacked by moderators like this. very very cool.

also nice, I am Urben and all your post belongs to us


Epic Games44x44     Steam44x44     Stadia44x44

Contract Name
Contract ID
1. The Lotus Project Bgyorok 1-30-2674009-10  Epic Games
1-30-7624597-10  Epic Games
2-30-5644413-92  PlayStation
2. Burning Down the Cherry Blossom Tree Bgyorok 1-18-6632446-10  Epic Games
3. Toxic Flowers of the Jungle jan 1-12-4852965-81  Steam
4. I am just a guardener Steventjeeee 1-28-2540379-18  Epic Games
5. Withering of the Fallen Sakura WINNODD 1-10-5456401-99  Epic Games
6. Garden Hunter ICAagent_AL 1-31-3548969-97  Steam
7. Flowers’ Power Phylocode 1-31-1811223-67  Epic Games
8. Friendly Foliage The Mafia 1-31-8176007-36  Steam
9. Quesnelia ambrosi Georgikens 1-34-5327972-89  Epic Games
10. Bad Gardeners mendietinha 1-28-2412812-47  Epic Games
11. The Great Falling Flower Fiasco Eclipse 1-26-2476102-06  Epic Games
12. The Black Lily Redemption younes_92_ 1-03-3516322-19  Epic Games
13. Snake In The Grass Pootis.exe 1-12-9909896-93  Steam
14. SOWING THE SEEDS Casetros 1-12-1708308-82  Steam
15. Terminator Exterminator mkSolas 1-22-4125041-03  Epic Games
1-22-8314757-15  Steam
16. No Gardener Allowed Faiz51 1-22-1415921-05  Epic Games
17. sniper at sunset Feng Cai 1-31-7610799-17  Epic Games
18. accident contract Feng Cai 1-10-2884935-17  Epic Games
19. serial accidents Feng Cai 1-28-1840287-17  Epic Games
20. Yin and Yang Fenixsandr 1-10-9773696-29  Epic Games
21. The Hippy Heroism Glasswere 1-12-0533703-94  Epic Games
22. Falling To AKKA Faiz51 1-34-7439921-05  Epic Games
23. Bodyguard Flower Dinozafr 1-33-8244825-68  Epic Games
24. Food for The Black Tulip Fenixsandr 1-15-6616324-29  Epic Games
25. Killer of the Flower Moon Force_Obscure 1-31-7914282-34  Epic Games
26. There’s a flower in your dri… MaiTheLord 1-12-1529998-98  Epic Games
27. Petal to the Metal Sniff 1-13-6029852-40  Steam
28. The Greener Thumb matty-321 1-28-3220173-22  Epic Games
29. The Mob Wife Mk II Kevin Rudd 1-12-4880160-04  Epic Games
30. Déjà Vu mkSolas 1-03-0210128-03  Epic Games
31. ROSES IN THE SKY Casetros 1-20-8652727-82  Steam
32. Achilles’ Heel Georgikens 1-29-0502381-89  Epic Games
33. The downfall of the Flower cartel Steventjeeee 1-31-6525143-18  Epic Games
34. Botanists’ Pilfered Innovations Mebiudore 1-33-7366564-07  Epic Games
35. Flower Power conflict Fenixsandr 1-12-1474542-29  Epic Games
36. Ruby, don’t be so rude! Fenixsandr 1-33-2064731-29  Epic Games
37. When You Wish Upon A Waterlily Sniff 1-18-3937162-40  Steam
38. Fleurs-de-Lys RedSneakyFox 1-02-2801635-90  Steam
39. The Power of Silence Parsime 1-34-5717134-72  Epic Games
40. Wrath of Nature YamiDiddz 1-34-4479922-81  Steam
41. A Floral Quarrel Doug 1-03-9966297-74  Steam



Contract Name
Contract ID
1. The Hippie Raises Hell Steynkie69 2-34-9615173-09
2. GARDEN GUARDIAN natnag 2-33-4875911-00
3. Game of Thorns Drecito47 2-34-9229446-77
4. Fire Flower tryagainlater 2-15-0371239-92
5. Flower Power Movement zubin47 2-34-6524353-31
6. The Ghost of the Gardener zubin47 2-34-7473199-31
7. Weed Killer PooliePlays25 2-12-1197655-33
8. Green Energy BRYN4444 2-12-5049603-32
9. Roses On The Grave mjbsr2008 2-03-4305185-05
10. Red Rum And Flowers mjbsr2008 2-08-9906020-05
11. Lilac Fields Forever GlogolZ 2-31-2748607-54
12. Flower delivery XAN0611 2-03-0316395-84
13. Bonsai Bonanza Dodarkillen 2-30-9076317-24
14. Slay it with Flowers Strongblade 2-03-1942121-98
15. Rare Aquatic Flower zubin47 2-34-8667118-31
16. Premium Bohemian Mully24cpm 2-03-0052896-99
17. The Tree Hugging Warrior mjbsr2008 2-22-7320369-05
18. Gardens of Bangkok XAN0611 2-08-8744906-84
19. Rose Prickles zubin47 2-34-5639529-31
20. Keep Sapienza Sapienza, Man teddyfilmore 2-04-4097979-84
21. The Yeager Prognosis teddyfilmore 2-12-5776463-84
22. Garden party XAN0611 2-33-9691679-84
23. Apricot Thrower Switcher 2-09-4876859-10
24. The Durian Of Dorian Gray Greek Agent 2-34-2875603-61
25. Grape rain XAN0611 2-31-1210667-84
26. Funeral Wreath zubin47 2-26-3837981-31
27. blood red gardens Dodarkillen 2-03-7165113-24
28. Festival Flashbsck Dodarkillen 2-12-6891373-24
29. When The Lotus Dies mjbsr2008 2-30-5669683-05
30. The Construction Cleanse teddyfilmore 2-12-8329773-84
31. The Lotus Acquisition CallMeMabey87 2-30-7758391-88
32. Flower enemy XAN0611 2-30-1862953-84



Contract Name
Contract ID
1. Peace, purity and prosperity Wigglyweevil211 3-10-2441402-17
2. Floral moral Wigglyweevil211 3-33-3412072-17
3. Flower child Wigglyweevil211 3-04-0736481-17
4. Fall of the Flora Fiends Kesington019 3-12-5517430-19
6. Vegan Birthday Cake?! Canucklehead X 3-08-2078545-69
8. Age Of Aquarius SupremeCommanderIke 3-03-7226751-07
9. Daisy Bell linux_penguin 3-10-4089427-02
10. Ultraviolent Light linux_penguin 3-13-1156449-02
11. The God Delusion (2006) Wigglyweevil211 3-03-1148351-17
12. Smack To The Future Axwage 3-34-7387690-04
13. UAE Sky Garden Kesington019 3-27-1521246-19
14. Nature’s Vengeance Krikkit2021 3-24-2667228-59
15. Nature’s Wrath Krikkit2021 3-24-5394775-59
16. Nature’s Reclamation Krikkit2021 3-24-6590110-59
17. Nature’s Dream Krikkit2021 3-24-4290816-59
18. Nature’s Glory Krikkit2021 3-24-7241306-59



Contract Name
Contract ID
1. The Call of the Elder Tree The Elite Institute 4-29-4862033-48
2-29-1651007-92  PlayStation
2. Flour Power The Elite Institute 4-30-4476478-48
3. The Garden Strikes Back! The Elite Institute 4-09-7905079-48
4. Flower power-outage EpicGamerer 4-33-5889750-31
5. Flower haters howdy 4-22-7551037-19
6. Redemption at Sapienza The Elite Institute 4-04-5867443-48

Credits for the icons go to @Crewdy


Title: Peace, purity and prosperity
Contract ID: 3-10-2441402-17
Username: Wigglyweevil211
Platform: Xbox
Location Hokkaido
Brief description: Eliminate 4 gardeners and the yoga instructor with accidents in the white and black patients disguise.

FC image (The top one is the best IMO):

Title: Floral moral
Contract ID: 3-33-3412072-17
Username: Wigglyweevil211
Platform: Xbox
Location: Dartmoor garden show
Brief description: Eliminate Sato, Evelyn and Cornelia with plant themed kills.

FC image:

Title: Flower child
Contract ID: 3-04-0736481-17
Username: Wigglyweevil211
Platform: Xbox
Location: The Landslide (Sapienza bonus mission)
Brief description: Kill 4 targets with a letter opener, a sabre, a fall accident and drowning as while disguised as the Bohemian.

FC image:


Contract ID: 1-30-2674009-10 (with elimination method)
1-30-7624597-10 (without elimination method)
2-30-5644413-92 (thanks @0047!)
Platform: PC, EGS
Submitter Name: Bgyorok
Contract Title: The Lotus Project
The Lotus Flower. A sign of peace, love and wisdom, but also the codename of a project which has caused quite a stir in our reality. Your targets are key members of this project and the inventors of time travel. Unfortunately for you, not to mention your targets, you will have to eliminate your targets twice and stop time travel from ever being invented.

There’s no going back to the present: we have to deal with the past.

Brief Description: A 4 target contract with the intended method being a sniper rifle, but I couldn’t decide if the kill method should be given or let players figure out the fastest way. All of the targets can be killed from the same spot (although one of the FC images might be a “red herring”). It is inspired by The Adam Project, and there are 2 of every target (a.k.a 2-2 with the same face).
Location: Chongqing
Featured Contract Image Suggestions:
47 holding a sniper rifle with the Lotus Flower neon sign also being in the picture

47 on the balcony

Junjie Chang meeting with Hui Hou (“past and present” scientist)


Contract ID: 1-18-6632446-10
Platform: PC, EGS
Submitter Name: Bgyorok
Contract Title: Burning Down the Cherry Blossom Tree
Jeoffroi Durepos has been making a fortune by selling and planting a variety of exotic flowers, plants and trees around East Asia. He even sold a cherry blossom tree to the GAMA facility in Hokkaido.
Our client believes his products are in fact illegal imports and that his clumsiness has led to quite a few forest fires around the globe.
His products gave him power, you must destroy his legacy and eliminate him.
Good luck.

Brief Description: A single target with 4 complications (3 optional, 1 mandatory by default). The title refers to the kill method and the target. You have to sneak around the facility to eliminate your target. With the elimination method and the 4 complications, by the time you have eliminated your target and escaped, you have basically explored the entirety of the lower level. The Perfect Shooter complication also makes sure you collect items around the map and use them.
Location: Hokkaido, PZ
Featured Contract Image Suggestion:

47 at the tree in the restaurant


I made a few but I’ll start with my favourite of the three.

Contract ID: 4-29-4862033-48

Platform: Switch

Submitter name: The Elite Institute

Contract Title: The Call of the Elder Tree

Briefing: That which is not dead can eternal lie. Three sacrifices by water must be made to commence the awakening, along with a strong body to be consumed. The Elder Tree will grow once more.

Brief Description: The idea is that the hippy Florida Man is a worshipper of the Elder Tree that lies at the heart of Berlin. It has spoken to him and required that it be watered at three points forming a triangle around the tree - the initial three targets. The final target is stood by the roots and will be consumed by the tree - thus requiring death by any fashion.

Can be done with no equipment going in, as the emetic drink is only really used for one of them - but there are multiple straightforward ways of setting up the drownings. The guard is the hardest, but mainly because you want him at one end of his patrol rather than the other.

Location: Berlin!

And Featured Contract Image suggestion:


I have been playing Hitman for several years now, but I haven’t been active in the community just yet. So this is my first post and also my first contract submission.
I hope you like it :slight_smile:

Contract ID


Submitter name

Contract Title
Toxic Flowers of the Jungle

Our client believes that being dressed as a hippie would be the ideal disguise for this mission. Hippies are known for advocating non-violence and peace. Therefore, our client thinks that a disguise like that would raise less suspicion.

It is also required that all targets are eliminated with lethal poison. Our intel suggests that there are many exotic flowers growing in the jungles around the village. Some of them are known to be highly toxic, which you might use to your advantage.

Good Luck!

Brief Description
Fitting the “Flower Power” theme, all four targets need to be killed while disguised as the hippie. Also, lethal poison is required for all the targets. Thus, at least one poison must be acquired on the map, for example from one of the lethal flowers around.
The targets are all located around the village, fairly close together. Two of them are at the bar and two in proximity to the central plaza and stage.

Santa Fortuna

Image Suggestion


Next one!

Contract ID: 4-30-4476478-48

Platform: Switch

Submitter name: The Elite Institute

Contract Title: Flour Power

Briefing: City folk don’t respect my dumplings! It’s time to show them the meaning of the Chef’s Special!

Brief Description: Based around the small outside area of Chongqing, you have to kill people in a variety of ways linked to cooking: consumption of poison, fire, and cleavering. All are relatively straightforward. The fiery couple ought to be killed outside using the many, many means of burning.

Location: Chongqing

And Featured Contract Image suggestion


And my final submission, unless I have any more ideas…

Contract ID: 4-09-7905079-48

Platform: Switch

Submitter name: The Elite Institute

Contract Title: The Garden Strikes Back!

Briefing: The fields of Colorado have been mistreated for so long that Mother Nature has decided to take her revenge. Taking the form of a Scarecrow, the four soldiers in charge of taking care of the fields must be punished!

Brief Description: Nothing too crazy here. A couple of simple accident kills to set up, and a couple who just need to be killed. Quite an easy SA, but you do have to wander around as a scarecrow avoiding people’s line of sight!

Location: Colorado

And Featured Contract Image suggestion


Contract ID: 3-12-5517430-19
Platform: Xbox
Submitter Name: Kesington019

Contract Title: Fall of the Flora Fiends
Fall of the Flora Fiends briefing


Brief Description: Many people (including myself) have never used the gardener disguise in Santa Fortuna, so I thought I’d make a contract themed around it. Take your time and make sure to look out for some slimy friends to point you to good spots to dispose of these appalling anthophiles.
Location: Santa Fortuna
Featured Contract Image Suggestion:

Thanks for reading, I hope you have a nice day. :sunflower:


Contract ID: 1-28-2540379-18
Platform: PC (epic)
Submitter name: Steventjeeee
Contract Title: I am just a guardener
Location: Dartmoor

Good morning, 47

Our client is currently working as a guard to protect the Carlisle garden. Recently, he had discoverd that some of the gardeners are undercover agents working for an unknown organization. There mission is to make a very deadly poison from a flower that can only be found in the Dartmoor greenhouse. You need to stop them before they can produce it. So, our plan is that you disguise yourself as a guard and kill the targets with there own tools.

Good luck, 47

Brief Description: This contract takes place in the Dartmoor garden. Your first objective is to find a guard disguise, that should not be to difficult, because there are a lot of guards patrolling around the area. Then you need to find a garden fork and a shear (that should also not be hard to find, because there are 2 garden forks and 2 shears lying around in the garden) My contract is not very hard, you can easy silent assasin my contract if you know how to make use of distractions. For speedrunners is this contract also fun, because there are a lot of ways to shave off some time.

Image suggestions: (i prefer the first picture)


Contract ID: 1-10-5456401-99
Platform: PC Epic
Submitter name: WINNODD
Contract Title: Withering of the Fallen Sakura
Location: Hokkaido (Situs Inversus)

Can pulling the blade keep the falling sakura?

The above two lines have the same meaning. I’m adding the first line just to make it more themed but I’m ok if the team wants to keep the briefing English only. So feel free to delete it.

Brief Description:
An infiltration contract where all 3 targets are located in Sakura Sushi restaurant, and you need to take them out as a ninja. There’re many ways to isolate them quickly so it’s not that hard.

Image suggestion:


“He’s right behind me, isn’t he?”


Contract ID:1-31-3548969-97


Submitter name: @ICAagent_AL (This guy’s forum accouant have some issues so I help him submit this)

Contract Title:Garden Hunter

Briefing:Wear a hunter’s costume and use the surrounding props and shotguns in the garden to kill your target

Brief Description:Finish the hunt in the garden




Contract ID: 1-31-1811223-67

Platform: PC (Epic)

Submitter name: Phylocode

Contract title: Flowers’ Power

Briefing: Mr. Flowers is discontent that he will not be known as anything more than a sommelier. He wants to be remembered in infamy, but lacks the special skills to get him there. One night in bed he thinks of a scheme, hire someone disguised as him to electrocute two of Yates’ prize guests and claim the killings as his own—that will show the world Flowers’ Power!

Brief description: Electrocute two NPCs with the environment or with personal equipment while disguised as Mr. Flowers. The single optional complication is ‘No Recordings’.

Location: Mendoza

Image suggestion:


Contract Title: The Hippie Raises Hell
ID: 2-34-9615173-09
Platform: PS4
Submitter Name: Steynkie69
Location: Ambrose Island

Crest and his men have gone too far this time. In their fanatic quest to retrieve hidden items, they have destroyed the only Fire Lotus that grows on Ambrose Island, and the Hippie is furious. The Lotus flower represents inner peace, so he has hired us to don his disguise and take revenge. With fire.
Time to show them some Flower Power, 47.

The Molotov is an amazingly versatile weapon that can give you 3 kill methods: Explosive device, Fire accident, and Thrown weapon. In this contract I used 2 Molotovs to cover all 3 methods. Kill Crest with an Explosive device and his 2 guards with Fire accidents. Kill another guard with a thrown weapon and his partner with a Fire accident. Dressed as the Hippie for the Flower Power theme. No glitches were used, tested it several times and I got SA in 4 mins.
Suggested Image:


Contract ID:


Submitter name:

Contract Title:

The Carlisle family fell and one gardener was fired.
The beauteiful flowers he had grown were removed and a garden show was held in their place.
This request comes from the gardener, eho regrets that he could not protect the flowers in his garden.
He wants the gardener to retaliate against the stars of the show with whatever is on site on his behalf.

Brief Description:
The non-English descriptions on the in-game screens are in the language of my country.
Disguise yourself as a gardener and use the tools a gardener uses to eliminate the garden show stars.
For advanced players, try adding “no load-out” to the restrictions on play.

Dartmoor(Garden Show)

And Featured Contract Image suggestion:

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Contract ID: 4-33-5889750-31
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Submitter: EpicGamerer
Title: Flower power-outage
Briefing: Maintenance note: Can all gardeners please be instructed to not place car batteries near hoses? We don’t need another lawsuit. Also, remember not to install the Branson MD-2 microphone on stage; we all know what it could do. Thanks! From Mike.
Description: Eliminate Manon, Sato and Georgina Smalls with electrical accidents. Sato is easy but at least his kill is more unique, Manon is also a very easy kill. Smalls requires a bit more setting up, as she doesn’t naturally stand/walk in a puddle so she needs to be moved to said puddle. (No bodies can be found, but this doesn’t apply to the electrical kills).
Location: Dartmoor garden show
Image suggestion: 47 in summer sightseeing suit watching from in front of the stage as Sato is electrocuted by the microphone. (Can’t make the image myself due to the switch not being able to produce a good image).

I couldn’t resist this pun :smiley: .

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Contract ID: 1-31-8176007-36
Platform: Steam
Username: The Mafia (Tony Stark on Discord)
Contract Title: Friendly Foliage

Briefing: It’s getting warm outside, the sun is shining and that means it’s summer!

The flowers are blooming and that means they can be a great tool to aid you in your hitman needs. A few seemingly simple target’s that you may find quite challenging to eliminate. Just remember that in this one, flowers are your friends.

Brief Description: Using the foliage and flower patches found in and around Vinedo Yates, you must eliminate 4 special targets all while under the protection of the flowers, and maybe even use them to take someone out.

Location: Mendoza

Featured Image Suggestion:


@Tony_Stark, can you tell me the target locations in a private DM so i can recreate it as im on Xbox and it looks really fun and intriguing! If i don’t have it recreated by the 19th i’ll need to wait till im off holiday before hand.

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