Official Community HALLOWEEN 🎃 Featured Contracts Submissions Thread (CLOSED)


Halloween is upon us, and therefore we ask you to get creative once again! This time the theme is surprisingly - Halloween. It’s spooky, but hope you’ll get though it :jack_o_lantern:

As always: However you interpret this spooky theme is all up to you.

How to get your Contract Featured: It can be based on a super creative briefing, a cool idea or just a plain fun contract. But bear in mind: They have to be inspired by Halloween to be taken into consideration.

Note: you’ll need to create them in HITMAN 3, but feel free to use any location from the World of Assassination.

How to submit:

Contract ID:


Submitter name:

Contract Title:


Brief Description:


And Featured Contract Image suggestion (we’ll add an image in game, to make it look awesome)

Submissions Close Monday, October 17 - 1 PM CEST.

Trick or treat! :jack_o_lantern:


Halloween Halloween Halloween Halloween Halloween


Epic Games44x44     Steam44x44     Stadia44x44

Contract Name
Contract ID
1. The Last October Night jan 1-15-9331249-81  Steam
2. The Spooky Sniper of Sapienza Melusca 1-15-1213988-63  Steam
3. The Axe-orcist Pootis.exe 1-15-6678237-93  Steam
4. The Haunted Mansion Steventjeeee 1-28-4526431-18  Epic Games
5. Janus also wants Halloween FreedomLee 1-21-5328476-33  Epic Games
1-21-2784812-62  Steam
6. Horror Story Cometh To Life Kapekala 1-15-4317393-00  Epic Games
7. Russian Sleep Experiment RedSneakyFox 1-01-2978146-90  Steam
8. Aka Manto, The Toilet Paper Ghost Faiz51 1-10-6018450-05  Epic Games
9. The Graveyard Shift Revisited SmartCasual 1-27-4811870-53  Steam
10. The Shiny Head The Mafia 1-16-1314310-36  Steam
11. Realistic decorations Torbad 1-10-6090807-48  Epic Games
12. Day Of The Living Dead Joseph 1-03-9625715-96  Epic Games
13. The curse of the old house Fenixsandr 1-28-1100580-29  Epic Games
14. The Butcher Of Bangkok Georgikens 1-16-3035333-89  Epic Games
15. The Axe-terminator Phylocode 1-16-5973533-67  Epic Games
16. The Spooky Strangler Phylocode 1-15-2000768-67  Epic Games
17. Baptism By Fire Georgikens 1-09-4576015-89  Epic Games
18. The Night Slayer KizNews 1-30-2162666-02  Stadia
19. I AM THE DOCTOR NOW! Castet77 1-10-2568161-22  Epic Games
20. No Candies, You Can Dies Faiz51 1-29-5050058-05  Epic Games
21. HALLOWEEN TRICK yo-uquan 1-22-0170069-00  Epic Games
22. The Polyphloisboisterous Samhainophobia DietzNuts69 1-02-7049870-27  Steam
23. FEEDING IT HYP_ADOH 1-22-7804664-78  Epic Games
24. THEY LIVE HYP_ADOH 1-30-0130126-76  Epic Games
25. The legend of Dajjal Fenixsandr 1-07-0466102-29  Epic Games
26. The Maliferous Parapsychology DietzNuts69 1-03-2525171-27  Steam
27. The Harvest Massacre Mebiusdore 1-09-1520591-07  Epic Games
28. Luigi’s Mansion 47 Tim Timsen 1-03-0720487-94  Steam
29. The Phenom Returns Phylocode 1-28-6218291-67  Epic Games
30. The Intemperate Banneret DietzNuts69 1-21-4914175-27  Steam
31. The IT guy Tim Timsen 1-22-7896152-94  Steam
32. Friday the 14th piko1311 1-29-8576461-62  Steam
33. Blessed By The Tire SmartCasual 1-11-9063099-53  Steam
34. The Wickerman Returns Azrael73 1-09-4461600-34  Epic Games
35. Halloween canceled?..I think not! Azrael73 1-15-1255463-34  Epic Games
36. Ding Dong Death Azrael73 1-22-0443655-34  Epic Games
37. Cassandra Snow: New Adventures Dinozafr 1-15-4603340-68  Epic Games
38. Halloween horror in Paris Azrael73 1-02-9084621-34  Epic Games
39. Holly sinners Fenixsandr 1-03-6022480-29  Epic Games
40. Shipwrecked on halloween Azrael73 1-21-2577984-34  Epic Games
41. Electric creature Fenixsandr 1-30-5719965-29  Epic Games
42. Ghostly Grievances HeavyMetal_Matt 1-21-1698044-00  Epic Games
43. Berlin Sugar Hunt Orange_IOI 1-29-9298118-02  Epic Games
44. POLTERGEIST IN BANK Faiz51 1-24-1735529-05  Epic Games
45. The Four-eyed ghoul Fenixsandr 1-02-6163765-29  Epic Games
46. Murder by Moonlight HeavyMetal_Matt 1-15-7129717-00  Epic Games
47. The Cowboy Mishap mkSolas 1-18-5038657-03  Epic Games
1-18-0618401-15  Steam
48. Why not the Gardener? Tim Timsen 1-28-1799464-94  Steam
49. Jeff’s Nightmare mkSolas 1-18-8902745-03  Epic Games
50. Guy Hawkes Day Kevin Rudd 1-20-1959237-04  Epic Games
51. The Mikeing of Osmond SASO 1-26-0896647-67  Steam
52. Phantom of the Fashion Show HeavyMetal_Matt 1-02-9553563-00  Epic Games



Contract Name
Contract ID
1. Halloween Film “Return Of Agent 17” Yellow_cat 2-05-0391542-84
2. TRICK AND TREAT! natnag 2-22-5712358-00
3. The Scarecrow’s Nightmare mandasly 2-09-4944766-68
4. They All Float mjbsr2008 2-22-7686151-05
5. Ghost On The Other Line mjbsr2008 2-15-4726139-05
6. Tobias The Rieper mjbsr2008 2-30-1659669-05
7. The Copycat killer Mich_TRC 2-29-9669352-81
8. Giallo Kolnikov 2-15-3912412-55
9. Ognissanti della Sapienza Dutty_Sanjay 2-15-0138896-91
10. A Scary Contract zubin47 2-09-0613913-31
11. Halloween: Initiation Night - The Raver Drecito47 2-29-7605971-77
12. Mischief Night, 47’s Delight lukefsje 2-34-3274373-79
13. A Nightmare In Ambrose Island KILLERTHUG27 2-34-3664803-33
14. Shibito teddyfilmore 2-10-0373192-84
15. The Final Nightmare mjbsr2008 2-34-2320832-05
16. Trash From The Street mjbsr2008 2-30-2996480-05
17. The Caruso Disturbance teddyfilmore 2-03-3411326-84
18. The Ghost of Molotov Past tryagainlater 2-30-6851122-92
19. American Psycho teddyfilmore 2-24-8618085-84
20. Tobias Ripper Damo2007XD 2-34-2852549-95
21. Holiday Scarecrows Yellow_cat 2-09-8245540-84
22. Plague Doctor Death Sentence Yellow_cat 2-03-4077922-84
23. Wake Up Vampire! Damo2007XD 2-02-7930276-95
24. Walkie Stalkie Switcher 2-08-4845863-10
25. BAN A N/A!? natnag 2-15-2064102-00
26. Closing the Gate to Hell chipjohnson323 2-03-2282743-18
27. Hitman in the Iron Mask zubin47 2-21-8032918-31
28. Undertaking Grave Business DogBiscui44 2-28-0636489-29
29. Janus Rises From The Grave Kolnikov 2-21-5469247-55
29. GHOST OF SGAIL natnag 2-21-1363564-00
30. Hungry Like The (Were)Wulf King Mewtwo 2-29-9886328-24
31. Never Dartmoor mjbsr2008 2-28-9961942-05
32. Death Takes Manhattan mjbsr2008 2-24-0745705-05



Contract Name
Contract ID
1. The Phantom of the Cursed Angel TRON3205 3-15-0213691-81
2. Room 205 Wigglyweevil211 3-08-8963304-17
3. Fright (ening movie) night Wigglyweevil211 3-02-4063146-17
4. Ohh Mr. Sandman Wigglyweevil211 3-20-2719134-17
5. Murder he throat Wigglyweevil211 3-15-2885814-17
6. Musical entertainment murders Wigglyweevil211 3-21-9731207-17
7. Fashion magicians and wine Wigglyweevil211 3-02-0946491-17
8. Kitchen nightmare Wigglyweevil211 3-21-4425951-17
9. Falling red blood grapes Wigglyweevil211 3-31-2690814-17
10. Hirsch (harsh) uprising Wigglyweevil211 3-29-0536305-17
11. Biker battleaxe bashing! Wigglyweevil211 3-29-2637378-17
12. An Argentine 'allowe’en SeweDemp 3-31-2408926-98
13. VAMPIRE IN THE GARDEN mouhlito2156 3-02-2311565-39
14. Christmas Creep Canucklehead X 3-22-5680859-69
15. The tale of the scarecrow Wah Guy 3-09-6609884-09
16. Freddy Krugermeier 2-2 Wigglyweevil211 3-09-1197716-17
17. Sacrifice for mother TutyDrak 3-03-5895875-58
18. The Replicators I Negan Smith#5630 3-02-7523717-25
19. The Replicators II Negan Smith#5630 3-12-6769754-25
20. The Replicators III Negan Smith#5630 3-34-9171995-25
21. The Replicators IV Negan Smith#5630 3-10-0044333-25
22. Ducky Hallowee RapMaster8406 3-31-0942726-75
23. We’re off to never never land Wigglyweevil211 3-20-8234846-17
24. The Bohemian of the Main Square Tower Krkkit2012 3-03-0786666-59
25. The Vengence of Count 47 SirCallywag 3-02-3314684-78
26. Scary Movie Time! SirCallywag 3-05-8994757-78



Contract Name
Contract ID
1. Perfect Organism The Elite Institute 4-30-4079827-48
2. A Dance with the Devil The Elite Institute 4-21-0114326-48
3. One Ugly Mother The Elite Institute 4-12-4147552-48
4. Counter Snipe The Elite Institute 4-29-9470382-48
5. Ladykiller The Elite Institute 4-07-2612387-48
6. My Costume: Clown BobTheBuilder 4-04-0630045-19
7. Banana Gang BobTheBuilder 4-16-9828906-19

my contract. Please improve image.


The Last October Night

Contract Title: The Last October Night
Location: Sapienza / The Author
Submitter name: jan
Platform: Steam
Contract ID: 1-15-9331249-81

The last October night,
the moon is and full and bright.
It’s time for trick or treat,
kids dressed up in the street.
We see witches, some bats,
spirits, goblins and rats.
Among them is one of a kind,
Fortyseven - not easy to find.
He’s in disguise and well prepared,
If you knew him, you would be scared.

Brief Description
The contract has three targets and uses Sapienza’s The Author map, which has a dark and eerie atmosphere, perfect for the Halloween theme. Besides, all targets need to be eliminated as the Super Fan, in my opinion the spookiest disguise in the trilogy. There are no further complications or requirements, giving players the freedom to approach the contract from many different angles. Enjoy!


Image suggestion


Contract ID:


Submitter name:

Contract Title:

Visit the homes of Whittleton creek residents, ring the bell on their doorstep, trick and treat anyone who appears!

Brief Description:
The non-English descriptions on the in-game screens are in the language of my country.
Use the blueberry muffin to assassinate the NPC who rings the doorbell and comes out.
It will be more Halloween-like if you do this Contract wearing a clown suit.
You will fail immediately when you find a dead body.
Please be careful.

I really wanted to make a “The Corky Commotion” like with a Contract that specifies fainting.
We are looking forward to further updates of the Contract mode.

Whittleton creek

And Featured Contract Image suggestion:


Here we go.

Contract ID: 1-15-1213988-63

Platform: PC / Steam

Submitter name: Melusca

Contract Title: The Spooky Sniper of Sapienza

Briefing: Strange noises can be heard at night in Sapienza, and Silvio Caruso believes them to be the work of a ghost. He hired an expensive security detail to surveil the whole town and make sure there are no revenants. Ether isn’t very pleased with this waste of their budget. A prominent Ether executive, however, wants Caruso’s work to continue at all costs, and hired us to get rid of a few of these guards in a ghostly fashion so that an actual threat is established and management leaves Caruso alone.

Brief Description: Eliminate 5 guards with a sniper rifle as the Ghostly Fan, don’t get spotted, no bodies found, hide all bodies (all complications optional). Obviously since it’s a sniper contract you don’t need to hide all bodies manually, but you can’t let the targets see any suspicious actions. Use the Sieger 300 Ghost for extra flavor!

Location: Sapienza (The Author)

Suggested Picture:


Man, it’s kinda annoying that a few people had similar ideas to me. But whatever. Here’s mine.

Contract ID: 1-15-6678237-93
Platform: PC (Steam)
Submitter Name: Pootis.exe
Contract Title: The Axe-orcist


47 was hoping to relax in Sapienza for Halloween, only to find that his precious safe house and the adjacent buildings had been sold illegally to a strange cult.

Punishment was necessary. These devious trespassers needed to be exorcised from his home, along with the shady lawyer that ushered the deal.

47 wanted their final moments to be of pure terror, so he donned a ghastly visage, and retrieved the ideal tool for the job from the town hall’s top floor.

What a happy Halloween it shall be…

Brief Description:

This contract is a spiritual successor to a contract I made three years ago (named Friday the 47th), which was featured for Halloween of 2019 in Hitman 2. As you’ve probably guessed, the contract’s title is a reference to the 1973 horror move “The Exorcist”. Thematically, it takes inspiration from Slasher movies like Friday the 13th and Halloween. Unlike its predecessor however, this contract has a stronger focus on stealth.

The player is required to don the creepy Super Fan disguise and eliminate five targets using a Fire Axe. Only one Fire Axe exists in The Author; that being the one found on the upper floors of the town hall. Unfortunately, only one of the targets can be found in the town hall. The other four are located in the apartments to the right of the mansion, meaning that the player will have to figure out a way to sneak it over there. And unlike in it’s predecessor, the player won’t be able to cheese it by using a briefcase as the Fire Axe is too big to conceal.

All of the targets are in trespassing zones. Most of them are alone and so should be fairly simple to take out. Akram however has his security entourage (who are not targets) so they will need to be dealt with in order to get to him safely. The contract is set up in such a way that the player doesn’t really need to worry about being seen by their targets or making loud noises, which allows them to engage with the brutality of the Slasher themes a bit more.

There are no complications to worry about as I wanted players to have as much freedom as possible. Plus, it wouldn’t really make sense for a rampaging axe murderer to really care about that sort of thing.

Location: Sapienza (The Author)

Image Suggestion:

This image is my personal favourite of the ones I took. I’ve also added some more images in the drop-down menu below.

Additional Images


Contract ID: 1-28-4526431-18
Platform: PC (epic)
Submitter name: Steventjeeee
Contract Title: The Haunted Mansion
Location: Dartmoor
Briefing: The mansion staff reported to the Carlisles that they saw something strange, something vague, something that looked like, A GHOST! Since that moment there were multiple attacks on the family members, but they survived all of them.

We don’t know why the ghost wants to make an end to the Carlisle family, but i think it is good to help him with his task.

Brief Description: In this contract you help the ghost that haunts the Carlisle family. You need to kill the targets in different ways with different disguises. You need to assasinate Patrick with a chandelier. You can do that with a well timed pistol shot. You need to kill Alexa with an accident explosion (i used a propane) and you can eliminate Gregory in any way you want while dressed as mansion staff (the easiest way is also a chandelier drop) And the last target is Rebecca, you need to kill her with a shotgun. You can grab the shotgun from the hunter display (or you can bring a shotgun from your inventory) You need to kill her with the Mansion staff disguise, so the shotgun becomes illegal to carry. This makes it a bit more challenging. You need to figure out a way to not get seen while running through the hallways. Then you need to shoot her and quickly hide her in a box or closet. (The easiest way is to clear out the guard in the room and the maid in the hallway) I think this contract is fun for every player, speedrunner or casual player.

Featured Contract image:


Platform:PC EPIC and STEAM
Title:Janus also wants Halloween
Contract ID :1-21-5328476-33 (EGS) 1-21-2784812-62(STEAM)
Submitter name:@FreedomLee

Briefing:Although Halloween is a festival for young people, we should not forget those old people
Description: Since the elimination of Janus, he has been living with Jack-o-lantern. On Halloween this year, Jack-o-lantern suggested that Janus should surprise the younger generation. Janus couldn’t refuse, so please put on the burial clothes specially for him and start making trouble on Isle of Sgàil.

Image suggestions


ID: 2-09-4944766-68
PlayStation 4
By: mandasly

The Scarecrow’s Nightmare

It’s Halloween andthere’s a killer scarecrow on the loose ready to kill his victims using a meat cleaver. Farms and murderers wherever he goes, the mysterious has no mercy on his victims!


It’s a simple contract that must be completed using the scarecrow outfit and the meat cleaver. You don’t have to wear the scarecrow outfit all the time, just when it’s time to kill the target.

USA, Colorado


Contract ID:


Submitter Name:

Contract Title:
The Phantom of the Cursed Angel

Legends tell of the terrible fate of the crew onboard “The Cursed Angel”, a pirate ship that sunk into the Sapienza Bay during a hurricane in 1723. Nothing remained of the ship except a journal belonging to Henry Rieper, the captain of the ship who’s spirit supposedly manifests in Sapienza to this day. A pirate 'till the bitter end, Henry is said to torment the business-owners of modern Sapienza. Apparently, he’s also not too big a fan of those who dress up as his ghost and gentrify his legend.

Brief Description:
A simple and easy contract with a slightly spooky take on the theme with an emphasis on melee kills (to encourage sword-use). I think “The Author” version of Sapienza lends a compatible atmosphere to the legend my briefing tells of. I actually made this contract for the Buccaneers month, but it seems compatible with Halloween.

Sapienza (The Author)

Featured Contract Image and Targets:


Contract ID: 1-15-4317393-00

Platform: PC (Steam)

Submitter Name: Kapekala

Contract Title: Horror Story Cometh To Life

Briefing: "Before landing his new book deal and launching his career to another level, Graig Black had a small-time publishing deal with an old friend who was left behind after Graig saw the zeros in the cheques of his new deal.

Now our client (the old publisher) is tasking us to get rid of him and his agent ms. Lang, who orchestrated the new book deal.

The client asked that Graig’s earlier work to be brought to life and I’m sure we can accomplish that.

Are you ready to create your own horror story, 47?"

Brief Description: Using the “Super Fan” outfit the player must eliminate “The Author” and his publisher using a kitchen knife (both optional). Also created some backstory for the contract via the briefing to give it somewhat of a horror movie vibe.

Location: Sapienza (The Author, Patient Zero)

Image Suggestion:


Contract ID: 4-30-4079827-48

Platform: Switch

Submitter name: The Elite Institute

Contract Title: Perfect Organism

Briefing: You still don’t understand what you’re dealing with, do you? The perfect organism. Its structural perfection is matched only by its hostility. I admire its purity. A survivor… unclouded by conscience, remorse, or delusions of morality. I can’t lie to you about your chances, but… you have my sympathies.

Brief Description: Themed off the movie Alien, 47 is a Xenomorph that stalks the vents of the Chongqing Facility. Their experiment has turned on them as he picks them off one by one. All are located near vents or shafts, but taking them out requires some careful thought. SA is fun and challenging, and it was built with speedrunning in mind too. Even better, casual players can really play like the Alien by hiding in vents if they attract attention in order to lose their pursuers!

This one may be my fave contract from everything I’ve ever made. Always have a blast trying out new ways to clear out the targets!

Location: Chongqing

Featured Contract Image suggestion:


Contract ID: 4-21-0114326-48

Platform: Switch

Submitter name: The Elite Institute

Contract Title: A Dance with the Devil

Briefing: There are two targets. Zoe Washington, a former Romanian circus performer who’s now a big player in the global gray market, and a CIA operative who’s been playing both sides of the fence. Washington’s hosting a masquerade party at the Isle of Sgail, and the CIA op’ll be there to close a deal. Even if this job isn’t a set-up, your presence will almost definitely be expected. Eliminate both targets and anyone that targets you. It’s been pleasant to work with you. I hope the future is kind to you.

Brief Description: Themed off the Blood Money mission of the same name, this contract has you killing the targets using some of the more popular methods from that level. The main targets are choked and burned, whereas the rival assassins are shot and stabbed.

Location: Isle of Sgail

Image Suggestion:


Contract ID: 4-12-4147552-48

Platform: Switch

Submitter name: The Elite Institute

Contract Title: One Ugly Mother

Briefing: In the Jungles of Santa Fortuna, something is hunting the toughest of warriors. There’s something out there waiting for us, and it ain’t no man. We’re all gonna die.

Brief Description: This time themed off Predator. Equipped with your sniper, you need to pick off the very best guards as you stalk the jungles of Santa Fortuna.

Location: Santa Fortuna

Image Suggestion:


Contract ID: 2-22-7686151-05

Platform: PlayStation

Submitter name: mjbsr2008

Contract Title: They All Float

Briefing: I just want to be their friend and give them balloons. But two said yes and two said no. So i’ll take two with me and show them all my home and friends and make two others float.

Location: Whittleton Creek

Brief Description:

Targets and complication

Image suggestions

thanks to @Tetrafish_21 for the images


Contract ID: 4-29-9470382-48

Platform: Switch

Submitter name: The Elite Institute

Contract Title: Counter Snipe

Briefing: 47, we have pinpointed the location of the Holle Sniper. He is currently holed up in a Biker Hangout on the outskirts of the city, which is adjacent to a nightclub. Take out the target up close to ensure he is out of commission as well as his accomplices who are hunting for his victims. They will be inside the club, so make sure to use accidents as not to arouse suspicion.

Brief Description: There’s a serial killer on the loose who uses attractive women to lure potential victims to him. His accomplices are in the club with their potential victims whilst he is up top with a sniper. You are the one assigned to take him out before he kills again! Despite being in a neighbouring building, the Sniper is simple enough to reach without going too far out of the way. You can even snipe him with a pistol at the right moment and escape before his friend notices, allowing for a smooth speedrun.

Location: Berlin

Image Suggestion:


Contract ID: 2-15-4726139-05

Platform: PlayStation

Submitter name: mjbsr2008

Contract Title: Ghost On The Other Line

Briefing: I’ve left them texts and calls. They think i’m prank calling them to scare them but i am not. They are my victims and i am their killer who will always vanish into thin air never leaving a trace. And tonight will be their last night on this earth.

Location: Sapienza (The Author)

Brief Description:



Image suggestions


Contract ID: 4-07-2612387-48

Platform: Switch

Submitter name: The Elite Institute

Contract Title: Ladykiller

Briefing: The glitz and glamour of Marrakesh is enough for 47 to go hunting for a partner. He has his eyes on a bunch of different ladies, who will soon learn that a date with 47 is to die for!

Brief Description: A handful of interesting targets, from a wanderer that can be killed in a ton of different ways, a lady in the middle of the market who can be taken care of easier than you think, a woman who can be poisoned in two separate locations, and a waitress whose companion you should take care of first.

Location: A House Built on Sand (Marrakesh Night)

Image Suggestion: